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  1. Chobi one of my big fears for the upcoming carrier rework is how much it will change ops. I know you have quite a bit done for Dunkrik but I think ou should see what the 8.0 change does before putting more time and effort into PVE.
  2. I like that scar. Gives a nice bit of flavor to her
  3. Suryn

    [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    Well Yahagi is best girl Yahagi from Kancolle Russian DD looks like she could be from front line but thats a guess.
  4. Suryn

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    Blorgh for the stuff you can do on your own, namely the pictures for ships could go on your own thread. For the stuff you need Hakabase's help you could keep here?
  5. Suryn

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    Send him a pm? Worst he can do is ignore you
  6. Suryn

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  7. I was playing today with a friend, who has never heard this voice pack. He was loving alot of the new lines from version 2. Some of the favorites was the on fire ones, and flooding.
  8. Oh holy crap. I can't wait to hear the new pack with Asuaka!
  9. I was able to get around my issue by just disabling result_screen.xml I will pm the log
  10. Everything is working good now on my end, but for the end battle screen. Instead of the normal 4 selectable screen it only shows personal stats and where you can select each of the other 4 it just says 'text' What file controls this?
  11. Suryn

    [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    I personally lilke Lenningrad or varyag the best of those 4
  12. I use the voice only @Chobittsu. I use a mix for my captains. Some are from you but most are else where.
  13. I see a jingles in the video Also I love the humor through out it. Never change Chobi never change
  14. If I remember right operation Dynamo had voice lines, you got that covered already chobi?