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  1. Flags break every update, known thing
  2. Aslain directly asked about the movement mode. He was told that it was fine. If Aslain has a concern about the legality of any of his mods he does the right thing and directly contacts WG and asks.
  3. @NikoPower The announcemnt for this event on the launcher is borked. It says '500 -'. Looking at it I am assuming it is doubloons but it isn't actually clear I attached a screen grab so you can see what I am talking about
  4. Will the Corgi's be marked in game beyond their names? I know past times this event has been run people where not sure it was a legit thing. maybe marking the ships in a specail way, or different camo to show this thing is being sponored by WG
  5. She had the (N) classification because back then not every carrier could do night operations. It was dropped once the military had enough time to train up everyone to the same standard
  6. Are Scenarios suppose to count seperately from Co-op? As it stands right now if you grab a mission from a campaginto do something in co-op, stuff you do during scenarios doesn't count torwards it
  7. I updated this morning with the WGC client and ran into no issue, then again I had my screenshot folder open. I'm just hoping that what hit LWM was just sometype of bad coding bug that isn't everywhere. *paranoia expanding*
  8. I don't know how your having this issue. I've been using the launcher for a couple weeks now and it doesn't affect aslains except for the option to try to launch the game from it. If you need help finding the location for your game try a search program like search everythig and that will hunt down the new locations for you. One thing I don't like about the launcher is that it stays open once the game is launched from it. Using up resources that shouldn't be spent keeping it up without need
  9. On the idea of how to present it to players. Starting from fact I know a bit about html/java, but have not really produced anything public. I know of a way for a button to show different images specific to a pick. So have a dropdown button for each ship. Have the player select it, and then have a final button at the end that locks in the choices and creates the download. Probally going to be a bit of a chaos on the backend creating the full file. I do like the options for choice though since I'm no longer running a straight port instead, choosing the image I like best for each image
  10. I recently had a match swing in the last second of a 20 minute match. My team had the point lead, and the surviving enemy ship was dodging shots. Point counter flicked over to their lead, clock expired they won. If the timer didn't exist my team would have won because we would have killed that ship. So yeah timer does matter, and I'm glad its there
  11. Thinking on it. I don't mind the staggered release. Sure if I wanted the Hood I might be miffed having to wait to get the cheapest bundle, but the campaign is easily doable without Hood. One thing I want to comment on this is the second time a premium ship has been released to concide with a campaign that she is advantagous for. At least with the Hood, it is doable, instead of with the Spee where you had to rush, rush in that final stress to try to get that Tripitz camo.
  12. Iku, if I wanted to use a nonstandard camo design would this still show it, or does this only play with the colors?
  13. EDIT: Derp, wasn't reading it right it wasn't actually showing it
  14. Something else to consider, the person who creates this pack, and several of the mods on it originate on the Russian server. So asking for things to be changed/done to it will not be seen by the person who needs to. Part of the reason why I prefer Aslains and Hakabase, they actually visit this server so if I have questions they can be dealt with (and they both have responded to me when I've found stuff)
  15. Mx. I'm having trouble getting the export to work. When I try using it, I get an open prompt, and if I choose a program (open office calculator, or scalc.exe), it just opens it and doesn't export anything. Is it specifically looking for excel?