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  1. I see a jingles in the video Also I love the humor through out it. Never change Chobi never change
  2. If I remember right operation Dynamo had voice lines, you got that covered already chobi?
  3. I like the girls chosen for the new ships
  4. Maybe its just a heads up more changes to the sound system is incoming, not yet
  5. @Chobittsuyou need to look at the patch notes "In the upcoming version, we will update the sound engine version. This will affect all sound files and music used in the game, and it is intended to improve the background music in future." I hope this doesn't mess up the mod to much.
  6. @Blorgh2017 When 7.8 drops I think you should request your own thread. As you are updating regularly you could exist outside of the archive area
  7. As far as I am aware KC doesn't have Enterprise. You don't have to change it on my account. If this really bothered me I'd change the portait on my end. So no need to rush, just more of curiosity then a demand. Since Halsey is known for his carriers not his BBs
  8. Thinking about Halsey. I am surprised you used Iowa as a picture for him instead of Enterprise
  9. Yeah its an incredible amount of work, but thanks for picking up the slack Blorgh
  10. @Blorgh2017 do you have a download of all the ship portaits you've worked on? Especially the ones for ships that have come out since garfield has stopped?
  11. Server Issues

    If I provide proof of my last match, can I be credited for the mission completion I got in it?
  12. @Blorgh2017 I like the middle picture the most out of the 3 choices for Alaska
  13. I have set a goal for myself of having all the teir tens in the game. Currently I have all the destroyers (that are released), All but one of the cruisers (haven't had time to work the seattle), and got myself a Montana. I'm working the Richelau and Izumo to finish off their respective lines. Waiting in the wings for me are Lion and FDG once I have their captains retrained to their ships.
  14. [ALL] Aniki voice pack

    Could we get a sample to know what it sounds like before we commit to using it?