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  1. Any luck getting voices to work for the new operations? If your still waiting for voice actresses to do lines I understand
  2. Neptune Sucks

    The Emerald. Neptune has a great heal, and good guns. Abuse your smoke, find islands, and keep moving. Find those broadsides to punish, you have above average concealment use it
  3. As a core member of my clan's team I'm glad for both the limited number of hours and limited number of days. If it wasn't I would feel forced to play it more, and for someone who has a job I have limited free time as is, I would like to play something besides my teir tens. On the idea of changing the balance of the mode to make teams a bit more dynamic, I'm not sure. Getting more then one battleship in will push cruisers back further and some of the greatest moments for my clan came during the cruiser on cruiser clashes with the infamous Hindy rush.
  4. I would assume /res_mods like normal. I don't have steam so I couldn't tell you
  5. I know a quick way to check without having to delete any mods (beyond just backing up your current mod folder elsewhere on your harddrive). So in /resmods the next folder in is the active game ( just change one of those numbers to inactive your current mods. Now make a new folder with the proper numbers, and run the wargaming mods in that, you can see whats there, and your current mods are untouched (though if you do this option, make sure you don't chose to have the installer delete mods [I don't know if the WG mod does this but I know Aslain does have an option to])
  6. Let me also toss my hat into the ring, I'm willing to help out anyone looking for advice. The clan Adopt, was also founded to help out people in this game so feel free to poke them to
  7. try removing the folders in /res/banks but keep mod.xml that might help
  8. Wait wait, your going to have voices for the operation even if the main doesn't?!
  9. Some questions, how do you plan on dealing with paper ships? Things like the t9-10 German BB, and high tier british BBs? Will you be doing the Acheivements, ship moduls and upgrades?
  10. Yes this has been asked, and Aslain pm'd staff about that and the other questionable mod. They said both are legal
  11. Oh sweet its out in the mod packs. *dances* So whats difference between 1.6 and the save christmas one?
  12. I was a bad play for the first ~1.5-2k battles I played. But as you can see from my stats I've mostly pulled that up. I can point to the biggest change I have made is length of time alive. I went from a survival rate of ~5% to closer to 26 all time. Staying alive makes you more effective because you have longer time to influence a match. I used to charge right in at full throttle and come out of that first exchange at half health or less. I can't stress this enough don't just charge ahead on your own, you get focused and you run out of options to escape. Try to plan escape routes and where the enemy might come from. Waiting a bit and going with teammates can make a world of difference in a fight.
  13. So if you guys can't find the thread in the modder section of the forum (I know mods hiss), the solution that seems to work for people is to delete the folders in /res/banks leave the mods.xml file alone
  14. Section Re-org

    @SuperNikoPower I think the thread on @hakabase's modpack should be in the modpack section not the manual section.
  15. After backing up both folders, and then deleting them in /banks I got my voice mods to work again. I had deleted official first but that didn't fix it, deleting both was required.