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  1. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    I am still using some of the stuff from Haloween >.>
  2. Oh man, the new lines are really good. I was laughing at points on the trailer. Will amp up the gameplay that is for sure. It seems that some of the lines are from the Dunkirk mission, isn't that not in rotation right now?
  3. Just play play the Cleveland. Baltimore right now is 165k XP. So if you have a Cleveland, and if the xp moves with the ship (I have no idea if it does), get at least that much xp on the ship and you should have the new t9 ready to go
  4. Got to play a t6+ match to unlock spaceships, they are not just given unfortunately. I have to echo the complaint about the 8k camo costs, espically for someone like me who has already purchased t10 perma camo, why would I buy camo again for ships, that is both more expensive and only gives the same benefit?
  5. Aslain is the curator for the combined pack. Most of the individual mods are done by other people. In this case, I believe the Kancolle voicepack is done by @Rswifhand_NA. Check out his thread To ask him yourself
  6. Selling Ships and Inventory

    Signal flags used to cap out at 1k of each. So if you had close to the limit, getting more pushed you to the cap, and you got no more. They fixed that a while back, now I don't know if there is a cap
  7. I want to see HMS Dreadnought. She shifted naval combat completely when she set sail. She was an epoc making ship, and deserves some love. She might only be t2/3 but a ship of that history deserves to be made
  8. @LittleWhiteMouse Somoeone has made you into a captain :)
  9. Chobi, why do you have to respect copyrights in this mod? I know several other mods don't, and i doubt you would be held liable, is this more of protecting the actresses?
  10. I got the premium, and containers no problem. I'm not sure if I got the flags, I know I have corgi 2 from last event, but not sure if I got the other flag
  11. So 7.0 I lost access to the mod. Made me so annoyed I couldn't hear the cute ladies. With 7.1 I have them back I am so damn happy. With the hints of 2.0, and more coming I can't wait
  12. Region Changer is a mod done by someone else. Unfortunately they stopped updating it, and since then something has changed on the backend to make it not work. So Aslain has no choice but to pull the mod.
  13. Any luck getting voices to work for the new operations? If your still waiting for voice actresses to do lines I understand
  14. Neptune Sucks

    The Emerald. Neptune has a great heal, and good guns. Abuse your smoke, find islands, and keep moving. Find those broadsides to punish, you have above average concealment use it