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  1. Corgi 212 Checking in. Had a blast, got to love checking out the premiums on it. The love the community had for the event was great, and 90% of the people actually knew what was going on. With only a 33% survival rate I think I did the event well
  2. I am so hyped to have made the list XD
  3. Damn GoldPile, that is nice work
  4. Yes there is. Changing his picture is easy, removing the name itself is harder
  5. Panzer, I think you missed the point that Mouse wanted this mod for recreating real battles in the training room, not for randoms. The mod penalizes you to much to let you be an effective player otherwise
  6. Haka, I just want you to know, I love the fact you are on the ball every update. I don't know the time you have to commit for each update, but signing in and seeing that you are ready right after the patch is an amazing thing. So thank you, thank you very much
  7. I would like to be a Corgi captain, but I know will not be able to make some of the times. IE I play during the evening hours, and I will not be able to play the 9am-12pm shifts. Would this disqualify me?
  8. Try the customer support. This sounds like something they can help you with.
  9. I have quite a few of my games saved. Unfortunately I play on some lower settings, since my computer is not the best, will that affect my ability to contribute to this project?
  10. First Pingeon it was cool seeing you in a match yesterday. It was fun playing against your division. I do have a question that I asked in the match but I don't think it was noticed in the middle of the action. A bug I've noticed recently that when you die ships that are outside of your render range no longer show up. The example I used wain that match I died at c5 and I couldn't see my friendly carrier that was all the way over at c10. Is this a known issue?
  11. Flags break every update, known thing
  12. Aslain directly asked about the movement mode. He was told that it was fine. If Aslain has a concern about the legality of any of his mods he does the right thing and directly contacts WG and asks.
  13. Are Scenarios suppose to count seperately from Co-op? As it stands right now if you grab a mission from a campaginto do something in co-op, stuff you do during scenarios doesn't count torwards it
  14. I updated this morning with the WGC client and ran into no issue, then again I had my screenshot folder open. I'm just hoping that what hit LWM was just sometype of bad coding bug that isn't everywhere. *paranoia expanding*
  15. I don't know how your having this issue. I've been using the launcher for a couple weeks now and it doesn't affect aslains except for the option to try to launch the game from it. If you need help finding the location for your game try a search program like search everythig and that will hunt down the new locations for you. One thing I don't like about the launcher is that it stays open once the game is launched from it. Using up resources that shouldn't be spent keeping it up without need