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  1. Yes this has been asked, and Aslain pm'd staff about that and the other questionable mod. They said both are legal
  2. Oh sweet its out in the mod packs. *dances* So whats difference between 1.6 and the save christmas one?
  3. I was a bad play for the first ~1.5-2k battles I played. But as you can see from my stats I've mostly pulled that up. I can point to the biggest change I have made is length of time alive. I went from a survival rate of ~5% to closer to 26 all time. Staying alive makes you more effective because you have longer time to influence a match. I used to charge right in at full throttle and come out of that first exchange at half health or less. I can't stress this enough don't just charge ahead on your own, you get focused and you run out of options to escape. Try to plan escape routes and where the enemy might come from. Waiting a bit and going with teammates can make a world of difference in a fight.
  4. So if you guys can't find the thread in the modder section of the forum (I know mods hiss), the solution that seems to work for people is to delete the folders in /res/banks leave the mods.xml file alone
  5. @SuperNikoPower I think the thread on @hakabase's modpack should be in the modpack section not the manual section.
  6. After backing up both folders, and then deleting them in /banks I got my voice mods to work again. I had deleted official first but that didn't fix it, deleting both was required.
  7. Beyond the voice mod I was using (<3 Mermaids), I just migrated my mods to the new folder and they all worked, so yes some of us are using mods on day 1
  8. I went to check to see if I could do this to, but my folders in there still have data so I'm unwilling to take the risk and delete. Kinda weird mine still has information if its empty for you guys
  9. A breakdown of each nation's lines. Japense Cruisers have good HE, passable AP, good concealment American Cruisers have good HE, AP that have great pen values, decent concealment, and get Radar. Tooltips about the gaining of consumbales that are unlocked after you have researched on a ship. I want the tips to include things that aren't fully obvious from the panels, like what their playstyle should be. An explanation about how to shoot, and penetration, I know my personal skill level boosted after watching Ichase's video on proper aiming and how to use bullet time to target to estimate lead. Angling, and how do you do it. The proper way to torpedo someone.
  10. Best way to do this is to mark the ships your grinding as the primary ships. Keeps them all clumped together on the left side of your scroll bar.
  11. I remember Team Battles being restricted, I don't think it was as bad (It was active every day), but it was only a limited window daily. Ranked gets hard to match if you do it during off hours (By the time 1am rolls around, I don't try to find ranked matches, it isn't going to happen). They don't want that to happen for CB since their is restrictions about how often you can play a different clan. On the maps themselves. I'm actually liking them. Some of the maps I hate to see (I'm looking at you Mountain Range), with the different locations for capture points makes them not bad to play. The clannie that is driving our battleship is actually using a rental that she put a fresh captain in, and even with that handicap managed to top the leader board twice. Rewards are excellent. So far I'm giving this mode 4 of 5 stars.
  12. PingeonI noticed while diving up with friends tonight that div chat is bugged. So talking in it is normal, with correct time stamps. You go into battle and come back, and all the time stamps get replaced with the time you exited battle. Could you put this on the UI teams list of bugs to look at please?
  13. Corgi 212 Checking in. Had a blast, got to love checking out the premiums on it. The love the community had for the event was great, and 90% of the people actually knew what was going on. With only a 33% survival rate I think I did the event well
  14. I am so hyped to have made the list XD
  15. Haka, I just want you to know, I love the fact you are on the ball every update. I don't know the time you have to commit for each update, but signing in and seeing that you are ready right after the patch is an amazing thing. So thank you, thank you very much