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  1. Server Issues

    If I provide proof of my last match, can I be credited for the mission completion I got in it?
  2. @Blorgh2017 I like the middle picture the most out of the 3 choices for Alaska
  3. I have set a goal for myself of having all the teir tens in the game. Currently I have all the destroyers (that are released), All but one of the cruisers (haven't had time to work the seattle), and got myself a Montana. I'm working the Richelau and Izumo to finish off their respective lines. Waiting in the wings for me are Lion and FDG once I have their captains retrained to their ships.
  4. [ALL] Aniki voice pack

    Could we get a sample to know what it sounds like before we commit to using it?
  5. So what are you putting in as search terms? Just plain Anime Gril and hand searching?
  6. Congrats on making a full year and not burning out @Chobittsu
  7. Okay seeing Blorgh going full tilt at this (Great work man). I've got to ask, where are you getting the pictures to use?
  8. Lyon gets major props for her ability to wreck stuff. Exhibit A:
  9. Every match you play you get free xp. It is normally 1/10 of the normal you get from a match, which of course can be boosted by consumables. Premiums tend to be good xp farming vehicles because they tend to have built in advantages to earn more xp. Also you can easily put in a better captain into the boat to get that last little bit of performance to get more out of the match.
  10. There was an update today, are you sure you have them in the right folder within \res_mods? They need to be in for the game to even attempt to use them
  11. Can the special modules that drop in super containers (Damage control, Spotter, etc etc) be changed for their equivalent in steel? So instead of getting my 3rd DCP modul I could pick a radar one I really want?
  12. Unique portrait is semi possible. You can mod the pictures easily enough. But if you have 2 captains with the same picture, and you mod the picture both will have the modded picture. The names is a lot harder to do, while possible editing the text of the game isn't as easy as the picture, but doable. While putting unique sounds into the game is possible, you have to do it as a whole thing, not just for a captain. Take a look at this thread: On the first post there is a link to modded captains, text editing and new sounds. Just so you can see all 3 Onto actually making them for yourself. To do pictures find the image file name you want to replace. Make a folder in \World_of_Warships\res_mods\ Called: \gui\crew_commander\base in this put the nation you want to do it in and put the file here. To do text heres the tutorial: Sounds tutorial is here: Have fun!
  13. Praise the lord and pass the ammunition it's back!
  14. You mad man. You have a 19 pointing on a teir 4 O.o