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  1. I've been relying on Musashi to get through ranked and it's working really well. I especially love punishing Georgias that overextend :P
  2. Admiral_Cromwell

    Worcester gun question

    Honestly all light cruisers sound terrible. The guns sound like squirt guns and it throws me out of the game using them.
  3. Admiral_Cromwell


    So Moskva has been one of my favorite ships to use for a long time but these days the ship feels unusable for random battles. The citadel just sits too high and is easily blapped by a Thunderer on the opposite flank. And if I'm not getting annihilated by a Thunderer or some other dead eye user then it's easily obliterated by a carrier. I'm running the AA captain perks and they help a little bit it still feels too squishy. At this point I don't know how to make this ship work without just hoping my enemies don't notice me. Any advice on how to make it work? I figure I'm doing something wrong.
  4. Admiral_Cromwell

    Cruiser Spotting Damage

    Yeah that's why I find this dockyard directive frustrating because to accomplish it, you have to play the ship class incorrectly. The notable exception is if you have radar which I try to use but even that is only really against destroyers, which by raw numbers don't yield much damage.
  5. Admiral_Cromwell

    Cruiser Spotting Damage

    Anybody have advice on how to reliably get spotting damage as a cruiser? I feel like DDs and CVs are the ones who accumulate it and cruisers when played correctly don't get it. I find I'm playing terribly because I'm trying to get to close and spot the enemy.
  6. Frankly, I don't think the ship was that overpowered leading up to the rework. After its sigma nerf, the guns really don't perform well at long range and even in close range the guns are subject to really trolly dispersion a lot. So the survivability being really strong is justified since it doesn't really have much else going for it.
  7. Admiral_Cromwell

    T9 CB, Dead Eye, and the Musashi

    Musashi with dead eye in Ranked has been paying dividends. First volley on a Thunderer at max range yielded 3 citadel hits. Solid pick I think
  8. Admiral_Cromwell

    BB loses out on consumables?

    This. 100% this. Secondary BBs got significantly harder to use because they're losing out on a consumable, secondaries got nerfed, and HE spamming BBs got significantly more effective at killing you. This update needs more work.
  9. Hi, I would like to make an alt account on the NA server but I can't see the button in the main menu to "Disconnect From Server" when I log into the game it takes me straight to my current account without asking which account to log into. How do I manually change accounts?
  10. Admiral_Cromwell

    What happened to Shikishima Gun sound?

    While we're at it, can we do something about light cruiser artillery sounds? CL guns sound like pop guns at this point
  11. Admiral_Cromwell

    Petropavlovsk - balans Komrades!

    The only change I'd like to see is for it to not sit so low in the water. Makes shooting its broadside far more difficult to punish than most cruisers. Other than that everything else is fine about it.
  12. Admiral_Cromwell

    Getting the Stalingrad was a bad idea

    I want this one so bad. Not part of a very active clan and am not good enough to carry for ranked so steel accumulation is very slow going.
  13. Admiral_Cromwell

    Lion is No More

    Lion was a pain to grind though. I hated that ship. The firing angles were abysmal, the accuracy was terrible, and the armor felt like a wet tissue as far as BB armor is concerned. The concealment was excellent and the heal was pretty fun to use at times, but it's weakness was especially AP. I ate a lot of weird citadel hits where I thought I was angled enough but apparently wasn't. I, too, free XP'd past that royal turd and haven't looked back on it since.
  14. Admiral_Cromwell

    Really not a rant but...

    I know the frustration. Ranked is pretty cancerous and I'm convinced is only meant for those who have lost their sanity long ago. I played 5 games yesterday where I lost 4 of them because we had afk players and yolo rushers. I lost only one star for a net gain of zero because I came in first on the losing side the other games. It was so painful and not fun, but that's the nature of the beast.
  15. Admiral_Cromwell

    California HYPE

    Seriously though. I was thinking about buying it but that's a comically huge nerf for a ship that definitely wasn't overperforming. Every review has said that it's just okay and had me interested, but with that reload? Not a chance.