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  1. Admiral_Cromwell

    Really not a rant but...

    I know the frustration. Ranked is pretty cancerous and I'm convinced is only meant for those who have lost their sanity long ago. I played 5 games yesterday where I lost 4 of them because we had afk players and yolo rushers. I lost only one star for a net gain of zero because I came in first on the losing side the other games. It was so painful and not fun, but that's the nature of the beast.
  2. Admiral_Cromwell

    California HYPE

    Seriously though. I was thinking about buying it but that's a comically huge nerf for a ship that definitely wasn't overperforming. Every review has said that it's just okay and had me interested, but with that reload? Not a chance.
  3. Admiral_Cromwell

    Kremlin AA...532dps???

    It's because Kremlin isn't as broken OP as people claim it is. It's a good ship but only in certain situations. It doesn't grant you "I win" status whenever you use it. It's a terrible brawler and yes, it shatters a lot of HE but it still catches fire like every other battleship. In this HE spamming meta it's not the god ship it's claimed to be.
  4. Admiral_Cromwell

    What makes Colorado T7 worthy?

    Colorado is an all around okay ship. That's it. It's not great, just okay. The concealment could use a slight buff I think. The real issue is how Sinop is significantly better in almost every way and powercrept the other tier VIIs, but RU BBs have done that at most tiers
  5. Admiral_Cromwell

    Ships you thought were OP until you got one...

    Definitely Kremlin for me. It's a strong ship but the counter is pretty straightforward: HE spam. Burn right through the DCs and watch it burn to death while staying out of range It also is a bad brawler so GK's can eat it for breakfast.
  6. Admiral_Cromwell


    Just wondering if we've received any news yet on what WG is going to do about the Moskva legendary upgrade if it's going to be removed from those who have it when it goes into the armory? I have it and I love using it and would be pretty disappointed if it got taken away. Also, will there be compensation for captains who bought the camou for it?
  7. Admiral_Cromwell


    It's no use, OP. The Smolensk apologists won't give you an inch on admitting that it's a horrible ship to play against. Best advice I can give you is do a full fire prevention build and try to be situationally aware of their position so you're not over extended and easily burnt down. Funny enough, I've been enjoying ranked because the healing buffs really work to make HE useless. Better to rely on massive alpha damage AP volleys.
  8. One loser I see is Montana. Not only will light cruisers with ifhe be able to pen all of it now being able to pen 39mm but Montana won't be as effective against heavy cruisers. Sad day for that particular ship
  9. Admiral_Cromwell

    Georgia Build Recommendation

    Hello fellow captains, I'm about to get the Georgia and I was wondering what build the Georgia captains would recommend for her? I've seen quite a bit of debate about a full secondary build versus a survivability build. I'm personally leaning towards a secondary build as that's always pretty fun and her speed can be used to get out of dangerous situations, but I'm still not sure.
  10. Admiral_Cromwell

    Montana aka USS pea shooter

    I'd like to see Montana get a slight buff. It's being overshadowed by a lot of ships and could use some loving. One way would be AA. I feel like it should have better AA than Kremlin. Maybe extend its AA range to be better than Kremlin
  11. As a statistician I feel it my obligation to say that yes, numbers don't lie, but that doesn't mean you know which truth they're telling you either
  12. Admiral_Cromwell


    I only do coop battles to grind a certain number of wins or get secondary hits so I'm fine with the mercy rule as it is
  13. Admiral_Cromwell

    Des Moines

    Hey Captains, So I have Des Moines and most recently unlocked Moskva and I have to say that in this current 457 mm meta I'm really enjoying my Moskva more than Des Moines because I feel like I can tank way more damage in Moskva than Des Moines and not get so punished for being spotted. I feel like I'm having way more impact on the game in Moskva as I'm getting more kills and able to play more aggressively in it. I find that I have to hide a lot with Des Moines and am not quite as effectual as I'd like to be. I understand that it's an amazing DD hunter and is quite good at countering the recently popular smolensk but I find that it's super hard to get into close enough distance to consistently hit targets with the sluggish shells. Could you more experienced Des Moines Captains give some advice on how to properly play her and position her? Much appreciated.
  14. Admiral_Cromwell

    Let's talk about Monarch

    Could you guys please explain to me how to use Monarch? It has such unreliable guns and I don't understand how it's supposed to be used. HE never seems to light fires because its fire chance isn't that great and its AP is laughable. Is there a secret to this thing? I'm about to skip it with Free XP
  15. Admiral_Cromwell

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    Same here. Dealt 100k damage and sank two ships