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  1. You'd think with all the erratic WG choices made, they'd simply blunder into a few good ones every now and then. I think it's pretty obvious, they could give a crap less what we all think or want.
  2. Jaegerpuppy8

    NA server numbers?

    CV Reeeeeeeeework --that no one wanted, but was crammed down our throats so that little turds living in their mom's basements could play on their wittle Playstations.
  3. Jaegerpuppy8

    Which ultimate upgrades are worth it?

    So, WG will these missions to get the UU be for everyone or just the 1% glue-sniffers that live in their mom's basement? I think it's very important in each of your "events" from now on to clarify this, since it definitely seemed as if in the PR fiasco that common sense did not prevail...
  4. Jaegerpuppy8

    Thanks WG!

    Love the 61 -- so much fun!
  5. 5D is an unusual group: highly competitive group, but not afraid to include others, especially newer players to the clan.
  6. Jaegerpuppy8

    Join the Grumpy Captains

    Can I be an honorary member? My wife says I'm particularly grumpy in the morning. Like how did God make those chipper and cheery jerks that are in your face early? I'm like, Whoa, let me have my coffee; hush your melon.
  7. Looks like KAG just got gutted. Wow! What happened?
  8. Jaegerpuppy8

    Ranked Battles: Thirteenth Season

    Is this an oversight or are you really not putting the reduced repair cost flag in, Wee Gee? Who thought that was a great idea? I swear you geniuses just do stuff to piss your player base off intentionally.
  9. This is what happens when people impacting the game don't actually play the game.
  10. Jaegerpuppy8

    WANNA WIN $10,000? - Recruitment Rumble

    Sub_Octavian has all of four battles in WOWS? Maybe get 2000 random battles and come back to be relevant in your perspective. Does anyone really expect someone who is being paid by WG to be honest. "CV rework did not cause the loss of playerbase." You should work for some Media outlet: IE MSLSD, CNN, etc. Factually: Games being played are going down dramatically. 2019/01/19 = 2.831.616 random games recorded... 2019/03/02 = 1.957.662 random games recorded 2019/05/05 = 1.532.935 random games recorded... http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/pastrecords/20180505/eu_week/average_class.html
  11. What's the best website out there to show accuracy statistics for main gun(s)? I want to see an entire clan's (individual players) at one viewing. Thank you,
  12. damn, that was just too Good. Made WG look like a bunch of amateur half-wits. Guess it's time to fire your research staff -- they suck.
  13. URLguy, do you know how long the "Naval Battle" will continue? I enjoy it and want to know if it will remain?
  14. Good, glad to hear it. Don't want carriers (and the whole Zaxxon-type approach) to gaming here anyway.