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  1. Thanks bud. I liked how he got right to it and gave multiple viewings on in game performance.
  2. You'd think with all the erratic WG choices made, they'd simply blunder into a few good ones every now and then. I think it's pretty obvious, they could give a crap less what we all think or want.
  3. Jaegerpuppy8

    NA server numbers?

    CV Reeeeeeeeework --that no one wanted, but was crammed down our throats so that little turds living in their mom's basements could play on their wittle Playstations.
  4. Jaegerpuppy8

    Which ultimate upgrades are worth it?

    So, WG will these missions to get the UU be for everyone or just the 1% glue-sniffers that live in their mom's basement? I think it's very important in each of your "events" from now on to clarify this, since it definitely seemed as if in the PR fiasco that common sense did not prevail...
  5. Jaegerpuppy8

    Thanks WG!

    Love the 61 -- so much fun!
  6. This is what happens when people impacting the game don't actually play the game.
  7. What's the best website out there to show accuracy statistics for main gun(s)? I want to see an entire clan's (individual players) at one viewing. Thank you,
  8. Jaegerpuppy8

    Kidd Tier VIII on sale

    I'd advocate for holding off buying any DDs (or probably any ship from WG) until after the CV Rework craziness is done. With all the planes in the air due to the F key, DDs are probably the most affected.
  9. Jaegerpuppy8

    Insane Number of Planes Shot Down-252!

    This is eye-opening. Thank you.
  10. Jaegerpuppy8

    Did you notice? Some ships in PvE not mirrored

    Yep, yesterday I entered a match with a Conq and was mirrored with a Montana. I like the change and want a No cv button too.
  11. Jaegerpuppy8

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    Well put... It's as if WG and its cronies only listen when it's favorable responses. Otherwise we're asked to be patient... The next big fix is coming... Patient... We'll finally unf*ck things... Oh and along the way, if you dont agree, you're obviously not patient or just dont see our vision.
  12. Jaegerpuppy8

    William Halsey Confederate Reload Buff

    I was curious as well. Grrrr... Oh well
  13. Jaegerpuppy8

    This is a Freaking Disaster

    Thanks for letting me sell back my CVs. I guess that's a plus thru all this. This is just outright belligerence -- CC'ers told WG the problems with this many times and were ignored. I'll have to find another game. Definitely not going to play Zaxxon CV Rewurk.