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  1. AdmiralTrixter

    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    No amount of your justification babble will work.. We are NOT as stupid as you think we are...…. It just makes you look more greedy.
  2. AdmiralTrixter

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.10

    The whole Italian thing is a joke...Ships are crap and the Capt. has no hope of any special talents being activate for the average player. Good job of killing a good game...…..
  3. AdmiralTrixter

    Naval Battles going back to base XP?

    We had the best clan participation ever with damage !! It allows ALL clan members to contribute for the clan benefit. Going back to XP is elitist and not good for the whole player base!! Please continue with "damage". Thank You !!
  4. I recently upgraded the game to the new 64 bit version. The game runs smoother and even seems faster. Only one little problem........when I go to battle, all of the enemies info is missing !! I get the ship symbol and nothing more. ( DD,CL,BB CV. NOTHING MORE !!) While playing, if the alt key is pressed ; all the info appears. letting go of the alt key all the info disappears again . Nothing but symbols. Does anybody know how to fix this??? I have tried this in STOCK form and with MODS. Nothing changes. Thank you for your help. The video is my first attempt at sending a file to the forum.....it clearly show the difference when the alt key is pressed. World of Warships 04-29-2019 9-18-11-337.mp4
  5. AdmiralTrixter

    Where is USS Alaska?

    This is typical of wow. Not only did the miss the mark on patch .0.8.0 ..They constantly dangle carrots that everybody waiting for , only to disappoint. this update is FUBAR................ no other words describe what they have done. Most of the fifty members of my clan are already looking for another game...........I sure we are not they only ones........ I have been here almost since the beginning and have a considerable investment($) in this game. .........I am considering what my clan is is ready to do.......