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  1. Wallet stay shut until such a date appears WG.
  2. If it's in it's prewar configuration I won't buy it WG.
  3. Other than the odd weekend pass, I don't give Russian money anymore for gimmicks .
  4. Why does the Minsk go 43 knots?

    Speced for AA she good in operation domino with good guns. Sims is better AA boat, but Minsk is also a good gunboat.
  5. Save your money, just wait for the release.
  6. PSA: Operation Dynamo

    My Blys is a eboat killing machine. Lol
  7. Submarine Poll

    I want subs!!
  8. WG Lies

    It's business, plans change. Grow up.
  9. I like his early movies. Bring him back!!
  10. No skill needed for rank battles. Just the time needed to grind through the battles.
  11. A sad day in FL: Mass-shooting at Gaming Tourney

    We must ban all the games! It's for the children.
  12. Just don't play ranked, it's a wreck anyway.
  13. No, just concentrating on Halsey mission. No interest in pirates, or corgi, or any other fools errand WG dreams up.