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  1. Does Salty Chat Offend You?

    I ignore chat, so salt away. Lol
  2. Thanks for the review, not Evan going to finish the missions for it. Back to the Yamato missions.
  3. Ranked is not fun...
  4. I ignore chat and just watch the map. Sometimes I'm doing missions and winning is not my objective. But puttering alone into a cap is sure focused fire death.
  5. asked team to report a guy

    Anyone who ask me to report someone...I report the person asking. They are the ones usually ranting and raving about a perceived mistake the whole match. Some of us are focused on missions, not the WR%.
  6. I've he ad issues before with the CPU being inside a computer desk. Heat builds up inside the compartment with no air flow.
  7. Prefer the term curmudgeon...thanks. And my point is you cat go wrong with either Brand. Since only a very small percent of gamers are seeking the highest frame rates. Ryzen is a good CPU and s better all around value compared to Intel.
  8. I did the mission for 750 ribbons...did everything I could for extra ribbons, like take my Bismarck into secondary range and let the ribbons pile up before focused fired on and killed. Winning is secondary to missions for me.
  9. After fifty years on this Earth I can disagree with anything I want....lol I've turned into my Grandad. /Joke Have a good day Sir.
  10. Not liking the British BB line, so not exited at all.
  11. I think we agree to disagree, in real world application it's on par. Not that my old eys could see the difference between a couple FPS anyway.
  12. I know it's a free ship, but MEH to anything under tier 4.
  13. I like Intel, and I like AMD , but I always go by best bang for the buck, with Bulldozer I agree with you 100% Intel all the way. But Ryzen has changed the equation. On par performance, more cores, and threads and cheaper. I picked up that 1700x at microcenter for $229. And Ryzen 2 is just around the corner. Smaller die, faster speed still using the AM4 socket.
  14. I have a baby grandson bot that loves to pound on the keys and such when I play sometimes. Lol