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  1. We all have more than enough real world crap that makes us angry. This is just a game, and I come here to pew pew pew stuff in a big ships setting I like and forget real world crap for a short time. I Ignore chat, don't care about stats or winning. But this is me everyone is different.
  2. I play for fun, don't I've a crap about stats.
  3. Would you play a space game? (Poll)

    Not From WG, I wouldn't.
  4. New Host = No More Dasha???

    Ugh... Russian women
  5. I call it a day when my screen turns into a flip book. WG doesn't seem to know how to fix ther own game.
  6. Graf Zeppelin finalized

    I want one!
  7. Just something about Steven

    Rest in peace Steven.
  8. Nope, they should be working fixing the game.
  9. Memory Leak

    I pulled out my Titan Xp and threw back in my Vega 56 and newest adrenaline drivers. Same issue....flip book after 6 or 7 games. Sometimes makes it 10 before restart required.
  10. What is WG thinking?

    I would like the game to work correctly, and not turn into a flip book after 6 or 7 battles. Fix the memory leak!
  11. Why Do Players Ignore Caps?

    If I'm doing missions, those objectives come first.
  12. FPS issue

    To busy doing the Saint Paddy's day stuff. Got to have your priorities. Mine still turns into a flip book after a few games, then I switch to Battlefield for a time. Then come back to WoW until flip book starts again.
  13. I'm running a Ryzen 1700x, Titan Xp, 32gb of 3200 ddr 4 ram, and a 960 ssd. I had no issue before the patch, and now my screen turns into a flip book usually at The worst most intense action. Yes I reinstalled the graphics driver, and Evan tried a few beta drivers. No go. This is strictly s WG programing/bug issue.