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  1. killsbane67

    Ranked Battles

    Ranked is [edited]...WeeGee just trying to keep milking the cow. OR [edited]the cow. Russian idioms. Why are you [edited]the cow ? spend more money. lol I hate my russian ancestors.
  2. killsbane67

    New Russian BB - "K.I.M"??

    And the Russian had this when...???
  3. killsbane67

    How much longer until 9.3?

    Play rank get steel to make up.
  4. killsbane67

    Ship That Just Don't Feel Right

    British heavy cruisers...no matter where my bow is pointed, or range BB's seem to obliterate me with one salvo. I'm up to the Drake and the trend continues. I just havent clicked with them.
  5. killsbane67

    Naval Legends: B-413

    What about the Shchuka-class submarine A sub the russian actually had during the war.
  6. This explains my login, and entering a game issues lately. just hangs.
  7. killsbane67

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    WOW! You mean my Alanata can shoot down planes again? Lol
  8. I stop spending money on weegee's game.....I have not been playing, but have not uninstalled........yet.
  9. killsbane67

    What has happened to tiers 8-10?

    For me missions comes before teamwork, especially if it's a spotting mission. Im driving full ahead. Get killed, exit battle rinse and repeat until mission is done. And I don't care about wins, or losses. Missions first.
  10. killsbane67

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    Can I get a refund?
  11. killsbane67

    Game Designers Overreacted

    Poor choice choice of targets by the CV driver. Why go after a AA spec DD?? I bought the Kidd for this reason.
  12. killsbane67

    Yes, I'm one of those....

    Me too. Brady is the greatest QB ever. Lol
  13. killsbane67

    Post CV first impressions here.

    I like world of Warships, but I don't like this new CV focused meta. So I think I will hang up my Captain's hat for tier's 4 threw 10 for a few weeks to see if this foolishness persist on WG part.
  14. All Warships agree to kill the CV's first, then continue as normal.
  15. killsbane67

    What are your bold predictions for WoWS in 2019?

    Down hill because of the CV change, and paper Russian BB's