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  1. CCP Cammo for October Revolution

    Not just no, but hell NO. Just plain ugly. Lol
  2. Massachusetts is incredibly fun.

    I tried to get close to one in my Bismarck on the weekend, but damn DD's always got in the way. Lol
  3. I don't need to go back and read, this is my opinion only. I will never get to rank 1 because I don't have the time. 13 was as close as I have achieved. Definitely don't have time for clans either. I'm a random, scenario whale. I'm willing and able to pay for the license to use WG stuff. I don't want ti run around gathering stuff like EvE, or Warcraft its not fun, and too much like work.
  4. Make everything available for purchase, but leave the make a potion option available to those who need to use that route. Money I have, TIME! Well not so much. Not time to gather the ingredients for a potion/warship. Lol
  5. I see it as tring to turn WoW in Warcraft. Make everything available for CASH, money I have...but time? Nope.
  6. It's all about the money... They started with the Russian base and spread out. It's just business. If you think it's anything else you are wrong.
  7. Clearing Up Steel

    I have a full time job...I have no interest in a game economy that wants to make me work. I jump in play a couple of random, do a scenario, have fun, and relax. Then it's dinner time. I am the epitome of a filthy casual player.
  8. Clearing Up Steel

    I'm a filthy casual player and will simply ignore the new economy. Let me buy it if I want it with real cash, but I'm not jumping threw any WG hoops.
  9. Only if I have a mission to be in the top 2, or 3. Other than that no.
  10. Cherry Blossom Operation

    They didn't go to war against. Japan until 1945, their whole fleet consisted of 60 odd destroyer's, 7 odd cruiser and 3 battleships and various small boats. They pulled the destroyers to they had in the Pacific to help with convoy ecscort in the north for all of the lend lease equipment we we're supplying. And there was no Russian ships in the Dunkirk scenarios.
  11. Cherry Blossom Operation

    And why are Russian ships allowed in this operation??
  12. This game needs China emblems...

    Because China had a huge [edited]navy during ww2...
  13. I put my little red, white, and blue +5% military contributin flag on every ship!