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  1. Hello all, We are a semi competitive clan and know what it takes to get in Storm League consistently. For Season 5, we are setting our sights on Typhoon. Also we often group up to do sink drop/random battles, ranked battles, sometimes operations and we have training nights during the off months when clan battles are not available. We are mostly in the eastern and central time zones, our peak play times are typically between 6pm and 10pm eastern time. Age range in our membership is broad, from 20's to over 50's. Who we are looking for, Active, mature and dependable for clan battles players. You will need one or more Tier 10 ships, 800+ random battles, 30,000+ average damage, 47%+ win rate, a team oriented mindset and the ability to learn from mistakes. A reasonably thick skin and sense of humor is very helpfull. Discord and working mic are required. *We are not looking for solo or less than regularly active players.* Interested in joining us? Jump on our Discord and leave a message in #recruitment https://discord.gg/qqCFt8W
  2. next Monday or possibly the Monday after..
  3. maybe they meant next Monday
  4. thank you. for everyone else, I can read just fine.
  5. and this is how I read it.. but, I happen to have some confused clan mates. the two statements do contradict.