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  1. Oh nice, if it is that simple I'll do it myself then! Thanks for the quick how to guide, if you'd like, I can post the finished file when I'm done. Just tired of the Sims camo at this point
  2. WoWs Blitz

    If you have an android phone, google for the APK you can install the latest version and connect to the NA or ASIA servers no matter where in the world you are.
  3. Would you be able to do this camo in for the Sims as well? :) One more season until Flint, so it is a nice substitute.
  4. Thanks for your response and clarifying what is occurring for me. I'll try again without mods, certainly has to be a confliction.
  5. Hey WhiteValkyrie, Thank you for this! Unfortunately with the latest patch it is causing the game to crash upon logging in. Are you able to fix this?
  6. Farragut Roon Atago Duca D'Aosta Sims Fletcher Scharnhorst Blyskawica Fiji Kiev
  7. Thanks wacko! Looking forward to making use of it
  8. I've been having great success with IFHE first before CE. Playing aggressively and taking advantage of the ships great dodging abilities, and using the propulsion mod. Always am shooting the guns and rarely go stealth because I can dodge, so that's why IFHE for consistent HE damage over being able to disengage. The armor is quite trolly.
  9. Manual Secondary Armament

    If you keep your Bayern and a new captain after moving up to Gneis, it's worth considering specifying into CE which brings the Bayern down to a stealthy 11.5km detection range.
  10. Will certainly make due with what is available, but it feels wrong to pseudo-test Blysk with another dd that is not the Blysk... It is a unique destroyer. Hope this thread SeaBreeze started helps get the PTS player count over 1000. See you all on the other side!
  11. Getting onto the PTS tonight and will be testing competitive destroyers. Unfortunately not every ship affected is available for testing. Wouldn't this make the PTS incomplete, maybe invalid for missing data from certain ships? Pointing at Blysk and Sims mainly. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/119563-blyskawica-on-pts/
  12. Superintendent is easiest to do without from my experience. First two t3 skills on my Fletcher is BFT (for higher rate of fire and AA dmg) and torpedo armament expertise (always good to have a set of torps ready and off cooldown). Split between choosing the 3rd to be SE or DE, but will likely opt for DE so to increase my damage per game by starting floods and then following up with fire. Would be nice having to spend less time starting fires.
  13. Debate: What's the best T8 DD?

    Consider Kiev now that it's T8.
  14. Smoke is broke

    This bug makes smoke too inconsistent to trust when playing aggressively.