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  1. I just got a response to my ticket saying they can reset my progress to 3:55 pm about 3 hours before I accidently did the mistake.
  2. I very much am panicking at this moment
  3. I quickly left the game filed a ticket and came here and will not play again until I get a proper answer for fear of messing anything up.
  4. I accidently reset a few line for research bureu thinking it was something different and don't know what to do because I don't want to grind again and have made a terrible decision, is tehre any way to get them back without the grind like bring the line at the moment before I reset it?
  5. mous1

    my feelings on HE spam too BBS

    I think that fire chance should be salvo based myself, like one shell would have a 0.2 percent for fire but a salvo from say des moines has a 20% if ALL rounds hit and with accuracy probably about 18% average but as that is off topic yes I agree with your point
  6. mous1

    my feelings on HE spam too BBS

    this is not trolling as its advising me to edit
  7. I would actually like to talk about HE in its prime in this game right now. this forum is not about HE being op its about the use of HE on ships So I in fact do believe that HE spam is too powerfull as I HE spam myself in des Moines and Worcester. HE spam in this game is getting too effective, wargaming releases new traits like IFHE and new ships like Smolensk for the use of it. the problem with the HE spamming ships is that they are far too efficient when farming battleships. stacking fire chance with the dpm of the tier 10 guns in general they becomes a problem that arises that battleships cant avoid this damage unless they hide in the back (which we all know is frowned apon). So before I receive the argument that a bb can just dev strike a cruiser that he spams easily; yes you are right, no its not as direct as you think. I have two types of damage direct and potential (potential indicates how much you could do. aka bb dev strike, and direct is the damage you will do. aka HE salvo) So yes a bb can dev strike a cruiser, however the key word is it can. while the cruiser will do 20 to 30k damage easily if the bb cant dev strike it. this even applies to some dds "haragumo" this is my argument for why I believe its overturned for dpm cruisers/dds and what I propose to fix about it work on damage saturation, we all know it and see it. but damage saturation should be more focused on ex: say the superstructure on the kurfurst is easy to hit but only 20k health before fire chance and damage is reduced by a very large margin say 90% another solution could be to increase deck and superstructure armor to reduce incoming he rounds ex: increasing superstructure from 18 to 30mm and bow and stern decks from 32mm to 35mm both of these examples are hypothetical only and I only am stating the direct buffs to bbs and not nerfing he in any way to not reduce its effectiveness to dds and cruisers if anything is confusing to read just mention and I will fix it so I would like to know your thoughts I will in fact ignore, anything trollish or trolling.
  8. mous1

    CV's suck so bad now

    i really think devs should reduce the effectivness of aa and ALLOW THE ENTIRE FORMATION TO DROP THE ENTIREpayload of bombs at disposal i hate how torp sqauds only drop 2 torps now
  9. honestly my opinion of the buffalo is this 1. this ship does not have the dpm of the balti BUT has a battleship style attack system rather than sheer dpm aka: Heavy damage a salvo 2.i have kinda noticed that she seems to hit harder, she seems to hit more like a t10 on an average basis 3. she can upgrade he reload by 12% which reduces her reload to around 10 seconds (increasing her dpm) 4. she has a heal and higher health than the balti which allows her to trade a bit of dpm for tankyness
  10. I love the constant"battleships are in a good place" though a cruiser is still a much more viable option to the game 1. battleships maneuverability to health is not balanced.a cruiser is 3 times as maneuverable as a battleship and yet a bb barly gets double the heatlh 2. the 30 second reload main batteries may be fun but most of the time the shells seem to over penetrate for minimal damage or miss outright"though in a realistic sense a bb shell should still inflict heavy damage even when it over-penetrates die to kinetic energy physics" 3. the complete crap armoured superstructure allows he spammers to have a hayday hiding behind an island 4. fire is fine i have pretty much played battleships mainly however i enjoy cruisers more not becuase they are faster and more maneuverable but becuase their maneuverability combined with the decent hitpoint pool allows for "in my opinion" more survivable than a bb the guns on cruisers are just amazing being able to dish out a steady constant 2kto8k damage salvoes every 15-6 seconds (depends on the cruiser)
  11. mous1

    Yamato is not that scary

    As an American bb player I was fearing that the yamato would be crazy powerfull and wreck my montana but. it is not that bad, just find an angle and wait for yamato to broadside