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  1. If you only want to remove these sub standard bots as they are more or less " dumb " , you should request WG to add the " super " bots to co-op as this will make it extremely challenging and very frustrating to deal with.
  2. LadyJess

    Unnecessary reporting

    Pay no attention to the karma thing. WG stuck it in there for players to just vent. Means Nada. If WG were intelligent, they should just remove it.
  3. LadyJess

    I finally have her

  4. Agree, all guns, torps should be ready to GO.
  5. Am only 15% - 20% done but, am estimating that across the EU, Asia and NA servers it will be well past the 1 billion mark.
  6. WG remember IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT.
  7. LadyJess

    Does Hornet need a buff?

    Hornet could use the Buff
  8. LadyJess

    Perma delete Smolensk from the game

    If WG removes all the " paper only " ships that never existed, they would have to REFUND all the players that spent $$$ for them and many ship lines would disappear.
  9. LadyJess

    1 vs. 1 Brawl With Tier X Ships

    Why the hell only tier 10 ships WG ? High tier events are so BORING now.
  10. LadyJess

    1 vs. 1 Brawl With Tier IX Ships

    Will be interesting to see how the match making will be done on this one.
  11. LadyJess

    Scenarios down?

    Yep operations are down
  12. LadyJess

    Revert CV play style to RTS

    Just bring back the Old RTS CV
  13. LadyJess

    Dirigible Derby

    Laughable game mode, WG should have put more thought into this brain dead mode.
  14. Well for starters you are in a very Decent clan. Running Random and Ranked does help but, you should try running the Scenarios instead of co-op ( unless you are doing them for an event ). Target the Daily missions and try to complete them every day if possible. For your daily containers, if you are wanting the Coal, select the Resources option. This will get you more coal. It all depends on what you are seeking.
  15. Would be great if this sub made it into the already broken game. Can't make it any worse than it already is, so why the HELL not add this sub.