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  1. LadyJess

    Wichita is finally on sale

    Very nice looking ship but, I outscored one today in my Nuremberg. Witchy appears to be just average. Will pass on this ship.
  2. I used to run a lot more before this latest update that ruined the CV. CVs were a fun tactical use ship away from the others. With all the changes to the AA, etc am no longer running those long hours like before. Have reduced the time i spend on wows by 90%.
  3. Horrible format and why rank 1 irrevocable after rank 12 and nothing inbetween ? WG get your brains in gear.
  4. LadyJess

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    If this is still an ongoing project, keep the Free commander skill reset until CV rework is done.
  5. LadyJess

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    Texas AA is horrible now, BUFF the AA on the Texas to what she was before this horrible update.
  6. LadyJess

    Operation Aegis - Why play a CV?

    Practice runs
  7. Guess I shall test out the new CV in random.
  8. LadyJess

    I want my Bogue back.

    Really loved the Bogue. Will miss that CV. Was the only CV that i got the Confederate, High Calibur, Double Strike and Solo Warrior in over the time that i did run the ship.
  9. LadyJess

    Spending intentions poll

    Undo the CV rework
  10. LadyJess

    Mentor or Clan

    Not sure when you are online but, if you happen to see me just give a yell and i shall give you a hand if you like .
  11. LadyJess

    Please give Saipan a choice of Rockets

    This sounds great
  12. LadyJess

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    Add ability to control ship while planes are still in the air. Hate having to F key just to control the ship. Also include perm fighter cap over CV at all time.
  13. LadyJess

    Lets Talk about Ranked

    Ranked still horrible, teams have no clue and are very bad. Will pass on this ranked [edited]
  14. LadyJess

    Lets Talk about Ranked

    Interesting yet nothing more than pure luck
  15. LadyJess

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Really need to add ship control while planes are in the air. Idiot bot ship control does nothing at all except use the repair. Bring back full control of the ship while planes are active. Better yet, remove the horrible CV update and return it to what it was.