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  1. Rpkscout1

    0.7.9 Public Test Bug Reports

    Cannot access credits, doubloons, or tech tree ships. I tried restarting the client and same issue. Started after I researched the Harugumo. I can't buy Harugumo either. EDIT: Now after restarting twice, it let me purchase Harugumo. Weird server stuff going on.
  2. Rpkscout1

    were did my ships go

    Hope you tried restarting WoWs and restarting your computer before your started the reinstall... Restarting hardware/software when there's a bug, how simple it may sound, sometimes does the trick.
  3. Rpkscout1

    Colorado CO Skills

    Not citadeled too easily. At least not when I play her. She is probably the ship that I get most of my citadels in. As I said, her guns are very accurate.
  4. Rpkscout1

    Colorado CO Skills

    I like Colorado a LOT. I don't really understand why a lot of people hate her. Just remember you almost always want to be going Full speed or you won't go anywhere. Her guns are accurate and if aimed properly can dev strike many cruisers. I did: Preventative Maintenance Adrenalin Rush Superintendent Concealment Expert Just save your points after that for something like Expert Marksmen and/or Fire Prevention.
  5. Rpkscout1

    Tonnage Tuesday - Most Effective Ship

    I don't have near as many battles as many folks here, but I do have a few kills here and there :). My top 3: Colorado 131 (I'm not surprised because I love that ship. Probably my favorite or 2nd favorite ship.) Alsace 116 (Again, not surprised, that's one of my top 5 favorite ships.) Tirpitz 106 (Just a great ship overall.)
  6. Rpkscout1

    secondary fire on Missouri

    Do you have the your AA/secondary guns off? Press "p" to turn them off and on. You might not be close enough for them to activate.
  7. Rpkscout1

    How the military has been fighting global warming.

    Agreed. Like trying to stop forests from burning down. It's all a cycle and if we left it alone, everything would turn out right. There were less forest fires though when the big logging operations were going on though...
  8. Rpkscout1

    Premium shop: Eagle/Sharks Tokens Containers gone???

    It worked fine for me at about 11:00 AM CDT. I bought a permanent camouflage, 22 Stars 'n Stripes camouflages, and 3 Shark Container.
  9. Rpkscout1

    How the military has been fighting global warming.

    You know global warming isn't the issue anymore, right? Ever heard about a solar minimum? It's when the Sun doesn't release as many solar flares which influences weather here on Earth. Basically, it's going to be colder and shorter growing seasons. The Arctic didn't melt at all this year and it's summer there! It might even snow in Miami, Florida... Sources: https://www.universetoday.com/139189/are-we-headed-towards-another-deep-solar-minimum/ https://www.express.co.uk/news/science/986724/space-weather-solar-minimum-maximum-forecast-space-news
  10. Rpkscout1

    My Atago T-10 CA

    Oh, that was you who I AP-ed to death in my Buffalo...
  11. Indeed they did! All of them died in the battles I played save one!
  12. Rpkscout1

    Getting started with Game Center on a Mac

    You don't have to download this update as it is the same 360Mb every time. You can just click "Skip this Version" until it says something other than "Version 18.1" or something like that.
  13. No one ever said that it was going to be mid to late 2019...we can have a itty-bitty-bit of hope it'll come this year.
  14. My crew got one of them...but there are more that escaped from my ships armaments! I'm coming for you pirates! edit: Seal-clubbing in my Vampire at tier 3 today was fun though!
  15. Rpkscout1

    No sound on Mac High Sierra

    Hello @Maestro31419! Make sure you have your preferred speaker/headset selected in System Preferences before you launch WoWs on a Mac because you cannot change it mid-game without restarting WoWs. Not sure what else to add except: 1. Try restarting your computer 2. Make sure your sound is on in in-game settings. Settings > Audio (I'm sure you know this...but might as well share it anyways.) 3. Check and Repair WoWs from the Launcher/WGC. I'll tag a couple of the Administrators maybe they can help. @d_gladkov @Gneisenau013