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  1. Counting BBs on the Wall

    Just because it's the Statler Brothers, +1!
  2. firing single guns from 1 turret.

    Can you imagine an Atlanta with single firing guns...DEM SHELLBOWS.
  3. Next steel ship?

    If WG continues with the "buy premium tier 10s with steel" then I'd say Bourgogne will be one. Unless, of course, they down-tier her to tier 9.
  4. I like the New Mexico a lot. 12 guns with decent accuracy is pretty good. While it doesn't handle the best, it can go bow on quite well. In my opinion, I'd hang on to her for those days where you just need some seal clubbing because higher tiers aren't working out.
  5. In my DDs, I make sure to stay alert because who knows what you'd run into. In my CAs, I am a bit more passive because anything I run into will spot me in that 8km window. Running into a DD isn't that bad, but suddenly being spotted by a BB while broadside and without torpedoes is a death sentence. In my BBs, I just must be careful not to confront a DD out of the blue, because 8km or closer and torpedoes don't mix well for BB drivers. In my CVs (how few battles with a cyclone in them I have), I try to spot all the ships and keep the most skilled or threatening ones spotted all throughout the cyclone for my team to be aware and (maybe even) launch shells their way.
  6. I like the Alsace a lot. I hope this turns out well. I don't see a secondary range, what is it?
  7. WoWs on a Flash drive?

    I haven't (and probably won't ever) tried it. For sure USB 3.0. There will probably be lag from the time it takes to get information from the flash drive. Remember, it's not a SATA connection. My guess is to just download a fresh copy of WGC (since it's the only thing available now) and put it on the flash drive before opening it. Then open it and install a new copy of WoWs (don't import it). Should put the new installation of WoWs on the flash drive, but you can make sure it saves it there I believe.
  8. Are you taking more damage recently in DDs?

    Seems that the potatoes are learning to "aim" a bit better for you? No change for me.
  9. Unable to gift

    Maybe try a different web browser? Make sure Java is updated etc.
  10. 27 HP in my Fletcher. My Adrenalin Rush was in full swing!
  11. Not sure what to tell you. I don't think it'll change anything, but maybe try Studly Utility? In Studly Utility, go to World of Warships > Troubleshooting and do the Fix "Damaged" Wrapper and Fix "Shutting Down" Bug. Be warned, this will reset all in-game settings. Studly Utility.app.zip
  12. Ok, now have you added the maximum value VideoMemorySize string in your regedit files? This is the big thing that needs to be done. The pictures should be easy to follow.
  13. Getting started with Game Center on a Mac

    If any Mac users have issues with WoWs crashing/freezing feel free to PM me.
  14. I'm not sure if I'm some "special" case or something, but I do seriously have minimal crashing. Maybe a crash every 1 out of 10-15 games (unless I'm playing Operations). Those are Random Battles mostly played at tier 8-10. I have a Mid 2011 iMac with only 512GB on the graphics card (only half of what the newer ones have) and yet those with more room on their graphics cards have more crashing than me. I do have 12GB of RAM but WoWs doesn't use even half. The things I've done are (in order): 1. Studly Utility 2. The "fix" 3. Graphics on Low 4. Sound on Low (after 0.7.5 came out there was more crashing again so this helped) I'm not sure if the Studly Utility did anything or not.