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  1. I know what you're saying. WG SHOULD pay more attention to Mac users. It could be a big market, if you have enough money to buy a Mac, you'd probably buy stuff in-game or from the shop. But, this takes time and money/personnel which WG "apparently" doesn't have. They say it time and again that Macs aren't supported by WG but by CodeWeavers, so don't ask them for help. But, when you go to CW, they say they won't help either. I've been talking to an Admin and they said that WG definitely will make a 64bit version of WoWS. They'll make it for Windows first, then give it to CW to make stable(ish) for Mac. Really not sure when this will happen, but he said that he'll let me know when they're making one as soon as he knows when WG is making one. But, WG might not tell him for up to a month that they're making a 64bit version of WoWS. WG made better graphics and all for WoWP and WoT, but they can't make a 64bit version of WoWS? WoWS would gain amazing popularity if they quit making Premium ships for a while, and focused on the main components of the game (ex. crashing, in-game malfuntcions, etc.) All I can recommend is to try the "fix" I found, run graphics on Low, and to run sound on Low/High
  2. Don't sell your account and stuff. WG will make a 64bit version sooner or later. Most likely going to be later though... This crashing stuff has gone on for me since about October, so believe me, the 64bit version has been long awaited and will be gladly accepted.
  3. destroy differences

    Don't quit at tier 4. Go up to tier 8 where you get that 5th upgrade slot. The concealment really helps all DDs (except Russian DDs).
  4. Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    Yes. Also, WoWs needs to be 64bit too.
  5. Today is Wednesday, May 16, 2018. You have to wait one more day.
  6. Upcoming Massive Sync DROP?!

    One time our clan had 7 people from the same clan on the same team. Our team only lost one ship before the victory...
  7. USN radar skills

    Do make sure someone can shoot the ship you are radaring. Maybe even tell your team in chat before you do it so they can swing their guns around to bear on the ship you're about to radar. Radar, if used correctly, can be one of the most devilish tools in WoWs.
  8. It would be interesting, but I doubt WG would ever add it due to the severe hate from everyone that wouldn't want it. It would be more realistic, but this game is already very far away from being "realistic". If anything were added, maybe it'd be when a ship detonates. Ships don't just "blow up" randomly. They list, and then go under.
  9. American crate missions

    This is not guaranteeing a win for getting a new Premium ship. There's a chance... I really hope I'm lucky enough to pull something good out of one of em. Maybe an Atlanta...
  10. I hated the Pensacola, but was pleasantly surprised by the NO. Just had a great game in her. 165k damage and I survived in a tier 10 match... I'd count the surviving part a BIG accomplishment. Soon to get the Baltimore.
  11. You should get the new tier 7 New Orleans, new tier 6 Pensacola, and new tier 8 Cleveland. Hope this helps.
  12. Lack of Support for Mac Players

    This is true. Windows computers are WAY better for gaming especially because of the easiness of replacing important parts (ex. GPU & CPU). Currently, Macs don't have a large enough graphics card to run the game effectively in this 32bit version. Most people who play this game on Windows PCs upgrade/build their computers to run WoWs. Mac users cannot do this near as well because of the amount of things that can go wrong when trying ot replace something like the graphics card or the CPU. Hence why it is so difficult to build a Mac from scratch.
  13. PTS 7.5 starts tomorrow

    Most likely the live server. I doubt WG would only do this on the PTS because of the lack of players on it. Plus, there's money to be made somewhere...
  14. Maybe that play will help win the game. You never know how WG decides to fix things.
  15. Tier X recommendation ?

    All depends on what type of a DD/BB player you are. Ranged play? Tons of torps or guns? Brawling or no brawling?