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  1. 0.6.14 Bug Reporting

    I'm a Mac user. Sometimes when I finish a battle or the battle has just begun the game sound will quit and just freeze the game. With 6.14.1 sometimes when a battle ends a blue background appears then the game freezes. I always have trouble with almost every update, but this 6.13 and 6.14 updates have been horrible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. 0.6.14 Bug Reporting

    *Disregard this post*
  3. 0.6.13 Bug Reporting

    When either loading the battle or the battle's just started, the game sometimes crashes. It sometimes just quits, but other times it freezes. No error report pops up. When I startup the game again and it loads the battle, the game is always a couple seconds behind what other players see. This is very annoying because then I get shot to death due to a Japanese DD when I'm in an American DD. It happens on any ship of all classes. I've tried tampering with the graphic settings, but to no avail. I'm using a Mac running macOS High Sierra. This always happens when a new update comes out with all the crashing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. 0.6.12 Bug Reporting

    I saw the exact same thing. I doubt it's an issue on our end, probably WG.
  5. 0.6.12 Bug Reporting

    So, I was in my Colorado just now. I was going to hide between two islands for cover, when I couldn't stop. I went into full reverse and I was just slowly slowing down as if my propeller was incapacitated, but it wasn't. I tried going to ¼ speed and back to reverse, but it didn't change anything. I tried repairing, but it said there was nothing to repair. Since I was going to miss the island, I just put her in full and died anyways. I've never seen or heard anything like this before. Weird! Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you, Rpkscout1
  6. 0.6.11 Bug Reporting

    When I try to open up the new Clan tab it just sits there loading. Waited for about 10 minutes one time, and still loading. I can't load the Inventory or the News either. Is this some external issue? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. 0.6.9 Bug Reporting

    I was meaning after you click Play in the launcher and it loads the login screen that it lets you change it.
  8. 0.6.9 Bug Reporting

    The Wargaming update checker is located at the top of your screen towards the right hand side. You can see it when looking at your desktop page. It looks like the Wargaming icon. I have it at least.
  9. 0.6.9 Bug Reporting

    Do you mean that you cannot open the game from the launcher, or that you can't login after the game has loaded? You can change your settings at the point of login by clicking the gears at the top left corner.
  10. 0.6.9 Bug Reporting

    I believe that WoWs is/was having server trouble. I had the same problem, but after a few hours of trying it logged in. No crashing at least!
  11. 0.6.9 Bug Reporting

    Is this when you are trying to open the game launcher? I see that you are trying to shut WoWs down in the picture. After replacing the Mac Wrapper I had trouble opening up the game launcher. I tried shutting everything down on my computer and closing down the Wargaming update checker for WoWs, and after this I could open it up.
  12. 0.6.9 Bug Reporting

    Lot's of bugs with the new update. It also seems that their servers are out of wack.
  13. 0.6.9 Bug Reporting

    What are you running? Is it a Mac? If so, try closing down the update checker after you've opened the launcher, but before you've clicked Play. The checker is located at the top of the screen on the bar that drops down when your mouse hits it. Just left click it and click Exit. Just a wild thought I had.
  14. 0.6.9 Bug Reporting

    Now I can't login again. The game doesn't crash or anything, but is stuck loading after I click Connect. No bad internet connection here as I'm able to post this. --edit-- I don't know if maybe it was a server blip, or if it was on my part, because now I'm at port, and all my ships are back from battle. I did close down the Wargaming updater client that checks for updates, not sure if it helped. Now, I realize that I haven't earned a single XP or credit from the ships that were stuck in battle. I'm guessing Wargaming has some server problems today...
  15. 0.6.9 Bug Reporting

    This also just started happening to me. Now I have 3 unaccessible ships due to them being "in battle".