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  1. I’m having multiple games where my ship shoots from smoke or when hidden, remains undetected, then moves into detection range after at least 5 seconds, and the bloom remains. According to the wiki, bloom should immediatly disappear if not spotted when shooting and if you go unspotted for 2 seconds, the bloom should disappear.
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  3. If you're going to include CVs, include rental CVs
  4. I did, the reticle on the minimap is on the target ship, but pressing shift moves the minimap reticle as well as the zoomed in reticle to the extreme range.
  5. Every time I have a spotter plane up and position my reticle at a ship (even those 5-10 km from me), then press shift to zoom in, my reticle moves to the extreme range of the ship and requires me to mouse down to re-aim at the ship. The only way I've found to avoid this is to aim as low as possible then move the reticle up. I have lost many shots at briefly visible ships due to this. Please fix.