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  1. Not very noticeable, but know that I position myself aggressively in carrier games so my planes take very little time to reach the enemy. I'd imagine people who park in a corner will notice it though
  2. actually you can drop at a 30 degree angle and it'll actually saturate more of the ship's surface area. If you played with the Tiny Tims you'd know when hitting cruisers, the best cruiser are struck at an angle where more rockets hit, same applies to the bombs here, you actually have a lower chance of shattering on the turret
  3. honestly, CV had much more striking power before the rework. Cross droping DDs instantly deleted any DD from the map with absolutely no counter play or the possibility of dodge. You're absolutely right, the only thing that stopped CVs from becoming overpowered was the skilled barrier, but in the hands of a CV god, you die, pure and simple
  4. cv in PTS is playing against lag of usually 3-4 times greater and the the power of HE bombs for bbs are certainly not nerfed=\
  5. :) i did not meant aiming on the outside, I clarified my post a bit more. What I meant was you can now aim more towards the edge and achieve better results as the bombs are less likely to hit the center
  6. Good day gents, This patch was very kind to me as I rose to be one of the top rated Midway players in NA, I'd like to let you know what I think about the supposed HE bomb nerf. Frankly, I'd say yes, it loses some damage potential to DDs but it gains a pretty significant damage potential to BBs. The drop pattern is now longer, if you thought Midway bombs hurt then, try the current carpet bombing Midway, I've lit 3 fires on a BB with one drop in the PTS, whereas the old bombs were more confined and precise these ones saturate a larger portion of the ship. Now, the supposed "dispersion nerf" let me tell you a secret, what happens when you notice the bombs tend to fall to the outside? I aimed towards the edge of the reticle and found a lot of successful hits. In the PTS I still manage to land very consistent bomb hits on DDs, albeit not as many bombs, but I'd like to remind you one bomb is 3k, 2 bombs is 7k. To summarize Other than the 45s wait time, I felt no significant change but I do admit the skill gap between CVs are now larger as more skilled players will now crucially rely on game mechanic more while less skill players will struggle TBH, why not just half the damage DD take from HE dive bombers? Instead of playing with the drop circle
  7. LickMyPoi

    Update 0.8.4 Sounds Promising

    Hilarious, because DD players have been crying about crapfor ages, OH NO NERF RADAR, NO NO NERF BB AP OH NO NERF CV. DDs are like the feminists of warships they cry about anything that touches them
  8. LickMyPoi

    US Ship Updates

    waaaaaaait you mean to tell me the line with the only real tier 10 battleship is set up unrealistically, gasp
  9. LickMyPoi

    0.8.3 seems low on content and high on purchasables

    So you're one of those people that's like I don't like it and I don't permit other people to like it either because reasons
  10. LickMyPoi

    There are no hard counters to CVs

    considering midway is the lowest performing carrier out of the trio i have no clue the f*** you talking about
  11. For example, I currently have 145k average dmg in the Audacious, the server average damage is 95k so i have roughly 2070pr. Say, 3 months later, as more and more people get it, the server average drops to Midway level, does my PR go up as well?
  12. Waaaaait, so you're saying it's too hard to have two hulls with two different stats thus balanced differently? By your definition, we should have three Shima lines because it's too hard to balance three different torpedoes modules amirite? I don't understand where your logic lies