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  1. Peter_Greenhalgh

    Public Test of Update 0.9.4: Round 2

    receiving Russian tokens through Russian containers but they are not showing anywhere ie armory. also Russian tech tree has not changed yet still have Kirov and Moskova
  2. Peter_Greenhalgh

    Update 0.9.0 - Bug Reports

    upon finishing the first phase of the Royal Navy cruisers and attempting to redeem tokens armory would not load and 20 of my tokens disappeared. In addition after being confirmed by ID me I have not received my veterans benefits, also this last twich drop for watching streams did not appear and I did check the accounts are all linked
  3. Peter_Greenhalgh

    time to give where credit where credit is due

    yes but it doesn't count toward i.e. Naval battle total damage, in which goes towards stars. damage is damage just had 38000 points toward ships and 36000 against aircraft yet I did not cross 40000 hit point thresh hold
  4. Why do we not get damage credit from our fighters shooting down enemy Aircraft Plain and simple fighters and ships, for that matter, should receive damage credit for damage done to enemy aircraft
  5. Peter_Greenhalgh

    served aboard Midway for 2 years

    as I said we were stationed in japan for 2 years some of the countries were Hong Kong, Thailand, one of my favorites, Perth Australia another fav, Pakistan, Kenya Indonesia,and the Philippians just to name a few.
  6. I served aboard the beast of the east when she was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan for 2 years. quite a good time in my life just 18 and the world at my feet. visited some 20 different countries during that span How many others are seeing the old duty station in this game.
  7. Peter_Greenhalgh

    Losing Credits by Running Midway

    I agree partially with your complaint that a bit more of a reward would be nice, but as said above you're playing COOP nothing is ever made in that mode think of coop as testing platform its basically used when you can't find enough people to battle in random.
  8. Peter_Greenhalgh

    fairness of penalty for torps

    I'm not talking the friendlies within a few KMs and by the way friendly torps are visible to all team mates when launched. in addition all good torp ship players throw torpedoes into gaps.... if there dumb enough to pass in front of those gaps then they deserve to get hit friendly or not. players need to pay more attention to there surroundings.
  9. Peter_Greenhalgh

    fairness of penalty for torps

    I am in high disagreement with your penalties issued for accidental friendly damage with torpedoes. several times now I have been penalized for some idiot running across my torp run why should I be responsible for someone not paying attention. at the very least reduce the penalty for occasional offenses.