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    people in ranked have no clue how to play the game

    Some of the best teams I have been on did one thing in common......designated a ship, focused fire, sunk it, moved to next ship. Grabbing buffs is great for, frankly, buffs don't mean squat if you're dead. Teams that Focus fire on one target obviously seem to understand the team concept a bit better. Some learn that in Clan battles. Some just get the fact that the faster you delete a ship the less guns you have pointing at your team. There should never be a statement of "not my job". It's everyones job to contribute to the ultimate goal of the win. If the Smolensk is continuously spreading its cancer rounds, I would hope that everyone would want it dead and would take shots at it to get it off the board as quickly as possible. I'm not a great player. I can hold my own. But I don't try and play like an individual when I participate in Ranked.