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  1. Ranked battles, kicking the reds all over the place after a rough start, at 2/3 health, just killed the Anchorage. Turn my bow into the torps I knew were coming, glancing blow and ... *** DEVETATING STRIKE!!!! *** Match lost to a dead ship. And you wonder why players complain? Absolutely [edited] and should never happen, especially in ranked. Fix the RNG.
  2. MerlinMedic

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    One last try WG. Since you are going to inflict this unasked for mess on us any way. TOTALLY FREE RESPECS, UNLIMITED, WITH MOUNTING/DEMOUNTING THROWN IN FOR THREE MONTHS. Otherwise it's just a damn money grab like your Belfast '43.
  3. MerlinMedic

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    MM will put him with the worst noobs for eternity. All purely random ... of course. ; )
  4. MerlinMedic

    Commander Skills Update

    That a change us needed is not the player's fault, yet we are going to be punished. The great thing with the German line was the up-close and personal play. Now, you have to be nuts to do anything except sit half the battle out. Worse, our secondary build made us very dangerous to DDs, but WG said no, so now French BBs have secondary's well. Then there is the Georgia ... . Meanwhile WG resells the Belfast as a piece of garbage that can't even be used in co-op. I've heard Fallout 76 finally is getting their act together after two and half years of driving their customers away. I'm sure there will be a free weekend soon to check it out.
  5. MerlinMedic

    Commander Skills Update

  6. MerlinMedic

    Commander Skills Update

    So you didn't get a stimulus check and now are creating your own money grab. As has been said, zero out the points and wait. During the "free respec" for 90 doubloons you can change as often as you want, until your run out of doubloons and need to buy more. Or, if you really weren't after our cash, there would be zero charge for unlimited repecs through the end of February, 'casue, like some of us have jobs and the real word calls us away from pixels we pay for.
  7. MerlinMedic

    PTS 0.10.0

    Not impressed with the new Commander skills. Borking and money grab are two phrases that seem to be most correct with it. Since you are going to do it no matter what and hope people are suckers, give us 2-3 months of free respecs so we can figure out what works and what doesn't. Also, everything traded in gets 125% of value to dispel that this is just a cash grab.
  8. MerlinMedic

    ST, changes to the commander skills system.

    WG, very simple: DO NOT DO THIS. Your customers will take their real world money and go elsewhere. End of WG.
  9. MerlinMedic

    Another negative to Capt Skill Rebork

    My daughter asked it I will continue to play. I suspect that there really wont be much left after this CF. Badly thought out. I'd love to see what their player matrix after this. I suspect I know: after week 3 it will drop to a few thousand per day with 1 server eventually.
  10. MerlinMedic

    Black Friday Combat Missions

    Stupid crap is turning players off. If you buy the bloody thing, give us the mission. It's that simple. Happy players are more than willing to part with their cash. Unhappy plays complain loudly and driver others away. Less profit.
  11. MerlinMedic

    Premium Ship Review - Belfast & Belfast '43

    Don't. She is a turkey. Even when put in a T-8 or lower battle she is a hard play; in T-9 or up just cannon fodder. Also, if sales flatline due to customers being unhappy maybe they will actually admit their mistake and fix it.
  12. MerlinMedic

    Premium Ship Review - Belfast & Belfast '43

    Why would I give any more money to a company with horrible customer support who is deceitful in sales? I thought that they had finally learned their lesson and were going to go with a premium ship that was worth the price. I was wrong. Never again.
  13. MerlinMedic

    Premium Ship Review - Belfast & Belfast '43

    Belfast '43 is not worth any cash. She has been crippled by WG putting her as a T-8 and gelding her, at a T-7 she would be playable but still not worth $45. So WG has to do some hard thinking here. They can: refund players $ (HA!), make the '43 a T-7 and leave her alone (lest painful for them, but players will remember) or fix the bloody ship! (smartest move) So WG, what will you do? BTW, all I see is bad reviews of this turkey in game sooooo ... .
  14. MerlinMedic

    Premium Shop: Belfast '43

    No. She is a T-7 ship playing at T-8. Maybe if they moved her back to T-7, but unless they speed up her firing, giver her some armor and make her for T-8 you will die fast. I have had team mates give away my position due to hate, other teams that just will not support you. So ... for now, save your cash.
  15. MerlinMedic

    Belfast '43

    Don't. You will be disappointed.