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  1. MerlinMedic

    Public Test - 0.8.9 - Bugs

    Every time I exit the game it freezes up and locks my computer. I did an integrity check and still no luck. Also, Saving Transylvanian has to be done in a division? On the test server? Kind of hard to do.
  2. MerlinMedic

    Thoughts after ranking out in this sprint

    I thought the ques moved fast. As to the higher ranking players being listened to ... my wife's cat listens better when I tell him to get off the counter. He hears me. He just chooses to ignore me. ;)
  3. MerlinMedic

    Ranked: Seasons and Sprints

    Absolutely! I earned the silly pixels, give them to me! Really, it is the only thing that makes the grind worth it. PLEASE!
  4. MerlinMedic

    Thoughts after ranking out in this sprint

    Not always. Work interferes with gaming life. This time wasn't as bad starting late; it took me 3 days to rank up, about 35 battles as I would win 2 or 3, loose 1. Generally I found morning players more willing to work as a team than evening and not too many 'I just started this game' players.
  5. I skipped the regular ranked for many of the reasons posted here, its a team battle and players like to YOYO, imbalance,etc. I did try Ranked Sprint and found it much better. You got a rank and couldn't lose it. If you played badly, you didn't advance. You maybe would be carried for a star, but that was it. A bit disappointed that you don't get a flag for earning Rank 1. You get one for rank 15 in regular but not for winning the bloody thing.
  6. MerlinMedic

    Personal Rating

    A metric I don't see is a player's impact on the game strategy. I have been able to hold a flank in my Perth (per-nerf) with 1 island against up to 4 ships. Sometimes they get smart and flank my island and I have to lead them away from the battle but the results are usually the same. My team can preposition themselves, often for the win. You don't get points for that nor for being a Captain Obvious and sending a long shot torp out just to force a BB away from or into an area you want them to be. With that said, i have no idea how you measure that!
  7. MerlinMedic

    Update 0.8.7 - French Destroyers: Part Deux

    Why is the damage I deal in my Perth reduced significantly? You nerfed the Perth and it takes a lot of the fun away. Before this patch I was always in the top 3 on my team, now ... not so much. Please restore the Perth's guns since now I can be ignored with relative impunity even though I am getting the same amount of hits and fires set.
  8. MerlinMedic

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    PLEASE, PLEASE get rid of rental T-10s! Those who have not learned to play T-10 by earning it are a nightmare! They charge in, they broadside, they don't focus fire and they have no concept of teamwork! It's a joke. They just charge in and in less than 3 minutes have lost the match. Totally unsatisfactory and a waste of my resources including time.
  9. Several months ago it was posted that WG was not allowing 'One Shot Deletes" where a ship at full or near full health was destroyed in one volly. Once again that has happened to me. It does seem to be with the Perth so I am suspecting a coding issue. This time I was at 90% health when I was deleted by a battleship. No detonation, just boom, you are dead. I had taken some minor damage from a rocket plane. Can we please resolve this or adjust the RNG so I can do that? After all the last time posted about the RNG it was with my WS firing at a stationary ship under 8 Km away with zero hits in ranked battle. This is how rumors of hacks get started.
  10. MerlinMedic

    National Flag for Perth

    PC aside, they should go with period correct flags for Commonwealth ships or if they prefer current national flags. I noticed that http://aslain.com took out the correct German flags a while ago and Imperial Japanese flags is a separate mod when offered. Yet who have the Australians or Canadians offended?
  11. MerlinMedic

    National Flag for Perth

    I've done that. I'd like the Assuie National flag rather than the silly "C". I know this is not a huge thing, once the battle begins no one is looking at flags, but I think it's appropriate.
  12. MerlinMedic

    National Flag for Perth

    I think it is time past that WG gives the the HMAS Perth her own national colours. I happened to notice that I have a flag for Malta. If they can put out a flag for an island that has no ships in the game it is time to replace the blue "C" with the Australian flag. These are pixels and it is a simple fix. Fore and aft jacks would be nice too, but lets not go overboard.
  13. MerlinMedic

    Fix the RNG

    This is how people deal with it. They let the developers know there is an issue. If it is real enough people will complain and the developers will look into it; it is just whining then they ignore it. WG is a business and they aren't going to kill their cash cow by ignoring players; that doesn't mean they jump when we scream either.
  14. MerlinMedic

    Fix the RNG

    There is random and then there is absurd. I didn't post this rant because it is the first time my 19 point commanders missed a shot; it happens way too often, generally after I post negative feedback about something (this time it was premium) to be random. Coincidence? Possibly. WG sending a message to complainers? Hmmmmm .... Can't get a win in ranked to save myself, awful pairings in randoms this week. Maybe I'll go play Fallout. ;)
  15. MerlinMedic

    Fix the RNG

    It is time to fix the RNG. 19 point commander firing a Warspite at a stationary QE from 9.4 Km broadside for both. Shots when fore and aft, ZERO hits. If this were the first time I'd say "meh". However during this ranked sprint I have noticed more than once that the RNG just goes and does whatever. Perth (green health bar) parked behind an island in smoke, Fuso gets an angled shot, not quite bow on, but close enough, in from over 12 Km out, Perth deleted. That happened twice. We all get that the RNG is supposed to be random, but when is random not random but broke? The hit rate under 10 Km for my WS is horrible when it should be dealing massive damage. CA from 5 Km out full salvo, 1 OP. My secondaries are doing more damage.