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  1. SirKenshi

    Mouse opens free Azur Lane crates

    Pretty much, that's the word: "PREDATORY"
  2. Me gusta como están tratando a los acorazados rusos y como diferencian al Slava de los demás de la línea. Se nota que no serán barcos fáciles de jugar, habrá que tener huevos para hacerlos funcionar. Los cambios en el Georgia suenan bien, excepto el "Engine boost", basta con los "gimmicks" en forma de consumibles, el barco ya los suficientemente especial como para añadirle eso. Uff, y los torpedos de 20km en el Yoshino... no puedo decir que es una buena idea.
  3. Lo que mencionas parece la descripción de uno que otro caso aislado. De todas formas voy a preguntar algo: ¿hacer daño daño alfa solo se puede lograr en los primeros 3 a 4 minutos de batalla y, a tu parecer, cuánto segundo debería de ser la recarga ideal de un acorazado?
  4. I wasn't saying Zao really really needs by all means a faster torp reload. Was comparing reload times between IJN dds and cas and sayin i wouldnt be a big deal if reload get standarized. To be honest i will rather prefer the old 44k hp than any torp adjustments. No need to being mean or get triggered/salty about someone different's opinion. Relax, the pixels and number we are talking about do not exist in real life, they are just inside a game.
  5. Wow, this forum is rusting little by little with the years, or maybe are just the usual few people i'm unfortunately seeing...
  6. SirKenshi

    Un poco de humor, un poco de historia!

    Jajaja, yo iba poner algo del Indianapolis ahi donde el marinero, tendre que cambiarlo...
  7. Sencillo, se juega con acorazados para tankear y repartir daño alpha (idealmente, cuando el juego no te da overpens). Esa es la principal funcion de los BBs
  8. So, others DDs that share with cruisers the same torpedo type as key weapon should also be quite unhappy?
  9. This bug happened to me as well in my US cruisers, very annoying
  10. Ok, apologizes, i thought the dot followed was ending the statement "Zao is already one of the strongest ships in the game" and "When you factor in..." was like "when you take into account" or "if you consider", adding another idea that wasn't extrictly connected to previous, but whatever. So, you think if Zao torps are buffed to match Shima's same reload, she will become "instant win buttom"? To be honest, i did not experience the joy of having any trollish armour yet, it's seem very standard, it eats citadel a full pen like any other cruiser (it's good when angling though). The old 141s reload F3 torps where less of a factor but then they buff it to 104s and added type93 mod.3, maybe to "enhance" it's torpedo capabilities? "Type F3 torpedoes of cruiser Zao now reload much faster—104 seconds instead of 141. This change should maintain the identity of the branch post-update, and balance the damage caused by Zao's torpedoes in comparison with cruisers of a lower tier. The changes will also slightly increase the effectiveness of the ship in Clan Battles and bring her more up-to-date. The availability of long-range torpedoes will enable the cruiser to use torpedo armament more efficiently both when bearing down on an enemy or retreating and during a medium-range firefight involving active maneuvering. Also, it allows you to take advantage of the difference between the torpedo range and the cruiser's detectability." 0.7.6 patch notes I agree with most of you say here, but what argument?
  11. Sorry, my bad english, i shouldn't had used the word "halved". I think there are some ways to interpretate the words "to increase the overall efficiency of torpedoes", as it's a little vague and can be or not refering as balance, but "make the torpedo tube operation more uniform" does fall into similar/more uniform stuff. After making too much stats comparison i think those little numbers just bothers me :D
  12. https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/update-notes-main/release-notes-0614/ was hard to find! 1- IMO it's very weak argue "because Zao has 20, not 15". Zao can't launch right away a 20 torp volley and doesn't have 5,5km surface detectability like Shima does, so you won't get torped from that close. 2- Same can be said about Yugumo/Ibuki, Akizuki/Mogami... yet they have same torps with same reload. 3- They could, indeed, but there's no distinction in-game so we don't know for real 4- 18s reload difference is mean insignificant, specially if you take into account that all other cruisers don't are balanced around torpedo reloads. If Zao is one of the strongest ships in game it's no because the torps, c'mon. Although she is no longer the king of cruiser she was back in 2015/16. Found that the F3 on Zao reload in 104s while shima F3 reload in 131s, balance indeed comrade...