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  1. Premium Shop payment info

    Hello, I recently went into the Premium Shop to buy some Doubloons and discovered my PayPal info is stored in the WOWS system. I'd prefer to erase that info but have not been able to find it. I looked around Account Management. Any ideas? Can I erase that info? Thanks
  2. Game Center Update error

    Hello, While attempting to install the new game center, I got the following error. Multiple web browsers are reporting the link as unsafe. What gives?
  3. Has anyone kept the Nurnberg

    The Nurnberg has a permeant home in my port. She's just plain fun. She's not for everyone though.
  4. Coal???

    Sounds like something an American company would do. Make 'em think they're getting something new and it's really worth much less.
  5. Coal???

    What is it good for? Thanks in advance guys.
  6. How do I?......

    Thanks guys
  7. How do I?......

    Hello everyone, Recently I took the plunge and bought a 65" 4K tv. Very nice. The computer sensed the change. When I started up World of Warships, I adjusted the settings to 4088x1996 (almost full screen). I have also tried several other resolutions. Regardless of what resolution I have, the information (see below) is so darn small that I can't read it. Is there a way to make the info larger? Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. Edinburgh, good or bad?

    I like the Eddy because it forces me out of my comfort zone. I have a play style that lends it self to heavy cruisers and BB's. The Eddy needs to be played with a bit more patience, smoke, torps, and island usage. All at once that's a bit of a learning event for me.
  9. Amagi love

    Amagi is a really fun ship to play. Damn she can do a lot! I decided to give her an AA build and now, "IF IT FLIES, IT DIES." Time for a cold one of these.....
  10. Thanks for the Cesare

    I Love the Gulio and one of these...
  11. Captan points

    Not worried. But there is 1 social fluid that makes the questions worth wild....
  12. Captan points

    Just curious, How many points can a captain earn? (I've only seen up to a 15 point captain.) Thanks.
  13. I almost finish grinding my Amagi ...

    Buy the accuracy mod. It make a lot of difference.
  14. Amagi Help

  15. FANTASTIC! Only mature adults know better than to place unnecessary limits on the options. Yeah. They are both good at what they do. They're both pretty smokin' beautiful too.