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  1. T8 Cleveland is Amazing

    With both AFT and AA gun Mod 2. * I forgot to change the Mogami and Atago mid range. It's much shorter but we all knew they were trash anyway* The only way to make the Cleveland "amazing" is by factoring the mostly useless close range AA guns. And no, the Chapayev ain't that far from the Cleveland that I would consider it a major difference. As for the DF vs Hydro. I would never use Hydro over DF since you have radar on both Chapayev and Baltimore. Torps can be defeated by just playing smartly. A CV strike cannot be defeated without DF.
  2. T8 Cleveland is Amazing

    Cleveland is in most situation, food for cruiser and BB. Can't tank nor can it kite in any way. Sure, it can do quite a bit of damage if everybody ignore you but... That's the case for any ships. I quite frankly saw 1-2 situation where It would be better than a chappy and those require a specific map and enemy team composition. The AA is nothing to talk about. Not mediocre nor amazing. Same level as a chappy. so no reason to change over for that. It's amusing, the utility are suppose to make it a versatile ship and yet, it's a very inflexible ship gameplay wise. Find an island or a smoke buddy. Hope people can dangerously close while never looking at you.
  3. I you were playing anything over T5, you might realise that 20 knots is extremely slow. Even the pre WW2 US BBs which are painfully slow are faster than that... So no, your "fast" submarine is awfully slow.
  4. "Fixed a bug which caused indications on the Minimap to be illegible when zooming in the Minimap; " Could be replace by "removing the 7.2 bigger mini map options" because I'm back to have having unreadable mini map at higher resolution.
  5. That was actually the first thing that I look when the torps refused to launch but showed 30 to 50 ping with no loss every time. Guns had no delay either which is the first thing I see when sudden connection problem arise.
  6. Saw it on 3 different ships. It starts with the torps refusing to launch followed by a misfire once they finally accept the command to fire.
  7. New Midway Changes

    You got 3 squad of them. It's much worse than the squad of 10 from GZ 2. The drop circle is small enough for RNG to be much reduce than other nation DBs. Quite frankly, I feel like you haven't really played or seen much of both GZ current build.
  8. New Midway Changes

    I'm fairly sure he is talking about the Graf Zeppelin which has those monstrous AP BOMB which can one shot BB and cruisers without too much problem. At T8. V12 had way too much fun deleting Neptune yesterday with those and since I have seen them delete Minotaur with just a couple of plane lost, yeah...