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  1. KeDoG3

    Update 0.8.1 - Feedback and Performance

    IMO the Alaska is right were it should be. I have heard of people complaining about it either being too weak or too strong but I can say that it is balanced. It is vulnerable to the heavy fires and flooding of BBs, yet offers enough health so that you dont die from a couple of fires. It is most vulnerable to air attacks, the way it should be as if you are wise with your positioning you can tank most fire from all but the top tier BBs. The dispersion is what you would expect from a battlecruiser, not to terrible like some BBs but not god like CA dispersion. The shell velocity and the gun caliber allows you to punish unwise ships, and the reload is what it should be, not too long like a BB but not short like the smaller caliber CAs. For once I can actually say that WG hit the nail on the head with this ship. The final product is one WG should be proud of. The only thing I will criticize is how the Alaska was suppose to be FXP only but now it is in the premium shop a day later. It drastically downplays the value of the FXP and sadly overpopulates the servers with Alaska frenzied players who didnt put their time in to build up FXP but rather just brought out a CC and bought it. If it was going to be put in the store anyway then what is the point of having it from FXP. Just makes it less special of a ship then
  2. KeDoG3

    The New CVs Need a Buff :)

    Until you get to T10 you are always rolling the dice on how well you can play against other.s in T10 battles. I can barely pull 30k because of the heavy amount of AA. T8/9 I can do 70k. T7 I can do 100k on average. WG has screwed up the lower Tier CVs by dramatically upteiring them. The disparity with +2 -2 aircraft/AA is incredible. CVs need to be +1/-1 only. Enough of the +2/-2 bullcrap.
  3. KeDoG3 Patch Seems to Work!

    Was in a T7 game with the Lex and while it was a good game stats wise I did take note of a few things 1. Downtiered CV are still OP. CVs need to stick to have +1 games only. I was tearing apart the T6s and T7s. While the T7s handled better it was easy to see they were outmatch by a T8 CV. 2. The changes in AA were a good nerf. I still lost aircraft but not losing a whole squadron before I attacked level. Poor attack decisions cost me aircraft but nothing were I was relegated to sitting and watching only while my aircraft got replenished. 3. Rockets are beyond OP on lower tiered ships. On my first attack run in attack aircraft I took 15k from a Ranger with 15 hits in my first attack run! I know I would have been pissed if I was on the receiving end. I could have killed off their T6 CV in the opening minutes of the game at that rate if the Ranger wasnt being protected by the AA from the Lexington. 4. At least in my case I still cannot see my AA range of any of my AA on any ship when I am in port. I had this problem in the last patch as well. This terribly affects with being able to plan out my distance to avoid AA an plan attack runs. In a game with pressing "H" my CV AA range doesnt pop up in the info menu, it does with my bbs, cas, and dds but I should have to take them all in the game in order to see their AA range
  4. KeDoG3

    Update Hotfix

    Let's just thank the Hak players for royally screwing every other CV player that doesnt use the Hak in their games. No other CV had stealth torps, no other CV has as quick or nimble aircraft, no other CV has OP torps, that lined up in a second like the Hak, no other CV had any of the majorly broken perks the Hak had (dd strong torps, AP bombs) and because of the patch are now terrible stupid to play because 1) your aircraft no matter how fast or "nimble" wont get through the flak of other ships 2) after attacking you dont have your squad anymore nor will have it for the rest of the game, 3)even the Midway wont be able to replace the aircraft you lost after they finished attacking. And this is on just the T10 level. It is far more royally messed up for lower tiers, especially the ones up-tiered in a fight. Maybe instead of screwing over all the CV players you just fix the one broken ship you messed up.
  5. I completed the entire Fly Strike Win Event last Friday but today I noticed that my entire Event status has been reset and I was going back to Stage 1 again. All the objectives were reopened and I can get the rewards again also. I did not lose anything I already received for finishing it the first time, except for losing access to hall of fame and my ranking in that.
  6. KeDoG3

    Post CV first impressions here.

    Rockets, wildly inaccurate, only really reliable damage output if you dont lose aircraft first, bombs impossible to line up and slow so AA kills you off, torps, inaccurate, slow, and tremendously low chance of flooding with terrible damage. Aircraft are slow outside the rockets, sitting ducks to AA. Yet you buffed the AA because the cry babies couldnt handle playing a team work game and were getting killed off when they went solo warrior mode. The Free XP I got from my CV line is not worth it and really should be more compensation for the amount of screw up WG did with this rework. Absolutely disgracefully.
  7. Well a bigger problem is the game is more affected by team play rather than individual play so win-rate really means nothing if you keep on ending up in games where your teammates make bad decisions. You have to look at both their individual states and their win rate. If their win-rate is below 50 but they have a high destruction ratio and and damage ratio they are helping out the team still and they are just feeling the sting of a non skill based MM. Now if they are for instance putting up 40-50k in a T10 bb with a .4 destruction ratio and a 40% win rate than yeah they arent carrying their weight but a player with a 49% winrate in a ship that is putting out around 120k damage and a destruction rate of .8-.9 is not all that bad of a player they are just getting stuck with bad teammates. You cant just look at one stat to judge how good a player is in such a team heavy no respawn game like WoW
  8. From my understanding accuracy doesnt play a role in AA like it should. When within range it just randomizes the constant damage among different aircraft when within range. Everything else has a hit chance but with AA it is 100% accurate. For instance you have a 7 fighter squad that squad with each aircraft having 1500hp is always taking the damage in the damage range but the damage is being applied at a different rate to each aircraft so among that squad 2 could be full hp, 3 could be around 60-70% hp and 2 could be 10% hp. This is a poor way of applying the damage because no weapon has 100% accuracy. A for better management would be to have a 50% chance hit rate whenever an AA point is fired. In historical context 50% hit rate is very high but much more balanced than the 100% constant damage you receive now. This would mean that Aircraft would need lower HP by removing 30% of the current HP of every aircraft you would get a fairly balanced approach of AA that doesnt leave it useless nor creates an impenetrable bubble of gunfire.
  9. KeDoG3

    Thoughts on the Asashio

    Beyond OP the quick torp reload and stealth torp is major [edited] on this ship. The only other lines with quick reload really only have it because they only get of 6 torps at a time with the asashio you get off 8 alone.It is not easy to dodge torps like you say when that ship has 1km distance detection torps. You nee hydro to be able to detect those and no BB has wide enough hydro to dodge any
  10. Honestly The CV rework will make CVs worse. The amount of ships with high AA ratings and defensive fire is absurd. You can try and avoid them but if you do you get relegated to only playing your fighters. I cant tell you how many games you end up in where they have their worcester or minos defending anything bigger than a dd and that leaves you with two options go CV sniping or just end the game early and take the penalty. And with the CV rework everyone is switching their CAs to be AA castles that kill you before you even get your attack off. I came from a game where a single Chapev's defensive AA wiped out all of my T8 bombers and torps before they could even drop on a head on direct attack. The only players I have seen complain about CVs are those in BBs or primarily play BBs. Here is what a cv T8/T9 can actually get a decent attack on T8-10 bbs that is not the Montana, Iowa, or NC, German and IJN CAs. That is it. Im no where near the best of CV players but I definitely am not one of the poor CV players. The amount of AA and the upcoming CV rework will only favor the top tier CV players out there and cap the knees of any other CV player out there. Those top tier CV players will just blow through a match either way as it is. What is more needed is MM to be fixed and base who you play overall based on skill. Keep the CV how it is, limit the defensive fire AA effect (only limited to close AA guns not all AA air guns), and remove the stupid strike packages of the IJN CVs already. or at least take away the extra aircraft per squad commander skill for IJN CVs.
  11. KeDoG3

    Last update causes hardware issues???

    Can confirm this happens with Windows 10 too not just a Windows 7 problem. Screen freezes and everything just stops. Have only been getting this for the last week
  12. KeDoG3

    Very low fps and high ping

    Have only started seeing this recently. Only in the last week, and for me it only happens when I am playing CV in a game. I have an Inspiron 15 7559 with 16 GB ram only 2 years old and the spec should easily run this game and have been smoothly up until last week. What I get is lag spike with high fps which in the CV doesnt just lag but freezes the entire screen. No other issue with anything outside of WG with this problem.
  13. KeDoG3

    Getting Chat Suspended for saying GL HF in chat?

    It really has become a thing. I came off a ban for 6 days and then within a day get a six month ban for merely calling out the team for being terrible that game. If that constitutes a chat suspension than I'll see WG in court. I played a full two years before ever being suspended in chat and within two days I get suspended for 6 months. No indication of which game it was as I didnt receive anything until the next time I had logged in after finishing my last game having said nothing. WG owes me a good explanation and point to a specific reason for banning me from chat for 6 months.The chat suspension stuff is getting out of hand. If it is threats fine but minor insults is such an absurd excuse for suspending people from chat.
  14. KeDoG3

    Cannot exit game

    I am unable to exit the game I have tried 4 times to exit the game (World of Warships itself not an active game) and am unable to do so. The ship screen just continues as normal. I even went as far to disconnect from the server and I still cant close the game through the log in screen. The video just freezes and I have to escape using windows button on my laptop. I even tried to close it out through my status bar and that is not working. I had to go to my task manager to force the program to end.