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  1. Gotta wonder. Who mods the mods? Who checks the validity of their actions against member's postings and accounts?

  2. Stone chunkers living in glass ships. Gotta love 'em. :)

  3. Yup, seeing an issue or two now on the horizon... higher the tier the higher cost of taking a hit!

  4. Week 3 of playing. So far in battles it seems to me I win ship to ship conflicts more often by making less mistakes than the other guy.

  5. Quality of character, in my book, will always beat the issue of "game skill".

  6. Finding it pleasing to know there are some in the game that take a good attitude resulting in good altitude. :)

  7. With practice and following the suggestions of the "oldbies" around in the game... I am seeing improvement in my targeting. Thanks all!

  8. Starting to get better at landing shots where I want them. Still learning the ships, guns and combat maps. I like the cruisers but i'm undecided yet as to which type to chain down the full line. May be way early in my game to make that call. I think it is, anyway.

  9. Daily learning to understand the game play better and getting to know the "good guys" around :)

  10. Such vast array of composition of ship hardware, tactics and strategy combo options. Gotta love this game!