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  1. Alright......here's my FRENCH CARRIER GIMMICK.........................drum roll please........................tick tock tick tock.................BOOOOOM!!! How about delayed action bombs AND torpedoes? Player selects the squadron to be launched. A slider appears to set the fuse time from ZERO (contact detonation) to 2 minutes. Then presses again to launch the aircraft with that fuse setting applied. When HIT with a French bomb or torpedo......you either get a contact detonation (regular hit) or a metalic BANG followed by a ticking sound. That should cause some anxiety huh? After the fuse time you get the explosion and resulting damage. Better use your damage control wisely cause you don't know what you gonna get...LOL. At 5 seconds remaining in the game...all ticking "time bomb" ordanance goes off regardless of time remaining. May just save a tight game for your team. Thought I would throw this one out there....now DUCK and COVER for the backlash.
  2. Could do tier 4 but you would have to change the aircraft back to Bi-plane fighters and bombers. I have a hard time thinking about paying real monies for slow planes. Might kill the fun factor. If there were full tiers...then I could see her at tier 5.
  3. Finally Tier X- CLEMENCEAU The ORIGINAL Clemenceau with strait deck. "During the course of World War II designers in unoccupied France continued to work on aircraft carrier projects, though without any real hope of seeing them come to fruition. Their efforts however allowed the French government to approve the construction of a new carrier, to design PA28 in 1947. The ship was similar is size and design to the late-war British carriers but also incorporated the offset flight deck of the pre-war Joffre design and had an exceptionally heavy anti-aircraft battery. Budgetary constraints, however, led to the cancellation of this ship, by then named the Clémenceau, in 1950. Available Aircraft: Attack/Fighter- SUD-EST 580 (proposed design) OR as a stand in.......a navalized Arsenal VB-10..........model already available in World of Warplanes catalogue. Bomber/ Nord 1500 Norclair Another twin engine design for carrier use. Torpedo bomber/ NC1070 (already available in World of Warplanes Catalog). Spotter aircraft/ French S-51(Sikorsky license) Of course I will suggest the 1 million xp JET UPGRADE PACKAGE................. License built De Havilland sea Venom. Was in service after 1950....but should work just fine. That's it for now............GERMAN CV tree next....with planes. Pulling my hair out with that one. I will post the ODD tier French CV's at some point in the future.................Tier 5-Lafayette, Tier 7- "you get to name it"and Tier 9-Arromanches Aircraft.txt
  4. Tier VIII- (tech tree ship)- JOFFRE After the Conseil Supérieur completed yet another series of four studies (PA12 through PA15) an acceptable design (PA16) emerged and funding was authorized to construct two new carriers. The design incorporated a number of unusual features. There was a very long island starboard that incorporated not only the navigation and flying control spaces and the stack but also all the principal armament. To counterbalance it's weight the flight deck was offset to port, which served to eliminate the encroachment of the island on the flight deck and limited narrowing of the hangars. There were two hangars, one above the other. The upper hangar was 521 feet 7 inches long and 68 feet 3 inches wide, the lower was 259 feet 2 inches long and 51 feet 2 inches wide and they were connected to the flight deck by two large elevators. The flight deck carried transverse arresting wire gear but, unlike many of their foreign contemporaries, no catapults were fitted. The Joffre and the Painlevé were ordered from Chantiers de l'Atlantique (Penhoët -Loire) at St Nazaire in 1938. At the outbreak of war the Joffre was about 25 percent complete and the Painlevé only just started. Both hulls were dismantled on the slip after the Fall of France in June 1940. Displacement: 18,000 tons (standard), 20,000 tons (normal)Dimensions: 774'0" (oa) x 80'6" x 21'6" (mean)Flight Deck: 656'2" x 91'10"Machinery: Parsons geared turbines, 8 Indret boilers, 2 shafts, 120,000 shp = 33kntsBunkerage & Range: 7,000NM @ 20knts Aircraft: 40Armament: 4 x twin 5.1"AA, 4 x twin 37mm AA, 6x Quadruple 12.7mm AAComplement: 1,250 Joffre has an offset flight deck and was deisigned with a twin-engined bomber in mind. Note the unique rear elevator. Available aircraft: Attack-Fighter/ Dewoitine 790. (navalized design of the Dewoitine 520 specifically for Joffre and her never-started sister ship Painleve) Bomber (again designed for operations aboard Joffre)/ Bruguet 810 Torpedo bomber/ Latecoere 299 (deck version of the Latecoere 298 float plane) Spotter-scout plane
  5. TIER VI PREMIUM............why not? Commadant Teste Named for Paul Teste, a pioneer French Naval aviator. This ship was supposed to be another carrier with the Bearn. The funds were not there for two carriers so she was constructed as a seaplane tender/carrier hybrid. With the game as it is now I can't see why the hell not it just can't be a carrier WITHOUT a flight deck. Planes will of course be on floats. There has been other threads on this ship as a CV. I say DO IT WARGAMING....it will be unique and probably sell quite well. And besides.....there is (of course) an anime character ready to go. I suppose I will include a supposed drawing of a 1945 supposed conversion of Commadant Teste into a flat deck CV just in case. Aircraft: Attack and fighter/ Dewoitine HD 780 Dive Bomber AND Torpedo Bomber/ Latecoere 298 PREMIUM SHIP...therefore ARMOR PIERCING BOMBS. Spotter-Scout plane/ And just in case there HAS TO BE A FLIGHT DECK: Attack Bomber torpedo
  6. Moving on to Bearn: TIER VI- BEARN Aircraft Available: Attack Fighter/ Grumman G36A (early F4F-3 Wildcat French purchased version) The G-36A also had French instruments (with metric calibration), radio and gunsight. The throttle was modified to conform to French pre-war practice: the throttle lever was moved towards the pilot (i.e. backward) to increase engine power. The armament which was to be fitted in France was six 7.5 mm (.296 in) Darne machine guns (two in the fuselage and four in the wings). Dive Bomber/ Loire-Neuiport 410----------upgrades to Vought V-156-F (Vindicator French purchased version) Torpedo bomber/ Lavassuer PL 107 Spotter-Scout aircraft/ Le0_h43 Next is a surprise for a tier 6 PREMIUM!! Aircraft.txt
  7. Being a fan naval aviation forced me to put in the effort to create a COMPLETE tree for the French carrier line. This is what you would get if I were put in charge of developing the tech tree (I'm not). It assumes that the CV rework is complete and they have put in the needed adjustments to AA and spotting (long way to go).After a bit of research i have put together a tech tree for French carriers.It was NOT EASY since most of what you see here was on paper and only BEARN was completed. Joffre had its keel laid and then was scrapped. I will start with EVEN TIERS in my first post since that seems to be the norm right now. I do believe FRENCH carriers would be a positive addition. I have tuned in as much HISTORICAL ACCURACY as possible here...planes match the carriers and the time frame referenced as much as possible. I have also thought about what "GIMMICK" the French carriers could have since WG loves gimmicks. I will post my idea in a subsequent post. No...it does NOT have to do with planes that fly backwards....carriers that have speed boost in reverse nor auto-scuttle themselves. HERE WE GO............ TIER IV (tech tree ship) TOURVILLE In 1936 the Conseil Supérieur emphasized the need for carriers and put forward the idea of converting France's first Washington Treaty heavy cruisers the Duquesne and the Tourville, into carriers. Two studies retained one 8-inch gun turret and the other eliminated the main battery entirely. The displacement would rise to 12,000 tons standard and the ships could carry twelve to fourteen aircraft. This idea was dropped in favour of new construction. Well here is Tourville converted to a carrier without the 8 inch guns. I let Duquesne sit this one out just in case of a French cruiser line split or whatever in the future. Aircraft Available: Attack and Fighter/ Bleriot-Spad 510 (navalized) This aircraft model is already in the World of Warplanes inventory. Performance is similar to the Gloster Sea Gladiator. It would of course need a tailhook added. DIVE BOMBER: Curtiss SBC-4 Helldiver (Lend-Lease) Another model already in the game. The French carrier Bearn was transporting 30 or more of these to France (Brand new from the USA) when France fell to the Germans. These planes were offloaded on the island of Martinique in the Caribbean. There they sat out the war in a field and were eventually scrapped. Here they actually make it to France and are put into use aboard TOURVILLE. Torpedo Bomber/ Lavassuer PL 101 Scout/Spotter aircraft/ Loire 210 I will post the Tier 6 shortly. (yes...its Bearn!)
  8. I'm also in agreement that the AA needs to become more player vs player. My idea would be similar to the old Battle Stations Midway concept where your AA was manual when you right-clicked into free look mode. You had a reticle that the bursts would generally be aimed at and would explode in a "box barrage" area. In wows this box could be tightened by use of the firing training skills. You could not (if I remember correctly) use dual purpose guns (DD or secondaries) at the same time as Wows allows (silly as heck). If a person did not use manual AA...you still had an automatic system that kicked in but wasn't nearly as accurate as we have it now. The AA worked just fine and was quite the rush during air attacks. It allowed a sense of balance to exist between the aircraft player and the AA defending ship....skill was the determining factor. Not some roll of the dice. So agreed. Favorite scout plane:
  9. Anyone in WISCO from Northern Wisconsin?
  10. My idea to maybe tone down the hatred of CV's and bring back destroyers in better numbers: ELIMINATE the direct spotting of ships by aircraft. Add a limited consumable to EXISTING squadrons called "position report".....limited like the fighter consumable is. When activated any enemy ship will appear with its type symbol in the MINIMAP only. It would last for say 20 seconds and the ships therefore "spotted" cannot be fired at....its just for intel purposes only. This would allow limited spotting for brief periods of ships in visual range of the attack,bomber or torp squadron. Much like the lead pilot "reporting via radio" back to the carrier. I would SECONDLY add a SCOUT plane squadron.....(ONE aircraft...limited regeneration) that the carrier could LAUNCH in LIEU of and attack squadron and go "spy" or scout on the enemy.....again a limited spotting consumable (called scout report and with a morse code sound) with better spotting range would give DIRECT spotting to the players team and allow the enemy ship to be fired at....similar to the way spotting is now. It would be a 30 second consumable. Of course your spotter plane cannot attack and is vulnerable to fighters and AA so would need to be used carefully. You also are not launching offensive strikes during use of your scout plane so that will have to be considered if its in the team's best interest. Its just an idea...lets discuss it.
  11. The_Hutt

    Playing against CV's just feels awful.

    well...beats the solution of having all the BB's and cruisers pummel you while I put my planes over your head or drop fighters on your position. Your choice. Cause thats exactly what Im going to do to your DD right now with existing game. I can't count on my attack planes anymore with those crap bottle rockets stapped under my wings.
  12. The_Hutt

    Playing against CV's just feels awful.

    Yes...it would be UNFAIR...not unfortunate. Without any method of concealment my CV would be useless very quickly. I don't have much defense therefore to defend myself I have to launch aircraft. But that would make me more defenseless. Seems your "idea" is more of a "I hate CV's no matter what" statement... A better solution is to remove direct spotting by aircraft and only what they "see" is what you see indirectly in minimap only. Doesn't eliminate spotting...just removes the unfair perma-spot and DD pummeling done by friendly ships. I would however advocate a scout plane choice by the CV which can spot directly ANY ship but is vulnerable to AA and must be used VERY carefully. Think about it...its a proposed solution. Oh...and I'm also an ADVOCATE of 1 CV per side per game. I think that would go a long way towards carriers not over influencing any game. And at the same time...get all TIER 8 ships THE HELL OUT of tier 10 matches.There is just no reason for it anymore.
  13. The_Hutt

    Playing against CV's just feels awful.

    Make CV's visible for 20 sec everytime I launch my planes...oh...sure ...just like a big dogwhistle for every enemy DD out there. ......mmmmm....NO.
  14. Agreed...If I were British I would be puzzled and somewhat insulted why the Swordfish is NOT the torpedo bomber. This should be changed on the next patch.
  15. The_Hutt

    French Carriers line?

    I'm currently working on a French Carrier tech tree line. I will try to have it posted in April. It's not easy...there is little info on the net I've found on paper ships. If anyone knows of a website that has some historical info please share.