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  1. The_Hutt

    Submarine Spotting

    Secret Russian-trained carrier dolphins.
  2. Recently came across a new drawing of Sparviero which appears to be a more finalized version.
  3. Sadly Wargaming looks to be releasing Bearn with one aircraft type and just bombers. Bearn at this point looks to be impotent and unable to defend herself. At only 21 kts top speed almost every ship can run her down including a Tier 6 submarine. WAKE UP DEVELOPMENT TEAM. At least give her the attack planes........DEVELOP STRAFING........here is a golden opportunity.
  4. At some point in the near future (when Bearn gets released) I will do an update to my original post. As to the use of other countries planes.....you need to check the history books. Those v-156 bombers on Bearn are actually Vought Vindicators ordered by France. The "Wildcats" you are pointing out are historically accurate as well. France ordered a small batch of them to serve aboard Joffre. When France capitulated the order went to Great Britain. Google an aircraft called the Grumman G-36A.
  5. They has the best airwing on Bearn when it was first announced......Dewoitine P276, Lavessuer 107 torpedo planes and the V-156 dive bombers. Why they are putting skip bombers and ONE type aircraft is beyond me. I guess they did not learn from the Indomable. BORING!!!!!
  6. Saw a turntable video of Bearn....I was wrong! The torpedo bombers are actually the following aircraft:
  7. Happy to see Bearn finally in testing. Looks like the air wing is the following aircraft from the pictures: Vought V-156F (Vindicator) as bomber and Levasseur PL101 as torpedo plane.
  8. Really WG? You want me to buy a Strasbourg and complete a campaign to be awarded a NEW YORK? Customer satisfaction at its finest.
  9. You might be about 10 years to late rolling out this collaboration. You can find these Transformer movies in the clearance bin at Wallymart.
  10. The_Hutt

    Nelson should Have Torpedoes

    The Hood even has her torpedo launch doors modeled in game. Would be an easy addition. I don't think there's much of a balance problem since they are really situational in nature...like Mutsu.
  11. The_Hutt


    Congrats WARGAMING on allowing rental ships run by people who have NO IDEA how to use them to run battles in ranked. I can't think of a better thing to do that will push even MORE people over to the competition.
  12. Alright......here's my FRENCH CARRIER GIMMICK.........................drum roll please........................tick tock tick tock.................BOOOOOM!!! How about delayed action bombs AND torpedoes? Player selects the squadron to be launched. A slider appears to set the fuse time from ZERO (contact detonation) to 2 minutes. Then presses again to launch the aircraft with that fuse setting applied. When HIT with a French bomb or torpedo......you either get a contact detonation (regular hit) or a metalic BANG followed by a ticking sound. That should cause some anxiety huh? After the fuse time you get the explosion and resulting damage. Better use your damage control wisely cause you don't know what you gonna get...LOL. At 5 seconds remaining in the game...all ticking "time bomb" ordanance goes off regardless of time remaining. May just save a tight game for your team. Thought I would throw this one out there....now DUCK and COVER for the backlash.
  13. Could do tier 4 but you would have to change the aircraft back to Bi-plane fighters and bombers. I have a hard time thinking about paying real monies for slow planes. Might kill the fun factor. If there were full tiers...then I could see her at tier 5.
  14. Finally Tier X- CLEMENCEAU The ORIGINAL Clemenceau with strait deck. "During the course of World War II designers in unoccupied France continued to work on aircraft carrier projects, though without any real hope of seeing them come to fruition. Their efforts however allowed the French government to approve the construction of a new carrier, to design PA28 in 1947. The ship was similar is size and design to the late-war British carriers but also incorporated the offset flight deck of the pre-war Joffre design and had an exceptionally heavy anti-aircraft battery. Budgetary constraints, however, led to the cancellation of this ship, by then named the Clémenceau, in 1950. Available Aircraft: Attack/Fighter- SUD-EST 580 (proposed design) OR as a stand in.......a navalized Arsenal VB-10..........model already available in World of Warplanes catalogue. Bomber/ Nord 1500 Norclair Another twin engine design for carrier use. Torpedo bomber/ NC1070 (already available in World of Warplanes Catalog). Spotter aircraft/ French S-51(Sikorsky license) Of course I will suggest the 1 million xp JET UPGRADE PACKAGE................. License built De Havilland sea Venom. Was in service after 1950....but should work just fine. That's it for now............GERMAN CV tree next....with planes. Pulling my hair out with that one. I will post the ODD tier French CV's at some point in the future.................Tier 5-Lafayette, Tier 7- "you get to name it"and Tier 9-Arromanches Aircraft.txt