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  1. Same here.......have not seen anything about mission 2 completion at all. Seems to be a bug. Only the mission 3 rewards (supercontainers) seems to be working. Good thing that one is or there would be a mutiny!
  2. Looks like she's been pulled back as of 1700 Central time in the USA.....not seeing Crap Zeppelin listed in the premium shop or on the login headline: Graf Zeppelin Strikes Out.
  3. Played both the PT server and have nearly finished the first mission on the live server for Yamamoto. In general I think this is a SPECTACULAR idea. It is very educational about naval history without being TMI (to much info). I am a bit disappointed on how this is being presented however. First off.......these talents of Admiral Yamamoto seem to be a break from the Dunkirk/Segal lead in. Fireworks and Kraken power ups? Red tracers? Please tell me this is not turning into Pokemon!! Its just showboating displays in my opinion. Give Admiral Yamamoto some respect. His talents should be something like 5% extra concealment, 10% extra spotting range and/or faster torpedo reload. Historically realistic and not excessive...This is about history right? You can bet i will turn my guns on the first ship who shoots fireworks and red is in the interest of winning for my team. Admiral Yamamoto gets a "kick me" sign over his bow for his so called "talents". Second thought.......where did the containers go? The Dunkirk missions had daily containers and the Bismarck mission containers came with the completion of the missions. Getting a container was an EXCITING and MOTIVATING prize to complete the process. Its human nature. Now you have to wait 2 months to get a container and start collecting? (insert Verruca Salt tantrum here) Do you not think the interest in the campaign will fade away by then....with British BB's, Graf Zepplins and Nelsons to occupy our limited playing time? I don't think this is a good path to go down for future special commanders. Dunkirk was a great in...had FUN learning....played and had even more FUN...earned the prizes and got DONE...moved on. Third thought....where are these Special Yamamoto containers for the premium shop? Soon? Next month? Never perhaps. Some of us would like to get started on the collectables. Its good for me...and good for you...($ALE$). Just my two cents. So much potential here for a real winner.