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  1. Need activity

    PIZZA clan has an upcoming opening. We are a team oriented clan made up of mostly mature (30+) professionals who play actively together. We DO participate faithfully in clan battles and having discord is a MUST. We also politely remind our members to conduct themselves with dignity and represent our clan in a positive way at all times. We have several players who are veterans and I myself come from a Navy family. My father was a Naval Aviator who flew combat in Vietnam...my game name is a tribute to his squadron. Take a look and drop in an application. I will review it personally....Champ
  2. USS Lexington CV 2 Found

    The thing that is most exciting is the condition of the aircraft....there is NO surviving example of the TBD Devastator torpedo bomber on display. I'm sure the Museum of Naval Aviation is in full gear right now about getting these aircraft recovered. There are 7 Devastators, three SBD Dauntless dive bombers and a single F4F Wildcat on the ocean bottom.Very exciting news if you have an interest in warplanes and restoration.
  3. Looking For Clan With Communication Skills

    Drop me a PM later tonight....after 8 central. I have two slots open in PIZZA. You can join on a trail basis...play some clan battles this week and see if you like it. We are all average and better players and nobody is under 20 years old. There is almost always someone on to division with/chat with. I believe a few guys are into the Anime. We do NOT want to be considered an "Elite clan" however. We like to win and compete but your membership is not contingent on being an "Elite". Thanks...Champ
  4. I have ONE opening at PIZZA.....of 40. Discord is required to play clan battles and you WILL play. We never miss a session. Most of our players are average and above and most like to play daily. Might be a good fit if you are looking for an active clan. Our base is fully built with all benefits for qualified players. I will personally review your application. Saluto!! Oh yeah...you have to like PIZZA to join......who doesn't?
  5. Looking for new clan

    Put in an application at PIZZA. We specifically require the experience you have along with discord. We also run 2 teams for clan battles and rotate players so everyone plays. We are competitive and you will always find people to division with during the non CB times. Really a good bunch here.......no kiddies on daddy's computer. I will personally review your application tonight.
  6. Looking for a Clan

    You meet our minimum requirements at PIZZA clan. We have JUST ONE slot open. I will personally review your application tonight if you submit one. Champ.
  7. I agree the name Napoleon is a good fit....as well as Louis XIV. Good choices! A few more that are historically usable: Glorie, Couronne (crown) and Devastation. Now THERE'S a name for a tier 10!! Devastation was a French ironclad of the 19th century. So many really great names for French ships............just not FRANCE please.........bleh!
  8. This is my petition of Wargaming to please change the name of the Battleship "FRANCE" to something more interesting and historically appropriate. Please do this before the release......I think "France" is a bit generic and does not inspire the excitement for a tier 10. Perhaps you could have done a contest much like your Normandie camo contest which was quite a success. My suggestions for names: Joan of Arc or Charlemagne. Just my two cents.....
  9. Definite improvement. If the Chinese writing(inappropriate for an Italian ship) and the black diamonds go away in a mod......then I'm a buyer.
  10. I had to vote no....however my father was an A-4 Skyhawk pilot who served in Vietnam off the USS Ticonderoga. I draw my game name from his squadron. Thanks dad for your service. image099.jpg.crdownload
  11. I need a clan

    PIZZA clan needs ONE good player for clan battles. Contact Punisher666 at PIZZA clan who is our recruiter. He is probably online right now. He is also from the UK.....THANKS..champ
  12. PIZZA clan recruiting hungry players.

    But the little guy makes terrible (but cheap) PIZZA!
  13. New clan dedicated to players who love Italian ships,food and of course the ladies! Mortale.......delizioso and bellissimo!!The La Spezia Yacht Club is looking for ACTIVE players who are aggressive fighters (Gladiatore) and need clan benefits (Naval Port discounts) without the fuss. Players of all tiers, nations, tech trees and skill levels welcome. You do NOT need team speak and if you want to play solo that is NOT frowned at. This is a CASUAL clan,,,,period. We will be awaiting the Guilio Cesare, Roma and of course the handsome ship tech trees of the Regina Marina. Drop me a message or apply directly to [PIZZA] under the clan search and application tabs. Saluto!!
  14. Same here.......have not seen anything about mission 2 completion at all. Seems to be a bug. Only the mission 3 rewards (supercontainers) seems to be working. Good thing that one is or there would be a mutiny!
  15. I regret buying the Graf Zeppelin CV

    Looks like she's been pulled back as of 1700 Central time in the USA.....not seeing Crap Zeppelin listed in the premium shop or on the login news....new headline: Graf Zeppelin Strikes Out.