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  1. I had to vote no....however my father was an A-4 Skyhawk pilot who served in Vietnam off the USS Ticonderoga. I draw my game name from his squadron. Thanks dad for your service. image099.jpg.crdownload
  2. I need a clan

    PIZZA clan needs ONE good player for clan battles. Contact Punisher666 at PIZZA clan who is our recruiter. He is probably online right now. He is also from the UK.....THANKS..champ
  3. But the little guy makes terrible (but cheap) PIZZA!
  4. New clan dedicated to players who love Italian ships,food and of course the ladies! Mortale.......delizioso and bellissimo!!The La Spezia Yacht Club is looking for ACTIVE players who are aggressive fighters (Gladiatore) and need clan benefits (Naval Port discounts) without the fuss. Players of all tiers, nations, tech trees and skill levels welcome. You do NOT need team speak and if you want to play solo that is NOT frowned at. This is a CASUAL clan,,,,period. We will be awaiting the Guilio Cesare, Roma and of course the handsome ship tech trees of the Regina Marina. Drop me a message or apply directly to [PIZZA] under the clan search and application tabs. Saluto!!
  5. Same here.......have not seen anything about mission 2 completion at all. Seems to be a bug. Only the mission 3 rewards (supercontainers) seems to be working. Good thing that one is or there would be a mutiny!
  6. Looks like she's been pulled back as of 1700 Central time in the USA.....not seeing Crap Zeppelin listed in the premium shop or on the login news....new headline: Graf Zeppelin Strikes Out.