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  1. Aww man and here I was hoping it was a salty NC driver that report me a fellow division mate for playing our Belfasts to our strengths last night as he yoloed right for our smoke and then complained about us chaining our smokes and burning him to the ground.
  2. I wouldn't even try to explain to this person what they are doing. They seem to think that by chilling in the low brackets of ranked and not progressing past 10 in a season means they are good cause stats say they are. Choosing to be that one person will almost always result in a loose past said person stopping point.
  3. Lol, you are no where near 75% WR. But hey thanks for blocking me. Saves me from having to block you. Maybe you need to research your own stats before making yourself look stupid.
  4. And that is why your stuck in the 10-6 bracket. You refuse to work as a team and then wonder why you cannot progress further up the line. Clearly communicating a strategy before the timer reaches zero and following that nets more wins than losses. Most of the time you have someone on your team that is better than you. Listen to what they say about focusing targets and not pushing if you have the lead and you will win most of the time. It's people with your mentality that think I will do what I want to and end up becoming dead weight to the team cause your dead from enemy lemming in the first 5 min. of the game. And your comment about only bads is just flat out stupid. 7 people working together instead of 6 perform better than your solo tactics ever will. If I ever met you in rank you would be food for my Warspite/Arizona/Cleveland or any other ship I choose to play. Picking off a solo warrior is ten times easier than someone who sticks with his/her team.
  5. Then you need to stay the hell out of ranked. Looking at your profile I can see you have been which is good. 90% of the player with your mentality get destroyed before caps are even finished. Seen it happen multiple times last night with the best quote being "I'm going to scout the opposite cap. I am not suiciding and my ship is fast and I burn things". 32 seconds later he is a devastating strike for the enemy Arizona. Best at part of this whole comment is I am here to have fun. So getting blown up 5 mins into a battle and losing almost 60% of the time is fun?
  6. So far this has been my experience in ranked battles. Hell just last night both of my teams DDs chased down ONE BB while both of their DDs rushed us as a team. In my Arizona I was forced to hunt down the enemy DDs. Then our DDs decided to chime in (after getting killed by the BB they were chasing) that I was the problem by getting the two DDs who were picking the team apart with constant torp launches. Needless to say they were carried to a victory neither one deserved. This is the problem with ranked period. People are at ranks they have no skill to be at. The 10-6 bracket is full of potatoes that have been carried there by better playing teammates and when they do die it's everyone else's fault. I could have swore I had Issm on my team last night when those DDs did that.
  7. Because WG doesn't apply requirements to ranked battles. They proudly tout about how ranked is a way to show off how good you are at the game. Apparently it's in the very fine print about also showing off how good you can be carried too.
  8. Some of the players I have encountered today are the crown princesses of the terrible triathlon. Worst part is before the match even starts you lay out a plan and I swear these people just think, nope screw that. I am just going to do my own thing and then blame my team for not carrying me to victory. Point in case I present to you the top contender. This kid has no other ranked battles but this season. 213 battles in DDs and cruisers. Hardly any contribution to his team in winning and yet he is rank 10. These people are why ranked is so salty.
  9. This weekend has been terrible. Ranked is worst I have seen it in a few season with people being carried up to the higher leagues. BBs that think they are to high and mighty to kill DDs. CAs not using cover but yoloing in. DDs who "flank the enemy team" only to sit in the enemy spawn for 90% of the match and not contribute anything. Just had a game where it was 4 DDs and 3 BBs. I told our BBs to focus the DDs first. NopeOur own DDs and BBs were padding their damage meters on the BBs and then bitched as to why we lost.
  10. Pretty much just had this player in my ranked game. Keep in mind we won but this is the problem with ranked more than anything when people like this can fail their way into the upper portions and have zero skill to back it up. Player campped the G and H line the entire game then bragged in chat like he did something great. Player had zero kills and took a total of 2K damage. half of that from him ramming a ship and being pin already.
  11. Player Panels by Autospy are not working. Will not allow you to load into the game.
  12. Only after the modules here. Already have the Kami R and Fujin so even though that camo is cool, I am not bothering with it. I need those speed boost mods for my speedy DDs.
  13. I can see where this post would have stats in play. But this person chose to have them private and is voicing an opinion. Nothing wrong with that and everyone is entitled to one.
  14. double posted.
  15. 295 myself. Hoping to finish the XP part tonight. On a side though, wife wants to kill me since I spend close to 40 hours in game since this event launched.