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  1. And what’s your excuse for having nothing ever played below T4 and the fact that a good chunk of your games comes from premiums? Must have opened your wallet wide enough to skip some ships there too but ignore that fact while calling someone out about the same thing you did? Hyprocrit speaking there much? the Conq is fine and has glaring weaknesses. Less heals, longer CD on those heals. Very delicate AA and less damage compared to every other T10 except the Kurfurst. Less pen on AP at longer ranges. No float plane for spotting or scattering TB and DB.
  2. Midway is blatantly OP. Look I can make statements too about ship I have never played. Conq has weakness that that as a CV main you should have zero problem with them. If you cannot in your CV then your playing that Midway wrong.
  3. Allow me to bold the right part for you. Any ship in the right hands can be OP. There is a reason WG has to wait months for stats to level out. Good players are going to punish poor players and in a new line it will only make a ship look OP. Let the average players get her and give it a few months and see how she looks then.
  4. Watched the video and seen a Monty make a mistake a paid for it. How many times can a ship be called OP before people realize the ship isn’t the problem. It’s the people driving the ships your facing. If player make it T10 and make mistakes like the Monty and then complain “xxx is OP” then maybe coop is calling you back.
  5. Another Failmu video complaining about a ship doing HE damage that can be repaired by most ships it faces. Nothing to see here. Moving along.
  6. The problem with the Conq isn’t the ship but the players that face it. Sure it can do a lot of damage but how much of that is fire damage? Fire damage can be repaired so what are you really doing? The Conq has no spotter plane so it can’t scatter TB and DB from CVs. It’s AA while decent is very delicate. It has a large turning radius. One less heal and takes longer to come off of CD. The HE shells are the national flavor of the entire line. I said it once before and will continue to say it, people need to learn to adjust their play styles to combat it. As a community, we all got used to seeing a BB and thinking it only fires AP. God forbid something comes along and messes with our minds like that and force people to improve their play style. How dare WG release a ship that can actually do damage to the potatoes now camping in their Yamato’s.
  7. Been like this for a few week now. Something to get used to. Sometimes MM favors you and other times not.
  8. Because you didn't earn 1k base experience. Look at the team score. That is your base experience.
  9. But I loved this weekend besides carrying a few games. Best carry besides this one was in my Conq against a three Khab division.
  10. Funny enough he has a who 14 battles at T4. Yeah still kicking around in the protect MM. I smell a troll with this one though.
  11. No then it would be nerf the cruisers from shooting me cause HE is to OP now. And RN cruisers; pfft just need to remove them from the line up period cause those little AP spammers scratch the DDs paint scheme way harder than any other AP.
  12. Just because I don't live my life posting on the forums doesn't mean I don't know what I am also talking about. Rewatch any of those videos and you will see that any DD that angles slightly will get wrecked by AP because of fuse times. If you angle 10 degrees to me that means my shell is going to do more damage because it has more armor to go through. Why do you think all those player you just mentioned will tell you the same thing; it is always better to go full broadside in to a BB in a DD because you will eat less damage. You would think with your forum time you have YouTube time to figure this out also but in case not then glad I could inform you.
  13. I think you need to also watch some of Flamu games on twitch. This is same person that will delete a DD for charging him and then state there is no problem since he was charging him and the AP went the full length of his ship (like in his recent on about AP being too good on DDs). It's nothing but views to him and money in his pockets. From that stand point, it's a shame that someone like him with such a huge following in this game doesn't explain why the DDs eat full AP damage and instead kicks up drama for it because reasons and click bait.
  14. You might want to watch that video again and pay closer attention to what that shima did to eat all that AP damage. Because he started turning his ship he cause the shell to travel the entire length of the ship. If he would have stayed broadside then it wouldn't have taken so much health. The DD made a mistake but is Flamu going to highlight this? No he is going to point out something that 85% of his followers wouldn't have noticed. Flamu does this tactic throughout the video and in other ones too because drama. You click on his video and watch it and get mad cause you don't see the turn either. But you just gave him money for watching that video and are feeding the drama by reacting to something that isn't a huge deal.
  15. So, after reading the forums and watching the drama unfold over RN BBs and AP vs DD I feel like we as a community need a realization here. I honestly think players need to stop pointing fingers at specific ships for them underperforming and start accepting the fact that maybe they're the only common problem in why their performance isn't where they want it to be. Take me for example. I know I suck at CVs. Sure I might try them out once in a blue moon and it never fails I hit nothing but the AS specced CVs. I might [edited] about it but I shelf CV play and play something I am good at. So many players that are below average in a specific ship go to the forums and complain "omg xxxxx is OP. It just one shot me". They never give a replay, or even state the specifics that they over extended, got radared, hydro, etc. Once that posts hits all the forumnites are quick to the special snowflakes defense because they saw it in a video out performing in a unicums hands. Look at the CQ that Flamu called the Mega Zao. He played 23 games before posting that video, took his best game and made a video stating it was OP. All the sheep are following the shepherd and pilling on the bandwagon with OMG it really is OP. AP damage vs DDs. Flamu does it again. Post a video of him catching DDs making mistakes, and turning away from his shots. wth??? Of course a shell traveling the length of the ship is going to be a full pen. I see no problem that is going to warrant the nerf that is about to come from it. The complaints about smoke have been heard and that is going to be nerfed. Sure you won't have BBs or even heavy cruisers sitting in smoke anymore. What your going to have is stagnate game play of long range sniping BBs and cruisers who are going to do them same. We have already seen the are BBs killing this game. What do you think is about to happen with all the changes coming? More players are going to switch to BBs because it will soon be the best way to deal damage. Love it, hate it, I don't care but that is my rant in a nutshell.