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  1. Because you didn't earn 1k base experience. Look at the team score. That is your base experience.
  2. But I loved this weekend besides carrying a few games. Best carry besides this one was in my Conq against a three Khab division.
  3. Funny enough he has a who 14 battles at T4. Yeah still kicking around in the protect MM. I smell a troll with this one though.
  4. No then it would be nerf the cruisers from shooting me cause HE is to OP now. And RN cruisers; pfft just need to remove them from the line up period cause those little AP spammers scratch the DDs paint scheme way harder than any other AP.
  5. Just because I don't live my life posting on the forums doesn't mean I don't know what I am also talking about. Rewatch any of those videos and you will see that any DD that angles slightly will get wrecked by AP because of fuse times. If you angle 10 degrees to me that means my shell is going to do more damage because it has more armor to go through. Why do you think all those player you just mentioned will tell you the same thing; it is always better to go full broadside in to a BB in a DD because you will eat less damage. You would think with your forum time you have YouTube time to figure this out also but in case not then glad I could inform you.
  6. I think you need to also watch some of Flamu games on twitch. This is same person that will delete a DD for charging him and then state there is no problem since he was charging him and the AP went the full length of his ship (like in his recent on about AP being too good on DDs). It's nothing but views to him and money in his pockets. From that stand point, it's a shame that someone like him with such a huge following in this game doesn't explain why the DDs eat full AP damage and instead kicks up drama for it because reasons and click bait.
  7. You might want to watch that video again and pay closer attention to what that shima did to eat all that AP damage. Because he started turning his ship he cause the shell to travel the entire length of the ship. If he would have stayed broadside then it wouldn't have taken so much health. The DD made a mistake but is Flamu going to highlight this? No he is going to point out something that 85% of his followers wouldn't have noticed. Flamu does this tactic throughout the video and in other ones too because drama. You click on his video and watch it and get mad cause you don't see the turn either. But you just gave him money for watching that video and are feeding the drama by reacting to something that isn't a huge deal.
  8. So, after reading the forums and watching the drama unfold over RN BBs and AP vs DD I feel like we as a community need a realization here. I honestly think players need to stop pointing fingers at specific ships for them underperforming and start accepting the fact that maybe they're the only common problem in why their performance isn't where they want it to be. Take me for example. I know I suck at CVs. Sure I might try them out once in a blue moon and it never fails I hit nothing but the AS specced CVs. I might [edited] about it but I shelf CV play and play something I am good at. So many players that are below average in a specific ship go to the forums and complain "omg xxxxx is OP. It just one shot me". They never give a replay, or even state the specifics that they over extended, got radared, hydro, etc. Once that posts hits all the forumnites are quick to the special snowflakes defense because they saw it in a video out performing in a unicums hands. Look at the CQ that Flamu called the Mega Zao. He played 23 games before posting that video, took his best game and made a video stating it was OP. All the sheep are following the shepherd and pilling on the bandwagon with OMG it really is OP. AP damage vs DDs. Flamu does it again. Post a video of him catching DDs making mistakes, and turning away from his shots. wth??? Of course a shell traveling the length of the ship is going to be a full pen. I see no problem that is going to warrant the nerf that is about to come from it. The complaints about smoke have been heard and that is going to be nerfed. Sure you won't have BBs or even heavy cruisers sitting in smoke anymore. What your going to have is stagnate game play of long range sniping BBs and cruisers who are going to do them same. We have already seen the are BBs killing this game. What do you think is about to happen with all the changes coming? More players are going to switch to BBs because it will soon be the best way to deal damage. Love it, hate it, I don't care but that is my rant in a nutshell.
  9. Because players see and BB and think it should on fire one type of ammo. We got so complacent with BBs being AP only that when we got a new line that threw a kink in the chain of that thinking; it's easier to cry wolf and ensure it is never happens again.
  10. +1 again.
  11. Flamu is just another CC that adds fuel to the fire by saying like that because he wants the attention. Calling something OP and posting his best video on it to support his claim gives him views and money. While I don't care for him, he does have some videos that are nice, but as a whole he is just a toxic player who thinks what he says is always true. In that same video does he point out how most of the people he burned away at blew DCP on one fire? Nope. Does he offer any advice on how to properly deal with the fires? Nope. RN BB has weak AP. It's how their BBs where historically. RN BBs have low DPS. The problem is the player base killing one fire and then getting set on fire again. RN BBs reload no faster than any other BB in the game. Monty has a 38% fire chance base. If I shoot 12 shots at you guess what's going to happen? OMG that right a fire or maybe more. Your argument is just saying BBs should never fire HE but just AP. Oh but wait, BBs AP hurts DDs to much too and needs to be nerfed or we need to switch HE for DDs. (Damn went back to BBs using that dreaded HE again) Concealment wise, Monty is also pretty stealthy. 12.3 KM detection vs 11.6. Last time I check even the Monty has better conceal that some cruisers.
  12. Have a +1 for this. The entire player of this game is now in a situation where they must learn to adapt to fires as they are more common. The player base as a whole has been complaining that fire damage is to much and high when all along they refuse to adjust their play style and learn from damage controlling one single fire. Even the Community Contributors add further fuel to the fire with comment like is this OP? The whole point of playing a game is to get better and have fun. There was video that I rewatched recently where the commentator points out a valid argument. When people are playing a game and yoloing to their deaths; someone usually says something to them. The response 90% is I just play this game for fun. Well yeah don't we all but we should also play to get better and dealing with the fire spam now is part of that getting better.
  13. RN BBs in no way, shape, form or anyway you want to image it have cruiser DPS. 30 sec salvos are (according to my most played ship type) BB reload times. And i hate to be the bearer of bad news on this, but RN BBs are by no means invulnerable to damage. Just because they have a super heal doesn't mean it isn't traded off for in the terms of less charges. Also note that the super heal was already nerfed before the line was even released to heal less AP damage. The longer CD on DCP means you bait that player to use it and the burn them down. Those cruisers you play so much have no problem lighting fires when I played them last night. Again, your calling one entire class OP based on your experience going up against them. Sadly those players in the ships are better than you and their play style right now shows your weaknesses. It's the basics of the game. Person A is better than person B, person A will kill person B. Give it more time for the casuals to get into the higher tiers and see where you stand then. And news flash here, it wouldn't matter if its RN HE or HE from a Monty. It's still going to cause fires and break modules.
  14. No actually it doesn't make something OP just because you can't delete them in a single salvo. The RN BBs eat a lot of damage, have one less heal than all other BBs, and the DCP is on a longer CD. So where are they not making any sacarifices so I can make sure to utilize my CQ more effectively? On the teamwork stance, that is where the change from the player base needs to adapt. If people can't learn to play together a team then coop is a click away. If you need a team to WASD slow shells, and kite the slowest BBs in the game then find a division and play that way too.
  15. A Zao full fire build can start as many fires as a RN BB. In my CQ right now I average 10-12 fries a game. My Zao more usually cause faster firing rate. That is why I made the point to state in my first post that people are going cry about RN BBs cause they can't just delete it like a cruiser. Does that make their argument that RN BBs are OP valid? Nope not at all. How do you counter a RN BB then you might ask? This game is a team based game and with that "team" you focus fire and kill it. A RN BB getting spammed by 6+ people will die quickly and never be a huge problem.