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  1. eagle_lance

    Purple clan seal clubbing divisions

    Of course you won't always win but instead of complaining about factors outside of your control, work on things you can control
  2. eagle_lance

    Purple clan seal clubbing divisions

    I can't speak for everyone, but the vast majority of actual purple players find anything below t7 to be absolutely boring. If you are tired of getting beat by purple players, get better yourself and become the purple player.
  3. eagle_lance

    What is wrong with this picture

    Uh yeah that's not too uncommon. It's not exceptional difficult to pull that off in most cv's. AA hasn't mattered since the rework and it especially hasn't mattered since they slashed aa dps about a year or so ago
  4. eagle_lance

    Coal captains

    Cunningham for sure. For thunderer or conq it is super easy to get witherer proc
  5. eagle_lance

    Some observations on DDs and CVs

    Free angles or crossfire out of nowhere
  6. eagle_lance

    Some observations on DDs and CVs

    It's pretty simple why dd's aren't hated and cv's are. A dd can only be in one place on the map for a long period of time while a cv can complete a strike and then be on the other side of map in a few minutes at most. A dd has to risk it's hp pool (for many dd's this is finite) whereas a cv only has to risk planes that do regenerate. A dd gets punished far harder with mistakes (and often will die or lose significant hp) while cv's get off fairly easy if the cv is competent enough to predrop. You can very easily counter/mitigate a dd by simply turning away and not pushing into it while a cv can create free angles and get guaranteed damage. Cv attacks often feel very personal as there's very little you can to do mitigate other then blobbing up. This will cause a cv to take heavier losses but it makes your game miserable as you can do very little but play very passively. I've played quite a few dd games and a reasonable number of cv games both pre and post rework. Before the rework, the first thing I would look for as a dd would be the number of radars on the enemy team. Ever since the rework, I could care less about the number of radars and the first thing I'll look for is whether or not I'm gonna be getting harassed by a cv all game or not.
  7. eagle_lance

    Clan battles just isn't fun anymore.

    We ran it for fun and to test viability for the first day and a half of cb. Sad to say, it's not too viable.
  8. eagle_lance

    Clan battles just isn't fun anymore.

    There's a few major issue with cb right now. Queue times are not too bad right now, but we've encountered extremely long queues up to 10 minutes in the past seasons. Other clans have encountered wait times up to 30 mins or even up to an hour. After 5 mins, similar to random battles, it should just match against the best matched/highest team in queue. Capping the ship, or nation could help reduce mono comps and increase diversity (think stalin wall, kleber spam, etc). Cv spotting is still a huge issue, especially in the higher leagues. The cyclone mechanic helped a bit with the spotting aspect, but it's very rng reliant on whether or not you'll even get a cyclone. Current initial cv spotting pretty much ensures that the better team will always have a huge edge in coordination and strategy. I've played cb regularly since season 3 and have wondered why certain limiting parameters were never put into place.
  9. 70 posts and 31 battles...seems a troll found their way from under a bridge
  10. eagle_lance

    Upcoming Clan Battles what ship(s) to take

    It really depends on what league you will be playing in. You can pretty much run anything at storm/typhoon and below. Most teams will probably play pretty Russian cruiser heavy comps so a hindenburg or goliath could put in some work
  11. The only useful upgrades in the 5th slot are the concealment and rudder shift upgrades. Some of the UUs are useful but beyond very niche builds, you shouldn't mess with the torpedo lookout and ship consumable upgrade
  12. eagle_lance

    Thoughts on CV Changes 9.9

    DD torps have always been subject to rng with the torp spread
  13. eagle_lance

    Dedicated Harugumo Captain Build

    I'd go with pt, pm, ls, ar, bft, de, aft, ifhe if you don't have the uu. If you have the uu I'd go with pm, ar, bft, se, de, aft, ifhe. I would not recommend running ce as you should not be actively hunting dds nor contesting caps in the haru. The haru can only get down to 6.2 concealment, takes full bb ap pens, and turns like a brick. However, it has monstrous levels of dpm that pen 32mm with ifhe. It's closer to a cruiser than a dd and your build should reflect that playstyle.
  14. eagle_lance

    Trying to Raise Stats After Many Years

    Sadly there is no website that shows that last 100 or 1000 battles, only the last 1, 7, and 21 days. Warships today might of had it but that website was discontinued a while ago
  15. eagle_lance

    Trying to Raise Stats After Many Years

    It's definitely not hopeless. Sure it would be nice to get your overall stats up to a high level but imo having high recents is more impressive than overall stats.