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  1. eagle_lance

    PTS Venezia 9.7

    Just attacking the symptom, not the cause
  2. eagle_lance

    PT 0.9.7, balance changes

    1. The def aa change isn't bad, but still isn't a substantial increase. 2. Venezia definitely isn't op, but it was a bit much. Fair enough change. 3. Nerfing the Jutland when the kitakaze is still a monster at t9? The friesland is also a thing and would wipe the floor with the original iteration of Jutland. Would hate to see them fight now. 4. Not a bad change at all. Rockets are probably the most op aspect of carriers (not including spotting) and seeing them take a slight nerf is wonderful news. Before, no matter the angle, those rockets would cause consistent damage with no way to mitigate. Rockets still need something like a damage nerf and maybe decreased handling after an attack run has started, but this is welcome news with hopefully more to come about nerfing cv's.
  3. Agreed, that is a huge issue atm. Virtually all the aa skills don't do their worth. Bft is pretty much the only meaningful aa captain skill. Aft used to be nice for the extra flak puffs, but even that was nerfed.
  4. It's nice to see some reasonable cv player's exist. I don't enjoy playing them personally, but I played them to prove how easy they are. I can't comment too much on upcoming changes, but I would definitely want to see some aa tweaks that move from unreliable flak, to more concrete aa dps buffs and hit ratio buffs. Still, the biggest issue with cv's is the spotting aspect. If that can be fixed and aa can be made meaningful, then the core issue of cv's will be solved.
  5. You mean immunity like never taking damage, being anywhere on the map, and no negative consequences for poor decision making? I'm sure there's not a class like that...
  6. eagle_lance

    Whats the point of AA again?

    People in purple clans got there by figuring out how the game works and figuring out how to counter certain things. Atm you can't counter a properly played cv. I was just using it as an example
  7. Cv players don't want a balanced class. After incremental aa buffs, cv population reached levels that were below rts near patch 8.5. It was clear that the average player would only play cv's if they were broken. So wg decided to basically half aa dps so that anyone could play cv's. Here's the link to a prior thread that goes into way more detail.
  8. eagle_lance

    What's the easiest/zero skill ship to play?

    Definitely cv as a whole. Enterprise, haku, kaga are the easiest ships in the game to play. For bb's its definitely the conqueror and thunderer
  9. eagle_lance

    Whats the point of AA again?

    Except cv's. Cv's are the only ship in the game that can risk nothing and reap all the benefits
  10. eagle_lance

    Whats the point of AA again?

    This is how cv's function. You simply cannot dodge rockets. They go 5 to 6 times faster than any ship and no matter how you dodge, you will take damage unless the cv is unskilled. I'm pretty proficient in cv's myself and know what I'm talking about. AA is completely dependent on a cv player messing up and eating flak on his approach.
  11. eagle_lance

    Whats the point of AA again?

    Easy. I will use the Wooster as an example. While it has low detection, it cannot stealth radar. It also has a short range radar. If you stay at around 8.8-8.9km you can easily know when a Wooster is radaring and leave the radar range. After the radar has concluded, you know that it will be down for about 90s and that he only has a finite number of charges. There you go, radar countered. HE spam is also fairly easy. I will use the Smolensk as an example. It has one of the highest fire starting potentials in the game. However, it struggles doing direct damage as it only pens 21-22mm of armor. So the biggest threat of the Smolensk is fire damage. However, there's a captain skills that can heavily mitigate/nullify a Smolensk. Fire prevention prevents a Smolensk from lighting 2 fires on the midsection of your ship. So, instead of slamming down the r key the second you get on fire, wait until you are able to safely go dark or let the fire burn. After you have a fire lit on the middle section of your ship, it becomes rather difficult for him to get a second fire. Even if he lights a second or 3rd fire, you would still have your damage con. You can easily pop a heal to offset the damage done. A Smolensk also requires spotting and is not immortal. There you go, HE spam has been countered. Cv's do not apply to this. Cv's can self spot, cause direct damage, and can regenerate lost planes without risking their ship. A ship like the Kleber (or any ship without a heal) will eventually die to a cv even if he does everything correctly. Even if the Kleber does everything right and dodges correctly, he will still take unrecoverable damage unless the cv messes up. Hoping that the person you are playing against is bad at the game isn't a counter
  12. eagle_lance

    Whats the point of AA again?

    Good job mis-quoting me and leaving some details out "The cv was guaranteed to get off at least 1 strike, therefore AA is not a proper counter." An ideal scenario which is supposed to stop a strike or at least mitigate the damage would result in a completely negative consequence. Definition of counter-nullify or offset. Since you cannot nullify or offset a cv strike, it is therefore unable to be countered. Here's the definition for counter if you have any trouble with the word:https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/counter
  13. eagle_lance

    Whats the point of AA again?

    I don't think anywhere here can dispute that dd's pre-radar were op. I would consider myself a dd main and I would say that radar is good for the game. It prevents dd's from running wild and limits their carrying potential. RTS cv's were definitely broken but at least they had a semblance of counter-play in the form of fighter control, defensive aa, and working aa skills.
  14. eagle_lance

    Whats the point of AA again?

    Purple clans have all but accepted that cv's will be in clan battles. The next step is balancing them, which in their current form, aren't even close If you adamantly admit on your own that you aren't the best player, then why don't you at least take into consideration that other, better players, have different cv vs. surface ship interactions that show clear imbalances. I didn't mean to steer this conversation towards clan battles either. I was just using an example of how even under optimal conditions, combined aa (full aa halland with def aa and a kremlin with bft) could not stop half a squad of planes. And this scenario wasn't uncommon as have about 100 replays or so that show this interaction over and over where the cv is free to impose his will without repercussions.