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  1. eagle_lance

    Decided to take a peek at Ranked........

    So, if you are attempting to kill the enemy ships and your team dies too fast, that's when you'd save a star. Many people's idea of "playing for the objective" is yoloing in. Save a star assures that good players can avoiding losing progress when they encounter bad teams. Not that complicated
  2. eagle_lance

    Decided to take a peek at Ranked........

    How else do you win? The enemy can't cap if they are dead.
  3. eagle_lance

    Ranked Arms Race: Your Picks?

    Colbert for the fun of it
  4. eagle_lance

    Is this a bad thing?

    To each their own. I used to play a lot of kamikaze r back in 2016/2017. It was my only premium ship for a long time and I never bought premium time, so credits were in short supply. Nowadays, I don't like playing anything below t8. No matter what anyone says, as long as you have fun and aren't playing low tiers specifically to club, go for it.
  5. eagle_lance

    Is Survivability Expert Worth It on a DD?

    Take it on every dd. End of story
  6. eagle_lance

    Purple CLAN TAGS

    It means they are bad players, especially those from the clan in the picture.
  7. The biggest reason people hate cv's is their ability to strike and suffer minmal negative consequences. Before the rework planes were finite and shooting down planes meant the cv would eventually run out. Now if properly managed, you will never run out of planes. Another issue is your ability to focus key players (specifically unicum dd players). The reason why good players are anti-CV is the inability to counter them. Cruisers and bbs can manage most of the time but dds (especially those without a heal) are at the mercy of the opposing cv's skill level.
  8. Monarch- just awful in all regards Hsienyang- c hull benson with 4 guns New Orleans- 0 dpm and squishy Colorado- slow and squishy. Better guns and survivability after buffs but just unfun to play Zara- not so much that it's bad, just in terms of the current mm and meta. Really struggles at bottom tier due to no fires
  9. eagle_lance

    Anyone still playing Kleb?

    Got my 80 games and 140k average before it got nerfed. It's a pretty boring ship to play imo.
  10. eagle_lance


    When can we get premium mm with oil? Not a huge fan that it costs steel right now.
  11. eagle_lance

    Help me improve please?

    So you only have 92 random battles. I'd suggest you shelve your rush to t10 and play at t5 and below for a bit. That way you can learn the speed of random battles. You definitely want to seek out better players to div and learn from. There's multiple discord's dedicated to helping players get better. I'd suggest looking into the adopt discord server or look to people in your own clan to get better.
  12. Smol shouldn't be in the game. Many would be happy if they just removed it and refunded the coal
  13. eagle_lance

    Looking for Players to help gather steel

    If you just formed a clan then you are extremely late to the game. You'd have better luck merging with another clan.
  14. eagle_lance

    Is DD game play really that hard?

    There's a lot of ship misidentification. Is a kleber really a dd? Pretty sure it's a cl without a cit