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  1. eagle_lance

    Clan Battle Ping Issue

    Me and another clanmate both alt f4'd. We both had reasonable ping afterwards...so I'm just stating what happened
  2. eagle_lance

    Clan Battle Ping Issue

    I'm just saying what worked for me. Results may vary
  3. eagle_lance

    Clan Battle Ping Issue

    alt f4 and then come back. Just had a game with very high ping, alt f4'd and then came back to ping between 30 and 50ping
  4. eagle_lance

    Lightning vs. Jutland

    This is the build I used on the Jutland. Results were pretty good. I'd agreed that bft does help the Jutland but if you don't feel like resetting your commander then I'd strongly consider going with SI. https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=12,17,18,20,23,25,33&ship=Destroyer
  5. eagle_lance

    Lightning vs. Jutland

    I just went si for that extra heal. Bft wouldn't be a bad choice but I prefer more survivability. I think si works better on the daring as well. Won't give too much to the reload when it is already so low.
  6. eagle_lance

    Lightning vs. Jutland

    Another pretty bad downside to the Jutland (more so on the Daring) is getting chunked by bb ap, especially Montana and Conquerer ap. Sometimes happens reguardless of angling. Would keep that in mind when thinking about turning away from a bb while spotted.
  7. eagle_lance

    Lightning vs. Jutland

    Jutland is a fantastic ship. The increase in dpm over the lightning is definitely noticeable. Ifhe is required as ships will turn away almost immediately when you switch to ap. Torps are meh but finally getting 10km range is nice. Loss in stealth is barely noticed (5.5 to 5.7). Turret angles are fantastic. Just a better Lightning in all but agility. Biggest downside is the mm with just about every game being t10 anyways. As long as you enjoyed the Lightning as a dd hunter, you'll enjoy the Jutland.
  8. eagle_lance

    Daring concealment

    Daring does have a max base reload of 1.98s vs the lightning's 4.0s max base reload. Also daring has better pen angles on its ap. You will need ifhe to pen dds though with he.
  9. eagle_lance

    Solo Warrior Achievement

    The ones I can remember: gearing, yugumo, z-46, icarus, nelson, taiho. I vaguely remember getting one in the tenryu, but not sure.
  10. eagle_lance

    Solo Warrior Achievement

    Be very jealous of my 146 dets, the latest in my alsace (at around 50k hp). Done in by a lion firing ap at close range of all things
  11. eagle_lance

    Solo Warrior Achievement

    6 in under 6500 battles? That's a whole lot. You'll definitely pass me at that rate. And getting a solo warrior in a khaba? That should be worth 2 sws
  12. eagle_lance

    Solo Warrior Achievement

    In my solo warrior's, the thought to hide was never an intention until it was the last resort to win. I'd rather not get a solo warrior but instead do more damage and not count on the enemy team not going for caps.
  13. eagle_lance

    Solo Warrior Achievement

    That's extremely impressive and hats off to you sir!!
  14. eagle_lance

    Solo Warrior Achievement

    Thanks :D and its probably the most stressful situation I've ever encountered in a video game yet. Had to take a break after a few of them.
  15. Pretty sure you can put US captains on it without retraining them and it has a perma camo...so Premium dm?