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  1. Battleship_DukeofYork

    Dutch Loot Box Results

    Why the hell aren't these business practices illegal yet?
  2. Battleship_DukeofYork

    USS Rochester Should Be T9

    The problem is, knowing Wargaming, they'll knock it up a tier and buff nothing.
  3. Battleship_DukeofYork

    German Battlecruiser Line announced! + Incomparable! (dev blog)

    Some of the later ships might top 30 knots by a decent margin. Off the top of my head, I want to say the Derfflingers could do 28, which certainly is nothing to sniff at with tier 5 (they were 1915 tech, so that's good speed for that period). Overall, though, the German theory with BCs was always armor > speed > guns, which ran totally contrary to the British practice of speed>guns>>>>>>>>armor.
  4. Battleship_DukeofYork

    German Battlecruiser Line announced! + Incomparable! (dev blog)

    The Germans didn't consider the Scharnhorsts battlecruisers. Calling them BCs was solely of British origin. We can go 'round and 'round on this all day, given how the German line between battleships and battlecruisers was always rather fuzzy, but if the builders themselves classified the class as battleships, that's where we should default.
  5. Battleship_DukeofYork

    German Battlecruiser Line announced! + Incomparable! (dev blog)

    Almost certain to be a premium. She's too famous not to be.
  6. Battleship_DukeofYork

    Yuro hints that X Elbing is OP

    Now that they can nerf premiums, why would anyone get suckered into buying an obviously over-performing boat? That just seems like the ultimate bait.
  7. Battleship_DukeofYork

    Lord_Zath overview and play of Constellation

    To be fair, they were going to be crazy ships IRL, too - faster than any carriers the U.S. fielded for quite a while (ever?), with armor as thin as that of the first-generation British Battlecruisers, with huge hulls for the amount of ordinance they carried. And they were going to be stacked up against the Amagis, which would have been the second best battlecruisers of the era (though still coming up short of the G3s, which would have just been amazing ships). All in all, I think you're lucky that the ship is fun, because they might have been complete duds if not completed as CVs.
  8. Battleship_DukeofYork

    Kii versus Constellation? Pick one and why?

    I own the Kii and love it (when I play the game). She's got the same Japanese guns you're (probably) accustomed to, plus torpedoes, and roughly equivalent armor to the Amagi. It's not the same ship, of course, but I've never had a bad time playing it. Constellation looks really sweet, though.
  9. Battleship_DukeofYork

    I have lost confidence in Wargaming

    No. Really, just no. I play MMORPGs... a lot. A mount for $25 in most of those games is regarded as downright obscene. And yet WG is a company that routinely asks NORTH of $100 for single-ship packages (most of them massively bloated by valueless [or near-valueless]) flags, camos, etc). This is not normal. This is not an average or standard business model. People need to stop acting like they're collecting something - you've spent $1,000 or $2,000 or $5,000 or God knows how much on a single video game. And it's a single video game that's owned by a company that openly despises you.
  10. Battleship_DukeofYork

    Lord_Zath overview and play of Constellation

    Much as I'd like this ship, they've priced me completely out of the market. 90 bucks for the desirable camo? Pass. Very cool looking boat - but I wouldn't feel right getting it without the neat camo, so I won't get it at all. I mean, to put 90 dollars in perspective, I bought like 7 games during the steam summer sale and did spend even 2/3rds of that. Not all of them were AAA games... but a few definitely were!
  11. Battleship_DukeofYork

    Lord_Zath overview and play of Constellation

    I feel like the freeboard is too high. I dunno. Something doesn't look right with the model.
  12. Battleship_DukeofYork

    Submarine Update!

    Oh, look, the onrushing armageddon for the game has been "updated." Yay. Please add more plague bats, flaming horsemen, and slime monsters. It's important to get an apocalypse just right - you've got one shot at killing WoWs permanently, and you don't want to screw it up.
  13. Battleship_DukeofYork

    Yeah, that's an excellent name choice...

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/skyborg-makes-second-flight-time-210656731.html It's important not to temp fate or anything - Skyborg is definitely a moniker that doesn't scream technological singularity, the rise of the machines, or the extinction of mankind. Haven't I seen this EXACT NARRATIVE play out before? Good grief. Screw the Air Force. It would, of course, BE the Air Force that kills us all. The Army and Navy almost always stay in their own lane. Why can't the flyboys just be... well... normal? They could start by not naming their killer pilot robot "killer pilot robot."
  14. Battleship_DukeofYork


    How did we reach this point as a nation? https://komonews.com/news/local/body-of-4-year-old-boy-recovered-from-skykomish-river-near-sultan There were more extensive stories on the news last night - multiple people watched this poor boy, still alive and screaming, float past them down the river. Nobody stripped off a shirt and leapt in. Look, I get it: you're taking your life in your hands with an act like that - the water is ice cold, and chances are as good as not that even if you're a strong swimmer, you'll drown, too. But aren't some things worth dying for? Aren't there instances where, confronted with split-second decision to act or not, that no matter what happens (including you failing and dying) you still come up a winner? We're all going to die - nobody is going to make it out of this alive. Wouldn't you rather go out a champ than a sissy? And wouldn't it be even better if you actually succeeded and saved a life? I dunno. I feel like, a century ago, people would have leapt into that river to save that boy without even giving it a second thought. We had a concept of personal honor that's just gone now. People are so much more inclined to whip out a cell phone and call 9-1-1 (or just turn on their camera and film). And then the moment is lost, and the victim doesn't make it. We've become a country of cowards. Maybe not universally - but absolutely the vast majority.
  15. Battleship_DukeofYork

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Would the non superfiring design have been a 21 knot boat, or 24? Love how it looks, either way - that's got my vote.