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  1. Battleship_DukeofYork

    Dutch t6 wth

    No, the Dutch ships are a bit better than the Italians (in the low tiers). For one thing, their armor (bizarrely, considering that that's what the Italians were known for IRL) seems to hold up a lot better.
  2. Battleship_DukeofYork

    The Jedi are, unequivocally, the villains of Star Wars

    They're being trained to fight at age 6 - there are plenty of scenes in both the films and the The Clone Wars series that show them practicing with a lightsaber. Moreover, they are being indoctrinated to fight and kill the Sith; that there is no reasoning with a Sith - that the dark side must be purged. Jedi Younglings grow up to be combatants - they don't move into a more benign existence. No, I wouldn't have murdered the Younglings myself were I in Anakin's shoes - that's just a bit too handsy for me. But I can one hundred percent appreciate how the opposite side would view them as legitimate military targets.
  3. Maybe they'll actually do something about subs. I'm not holding my breath, but still - maybe. I agree with you - this is a line we should have seen like 3 years ago.
  4. Battleship_DukeofYork

    The End Times Have Begun Petro Is Now Trash

    Guns. With Russian fakebotes at that tier, it's pretty much all about the guns. Lawl at the half second, though.
  5. Battleship_DukeofYork

    The Jedi are, unequivocally, the villains of Star Wars

    The U.S. military generally isn't interested in recruiting anybody who can't drive a bayonet into an enemy torso sometime in the foreseeable future. The Jedi (of the prequel era) will take them from infancy to about 6.
  6. Good gunnery. Amazing gun rotation and overall handling. Tolerable maneuvering (medium-slow rudder; big turning circles). Highish (though not blistering) speed. Decent (but by no means spectacular [and probably less amazing than what they had IRL compared to the competition]) armor. Crap AA. Flat-out spectacular secondaries. They're just fun. It's a pity that subs and carriers have paralyzed the state of offensive, 'pushing' BBs, because these ships are otherwise wonderful - and the closer you get (provided you angle properly), the better they seem to do. However, even at long range, their above-average shell grouping and pen properties are very rewarding. One other positive (though it won't matter to most people) is that from tiers III-VII, Wargaming didn't go too crazy with the (re)designs - the historical ships look pretty much like themselves (unlike, for example, poor SMS Konig or SMS Kaiser in the other tree). Even Prinz Heinrich isn't too far off what the Germans had sketched up for the Ersatz Yorck, albeit with some understandable (and logical) superstructure additions to represent a mid 1930s version of the ship... though I probably would have still preferred something like this, just because it's more elegant: (( https://modellbauray.com/products/full-hull-1-700-sms-ersatz-yorck-german-battleship-wwi-resin-3d-printed-kit )) I am very critical of this game and this development team - but that doesn't mean that I can't also complement things when they're done well. And this tech tree is done well.
  7. Battleship_DukeofYork

    Premium Ship Review - Congress

    Random question, Mouse - aside from Schlieffen, which appears to be wildly popular - what do you think of German battlecruisers as a tree? Any standouts other than the tier X? You don't need to do a big analysis - just wanting to pick your brain.
  8. Battleship_DukeofYork

    Premium Ship Review - Congress

    1) Nice to see you doing reviews again. 2) I'm glad I didn't cave on this thing.
  9. Battleship_DukeofYork

    Sub torpedo homing is ridiculous!

    When you don't want to hear what's being said, it's very easy not to listen.
  10. Battleship_DukeofYork

    The Jedi are, unequivocally, the villains of Star Wars

    Vader expressed significant anger when speaking on behalf of the Emperor regarding Jedha when Krennic visited Vader in his palace on Mustafar - "Its power to create problems has certainly been confirmed. A city destroyed? An Imperial facility openly attacked?" Then, moments later, he stated: "There is no Death Star. The Senate has been informed that Jedha was destroyed in a mining disaster." It's clear from this that Tarkin okayed destroying Jedha City without approval.
  11. Battleship_DukeofYork

    The Jedi are, unequivocally, the villains of Star Wars

    I think training child warriors, lying to people so they'll murder their relatives, and multiple assassination attempts launched against a person because they have a different theology from you are all pretty much unambiguous acts of evil. So, too, is building a big space orange that blows up worlds. Neither side is good.
  12. Battleship_DukeofYork

    The Jedi are, unequivocally, the villains of Star Wars

    Disney didn't write the films I'm talking about. Frankly, I don't even acknowledge the sequel trilogy because it's such utter nonsense.
  13. Battleship_DukeofYork

    The Jedi are, unequivocally, the villains of Star Wars

    I think the Jedi hate the Sith. They would, of course, declare that they do not, and have transcended any such pettiness. But the behavior of Obi-Wan towards Anakin really cannot be interpreted in any other way - particularly the stuff involving Padme, and sneaking aboard her ship + appearing at the moment that would make her look the absolute worst. Kenobi could have easily just waited a few minutes, or even disembarked secretly (hell, he did just that earlier in the same movie when he left his fighter on Utapau). As I said in the OP, I'm not in any way exonerating the Darths for the bad things they do. But the Jedi are not good.
  14. Battleship_DukeofYork

    The Jedi are, unequivocally, the villains of Star Wars

    He had a neat character design, though. I even like his lego figure. I didn't see enough of Qui Gon to make a true judgment call. Yes, he was definitely opposed to the council - but enough to walk away like Dooku? Unknown.
  15. Battleship_DukeofYork

    Sub torpedo homing is ridiculous!

    Oh my god. That video is GREAT.