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    You clearly need to re-read what I said. I'm not sure how any logical person could even assume that I was talking about anything other than the sheer amount of threads that have been created about radar, the Asashio or the GZ. You can state that I agreed with any logical fallacy, but that is a complete false statement. You can state that I didn't commit the fallacy, but why did you quote me then? Whatever you reply, I might read, but I'm done responding after this. My time is far too valuable to be arguing with someone like you on these forums.

    Not once did I say anything about Wargaming. Kombat mentioned how comical these radar threads have become, and I agreed with him and added to what he said. You're coming off as a very ignorant, and very headstrong individual who has no cognitive ability to distinguish between someone who wants to pick a fight, and someone who does not.

    You really like throwing around logical fallacies without having any clue about their meaning, don't you? Ignorance is bliss I assume. I didn't make one single statement about anything being factual, or relevant to the conversation you were having, but you insist in trying to drag people into an argument with you.

    Don't forget Asashio and GZ threads as well. I get a good laugh out of those.

    You are the hero we needed, but not what we deserved.
  6. I'm quitting and it really is a shame

    The Minotaur is virtually tied for the lowest Cruiser damage at T10, and has the lowest winrate of all T10 cruisers, and you want to nerf it? You should learn to counter arguably the most niche ship in the game before you complain about it.
  7. Graf Zeppelin OP

    I wonder how many times we'll see this topic today?
  8. Midway OP or cheating player?

    Midway has an armored flight deck, so if you shoot that, you're going to bounce more than likely.
  9. I'm fairly sure Vigilance and TAM don't stack with Hydro. They're for use when hydro is down.
  10. Kamikaze Oddity

    Not enough games to accurately measure. At less than 100 battles, a good team 5 times on one ship and a bad team 5 times on the other ship is a 10% swing in your WR. Over the long term, I bet you'd even out.
  11. What are "decent" stats?

    Ok, you got a lotta questions here. Speaking as a clan leader and our main recruiter, I'll try to answer them as much as I can. Speaking to an overall winrate, you want to be at least at 53-54% if you're trying to join a decent clan. 90% of Typhoon clans will set some minimum around there. While we do not directly have a minimum winrate requirement, I generally look for players in that range. If you're looking to join a competitive clan, having multiple T10 ships with fairly respectable stats is basically a must. Most clans around the Storm/Typhoon level have requirements such as having 2-3 ships off of a list they create. The best ships for CB this last season were the Gearing, Yueyang, Montana, Yamato, Hindenburg, DM, and the Zao. Some clans value different ships more than others, but those are pretty universal. When looking at a players WTR, its highly subjective. I value improvement more so than just the color of the numbers. If a players overall is aroound 1100 over 5k battles, but over their last 800 its 1350, I can see some improvement and would be more willing to work with him. A good WTR is basically anything about 1200. If you're over that, you more than likely won't qualify for some of the top hurricane teams, but most Typhoon teams will take a look at you. WTR is something that is fairly easily padded, so I don't put that much stock into it. I just use it to see if a player is at least half way decent. Main gun accuracy is something that changes ship to ship, and I normally don't look at. Saying that, my BB accuracy is 36%, CA is 39% and DD is 40%. Those are pretty high numbers, but they don't mean all that much. Torpedo accuracy is practically irrelevant. Average damage across your lifetime doesn't matter. When checking a players stats, I look normally exclusively at their T10 ships. I look for decent damage stats with good win rates. Destruction rates should be around or above 1. I don't put much stock into a players K/D because different playstyles can affect that. Average XP is a telling stat. If a player has high damage and low average XP, I can guess that they do most of their damage to BBs. That's all well and good, but its basically just damage farming. High average damage and high average XP generally tells me that the player does damage to all three classes, and that is far more valuable. Again, these are all stats that I look at on a ship by ship basis. Your average XP and Damage overall is greatly influenced by what tiers you play, so I don't put too much into the overall numbers. Your average XP numbers are all before boosts and modifiers. So you cannot boost those numbers with any cosmetic changes. They will just help you speed up your grind, and imo they are worth it. But as lert said above, good stats are ones that are better than you were last week. Value your own personal improvement and don't pay that much attention to your own stats right away. Focus on understanding game mechanics and learning the maps before you seriously try to git gud.
  12. The Salem will more than likely be a reward ship. WG said at one point that they will never directly sell a T10 for IRL money.
  13. Forget MM, CVs, OP, RNG, AFK, etc.

    There's a reason I have 0 karma at all times. I tell people when they up
  14. Forget MM, CVs, OP, RNG, AFK, etc.

    Playing a standard battle last night, it was a 2v1. Our Tirpitz entered their cap first, about 20 seconds before their DD entered ours. Our Minotaur then entered their cap. All they had to do was stay in their cap, and its an easy win. What happens? The Tirpitz leaves the cap and pushes down the 4 line on Northern Lights. When he leaves the cap, the other team has the lead on the cap % and they end up winning. Our Tirpitz player had 38 battles in it with a 27% average win rate. He averaged 17k damage with .08 frags per battle. He only had 100 battles total.