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  1. I need some help

    In my opinion, CVs should never be one of the first lines you attempt to grind. They take a lot of time to learn, and you have to have a good amount of game sense. Not to mention the absolutely massive skill gap and skill curve, but that's a conversation for a different topic. If I was going to recommend lines to you, I'd recommend grinding up the IJN CA (Japanese Cruisers) line, the USN or KM DD (United States or German Destroyer) line, or the KM BB (German Battleship) line. These are all pretty noob friendly lines that will help you learn the game, and they're all pretty good ships too. Speaking directly to your question though, like others have said, many good youtubers have a series on this. Fem and Farazelleth are the two best that come to mind though.
  2. On the contrary, I think T10 is probably the most balanced tier. There are always exceptions, but each ship excels at something and has a role to fill, while not being grossly overpowered. Of course I'm excluding the debacle that is T10 CV gameplay, but I'd be willing to bet it's atrocious at just about every tier. Now if we're talking about a competent playerbase, that's a completely different story. T10 is the most punishing tier by far, and that does scare a lot of people off. It can make for either very dynamic gameplay, or very stagnant gameplay, it's how you take each individual game that influences the fun factor.
  3. Basically all of my T10's have made the rest of my ships obsolete. I rarely play anything outside of them, and maybe my Missouri.
  4. GPU overheating

    If he has Gsync or Vsync enabled it will cause the GPU to throttle in other games if it's not being pushed regardless of what the boost is set to. WoWs also has more polygons than wot due to map size, scale and detail. I'm just stating that the GPU being 80c is normal and expected for any GTX graphics card.
  5. GPU overheating

    All GTX Graphics cards from the 7xx series and up have something called GPU Boost. Think of this as an automated overclocking service that will increase clock and core speeds of your card until it hits a thermal barrier. You can set this barrier manually, but the preset amount is either 81 or 82 degrees C. Basically you have no issue, your card is being pushed the hardest in WoWs compared to other games.
  6. The Henri is a good individual and damage farming ship, but doesn't contribute much to winning a game. I'd continue grinding.
  7. As a BB Capt when do you open fire?

    When I'm in an advantageous position, and I have the ability to do damage. Opening fire for the sake of just shooting is not how to play BB. In my Montana I usually sit about 14km out and try to put myself in the best position to bully the other team out of the caps. This lets me dictate the engagement, and will allow me to disengage when I see fit, or stay engaged if I think the HP trade is worth it. Think of your health pool as an asset, you have to think when it is best to trade that asset for damage.
  8. Balance Improvements Last season, we noticed a lot of comments saying that the matchmaking had degraded. We did some research and improved the logic of the system. In the new season, it will take a little longer to find an opponent than in the previous season, but this will allow for finding teams that are more evenly matched by rating than before. Working as intended.
  9. I fixed it

    Radar is fine.
  10. Looking For Options

    Hey man, Not entirely sure we're going to be good enough, but hey, its worth a shot right? We're (SUCIT), Sudden Citadel. We were a typhoon clan last season, with Hurricane aspirations this season. We've had a very good start to this season, and are about to make Storm league in under 25 battles on our Alpha team. We have a fresh, brand new discord for anyone to join. If you'd like to join for recruitment purposes, or just want to stop by to say hi, you can find it at https://discord.gg/NVWdekg We have strategy meetings weekly, and I like to think of us as a very organized clan in game. Any more questions, don't hesitate to ask, either on here or on discord. Thanks, X Edit: Updated discord link.
  11. I play my Khab like a small cruiser. Wait...
  12. Something seems off about cap XP

    I've noticed that capping and spotting damage has been wonky as hell in some of my games. I don't have Screenshots handy, but I can remember a game where I got 3 solo caps, with around 100k of spotting damage while only doing about 10k damage total. We won, and I had around 1800 base XP. Next game, 2 solo caps, 80k spotting damage with 35k damage, entirely to DDs, only got me 1100 base XP in a win. The math just doesn't make much sense to me.
  13. Worcester is over the top

    That makes sense. You cannot overmatch Worcester with 203mm rounds. Worcester has 25mm of bow and stern armor, which requires 358mm+ guns to overmatch. If he is angled at 33 degrees or so, you're going to be better off firing HE for the engagement. And any ship that can Daka Daka will eat your superstructure HP for breakfast. Once that runs out though, he'd have a pretty hard time doing any relevant damage to you.
  14. Question about Shell Damage

    As a fair amount of people here have said, you're damaging modules. This is most seen on higher tier BBs, due to the number of secondaries they have, but can happen on just about any ship. Any module that can be knocked out has its own distinct health bar. When you get a pen into those modules, you generally destroy it, without doing any damage to the main health of the ship. Module damage is not tracked specifically. You could also be penetrating a main battery gun, which will temporarily disable it or knock it out completely. Most of the time when you pen spaced armor and deal no damage, you pen the first armor plate, but do not make it through the second armor plate. I've found these to be more rare than hitting a secondary gun, but it does happen.