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  1. The 100 Club

    Well the Bogatyr is less of a club than the Nikolai for sure.
  2. The 100 Club

    You dirty seal clubber.
  3. Every ship in this game has a different rudder shift speed and turning radius. A single press of "Q" or "E" will turn your rudder half way to the corresponding direction and lock it there. Double tapping will turn the ship hard over. You can accomplish the same things by holding the "A" or "D" keys, it just doesn't lock hard over. Saying that, each ship has different turning radii. Battleships and Aircraft Carriers have the worst radii in game, while cruisers are generally better. Destroyers can turn extremely fast compared to any other class. Each ship has a specific speed where its turning circle is the tightest, and it differs from ship to ship. Generally speaking its somewhere between 1/2 and 3/4 speed.
  4. Fight For Texas Top 25?

    The way it's worded, the top 25 people per month will be receiving those ships. Looks to me like you'll get them. Congrats if you do.
  5. I definitely agree with that. I tried playing the Pensacola at around 600 battles and struggled hard in it. I came back to the line around 1700 battles and averaged nearly 1800 WTR in it over the final 20 battles. It takes a lot of time and positional awareness to play all USN cruisers right.
  6. Speaking strictly of my T10 ships, I vastly prefer my Montana over both my Yamato and my GK, and I perform substantially better in my Montana than both other T10 BBs. I have the Gearing, which I love playing, but in a small sample size, I am outperforming it in my Khab. The only two ships I currently own that are outperforming my Des Moines in both winrate and damage are my Montana and my Hindenburg, but the Hindenburg is widely regarded as one of, if not the best T10 farmer in the game. I don't see any problems with USN high tier ships. Saying that, ships like the Pensacola are painful to play, but most lines have at least one ship that is like that. If you had asked this question about 6 months ago before a lot of the USN ships got buffed, I'd be telling you a different story. They buffed the right things on a lot of ships, and they are now definitely viable. In fact, the Montana, DM and Gearing were all very good picks for Clan Battles.
  7. I'm assuming the OP cares about his silver and XP income. Even as a Co-Op player, I see no need to waste the XP flags for a lesser income.
  8. I don't use XP signals until T7 normally. That's when the grind really starts, and when the XP gains normally start to stop increasing at such a high rate. You can use any flags you have excess of at any lower tiers, but it isn't necessary. Saying that, I'd never use any signal flags, unless I have thousands of them, in a Co-Op battle. I wouldn't even recommend playing Co-Op for a substantial amount of time, due to how little XP you normally get.
  9. Cesare changes?

    Just a poor little T5 BB that outperforms any other T5 or T6 BB. Balans Comrade TM
  10. I'm a 50% Player Forever

    The Godenburg is arguably the best pub stomping ship in the game. Only other ship that's close is the Kebab. Just got mine yesterday, and damn is that thing just stupid fun.
  11. I'll be bringing out the AA-spec'd Des Memes for a lot of my battles tomorrow.
  12. Confession on colours

    The last week has been horrendous for me. Bad game after bad game.
  13. Aiming at "Far" Targets?

    Press the "X" key. That selects and deselects ships based on what you're targeting while zoomed in. If you want to fire an "unaimed" shot at a ship in smoke, just press X and it will deselect the ship you currently have targeted.
  14. Ranked is Broken

    That is just downright false. There is a lot of carry potential in Ranked. I've won games where we won solely because of the performance of two ships, and won in spite of the rest of the team folding. Just last night, I won a game where myself and another DD accounted for every kill and cap in the game. I had 2.8k base XP, he had 2.6k. The next closest player on our team had 1.2k. How can you say the two ships on the bottom of the team, with 250 and 400 XP respectively, who both died within the first 5 minutes of the battle, deserved that win? It is far too easy to be carried to a win, regardless of your overall performance.
  15. Don't give away my super-secret-how-to-citadel-a-German-BB play! But really, I get called a "hacker" a LOT for doing that to people who don't realize how armor works.