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  1. Map positioning is probably the main thing that separates unicum players from the rest of the populace of this game. It's very hard to grasp properly, and very hard to learn and implement. Saying that, the best recommendation I can give for you to learn is to ask yourself 3 simple questions before doing anything. Do I have to move, or is the position I am in beneficial? Will moving benefit my team? Will I die if I move or do not move? Of course it's far more complex than that to implement, but these are three things that I would recommend starting with. Remember that sometimes the position you are in is truly the best position to be in.
  2. XpliCT_

    Armour made out of element 151?

    If you are not running IFHE with the Jutland, you do not have the penetration to actually pen his hull. You will only have enough pen to actually damage the superstructure. You have improved AP auto bounce angles and pen values, so if you're not using IFHE, fire AP almost always.
  3. All of them. I don't play this game enough to care any more.
  4. XpliCT_

    Looking for competitive clan

    Feel free to stop by our discord at https://discord.gg/5AfVrBz. You're more than welcome to give an application to our feeder clan, SUPEN. They will be an active CB clan for members who are looking to improve.
  5. XpliCT_

    Players like this should be banned

    There is no air to air combat in this iteration of CVs. Queue dropping is basically pointless.
  6. XpliCT_


    Winrates effect your "investment". I haven't had to grind a single thing since mid 2018. There is no reason for me to be "invested" outside of Clan Battles. Grinds in this game are for those who haven't previously "invested" the effort or time into it.
  7. XpliCT_


    I'll say one thing. You are statistically more likely to have the potato on the other team, rather than having him on your team. There are 11 other players on your team, making for a 11/24 chance, or 45.8%, of him being on your team. There is a 12/24 chance, or 50% of him being on the other team. This is of course insinuating that you, yourself, isn't the potato. I haven't spent a dime on this game since Christmas 2018, and I am maintaining a 60%+ winrate, virtually every session I actually decide to play. The simple fact is that there are people who are better than you, who have the ability to influence a win more than you. This whole tin foil hat conspiracy that WG is "manipulating" MM is quite frankly, laughable at best. I dare you to run MMM and test this theory yourself. A VAST majority of players in this game carry sub 50% winrates in their respective ships, and more often than not, they will be placed on the other team.
  8. XpliCT_

    No damage???

    Would need a replay to tell you exactly what happened, but it's most likely either damage saturation or a severe latency issue. In the past there has been an issue where the game desyncs from your point of view, and you may seem to be hitting the target, but in reality the target is several hundred meters ahead of where they look to be. Damage saturation would happen if you are actually getting ribbons for shell hits with no damage. Edit; forgot one thing. If you're shooting AP at him while he was angled in or out, you will ricochet most of your salvo.
  9. XpliCT_

    When a DD tries to ram a larger ship visualized.

    tensile strength =/= car accident.
  10. 11 in my Cleveland with a 5700 PR. I lost my first battle in it the other night.
  11. XpliCT_

    Steel and Coal, a problem

    Real talk, Bourgogne is a ton of fun and I highly recommend it. It's one of the few ships I actually queue into a random battle with any more. Not competitively viable, but a ton of fun.
  12. XpliCT_

    An NTC perk I'd want

    I am 100% on board with this idea. It would get me to play a lot of ships that are just sitting around in port without commanders.
  13. XpliCT_

    8.5 will kill cvs again

    I never said it was a competitive game. I said it can be if they wanted it to be. Well of course, but I was told that you should never balance around the best players, only the average players. There are for sure ways to accommodate both.