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  1. Add STS as a USN line module?

    That's just not true. It's an example of a top player using a ship that has a high skill cap with a low skill floor. Just because you can't make a ship work, doesn't mean that it isn't grossly overpowered in someone else's hands.
  2. TLDR; BBs survive the most out of surface ships as a class. There is logical, and pretty substantial statistical significance that is able to correlate staying alive to winning. That's about the jist of it.
  3. Their very existence is a damn gimmick.
  4. Worcester vs. Des Moines

    I don't have nearly enough Random games in the Worcester yet, but I've used it plenty in both CB and Ranked. I've found the Worcester performs best playing it like a Zao. I push up to support our DDs, and the second I'm spotted I pop that radar and start kiting. After murdering the poor, helpless DDs, I just kite around 14km and daka BBs. The armor is kinda broken in the fact that you will virtually never eat a normal pen, but your citadel is low enough to get very rarely hit. It makes it INCREDIBLY annoying to kill in open water. The assured acquisition of DDs is extremely powerful, and you can definitely exploit it far better while kiting than you can sitting behind an island.
  5. There is no cost for ship destruction. They removed that almost 2 years ago now. The second you get into a battle, you're paying full repair costs, regardless of how much damage you take.
  6. You can't please the DD crowd.
  7. Does it change based on which torp you run with? Speaking to the question, it's something like 3k per Montana broadside. I haven't checked in a few months though, so I could be mistaken.
  8. I actually disagree with that premise. I find T10 gameplay to be more enjoyable for one simple reason; The ability to punish mistakes. At lower tiers, I feel as though mistakes go largely unpunished, due to the lack of punching power relative to health at every tier. Your health effectively doubles going from a T5 to a T10, but your firepower and accuracy scale much higher than that. The gameplay is more methodical, yes, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. There are a lot more "outplays" at higher tiers if you're familiar with game mechanics and how ships perform in certain situations compared to lower tiers. There are always issues with people playing a static style, but that's going to be persistent at any tier. If you made T5 top tier, you'd see the same style of gameplay. Do I think that the camping, bow-on, static meta was fun? I do not. But I do think we have moved away from that meta, and I see far more mobility than I ever have before at T10 randoms.
  9. Let us not forget about the time investment. If you play 1000 battles, lets assume that each battle takes 10 minutes. That's 10000 minutes, or 167 hours. The ranked season lasted for 45 days, which means just shy of 4 hours per day. If you assume that each game takes 15 minutes on average, it becomes 250 total hours, or 5.5 hours per day. If you assume every game takes the full 20 minutes, it becomes an absurd 334 hours, or 7.5 hours per day. That's like spending your full time job playing wows. That's some dedication. I wouldn't be able to spend that much time in the salt mines.
  10. Weekend spree

    I couldn't win a 280k, 4 kill game in my Minotaur. It was painful this weekend.
  11. Single launch torps question

    The rack must be empty for the reload to begin. You're better off wasting the torps than only firing one or two.
  12. I'll list some strengths and weaknesses. It's impossible for us to tell you what to grind for because of the vast playstyle differences. For a beginner, I'd suggest the Zao or Hindenburg. Des Moines - Hugs an island all game lobbing shells at everything that moves. AP shells are incredibly potent at most ranges, and can citadel every non BB through the belt at reasonable range. The improved auto bounce angles make it lots of fun. Wooster - Most people will tell you to hug an island and fling shells over, but I prefer to play open water. Reasonable good rudder shift, along with a reasonable turn rate and trolly as hell armor let you eat a lot less damage than you anticipate. The sheer amount of Daka is hysterical. Minimum 14 point captain to make this ship viable. Zao - Arguably the best open water CA in the game. Very good rudder shift, turning circle, stealth and turret angles make it very comfortable to play in a kiting role. Does not do well pushing places on the map and prefers farming targets at longer ranges. Torpedoes are extremely good if given the opportunity to use them Hindenburg - Tanky cruiser that doesn't excel at any one thing, but does everything well. The closer the range, the more effective your armor is. Good guns, 1/4 pen HE pen baked in means you can do damage to anything at any angle. Moskva - Specializes at bow in map denial. Massive citadel prevents any real plays while pushing. Has railguns that are extremely accurate, and downright hysterical with the Legendary Upgrade. Is great for holding down a portion of the map Minotaur - The Meme of T10 Cruisers. Has literally 0 armor, has a massive citadel, but throws out shells like nothing else. Murders anything that shows you a broadside, and does nothing to bow in targets. Probably the hardest T10 Cruiser to play effectively. Henri - "Gotta go fast". Does really nothing but damage farm and be a nuisance. AP shells murder the Minotaur specifically due to overmatch mechanics. The Reload Booster made the ship a lot more viable, giving it a lot more burst DPM.
  13. I was thinking more along the lines of a Primary kill, a Secondary kill and a Ram. Goal, Assist and a fight.
  14. 8 kill 290k game in the Monty. 7 Kill 360k game in my Minotaur. Those are probably two of the best games I've ever had. The Minotaur game was over 4k base XP, which is kinda insane.
  15. I'd have much rather seen a Gordy Howe Hat Trick for getting kills in miscellaneous ways.