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  1. XpliCT_

    Sudden Citadel is currently recruiting!

    Still recruiting for the upcoming CB season. Drop by our discord if interested!
  2. XpliCT_

    Sudden Citadel is currently recruiting!

    Wrong section. I deleted that one.
  3. Sudden Citadel (SUCIT) is currently recruiting active members for our World of Warships Clan! We are a mature group of individuals who are focused on winning and have been improving every season. We are a tight knit group, with players on regularly for divisions or to assist in any way. We routinely run clan practices and meetings that are focused on self-evaluating and improving. Our goals of Hurricane were almost realized this season, and we fully plan on participating in events outside of CB, such as KoTS. We finished Typhoon 1, 29th overall, in the 4th Season of Clan Battles with a 64% winrate. Both our Alpha and Bravo divisions made Typhoon this season. In previous seasons, we finished Storm 1, Typhoon 3 and Storm 1 respectively. SUCIT can offer A mature environment, focused on improving An established CB roster Weekly strategy meetings Regular interclan and external clan scrimages A level 10 clan, with most benefits unlocked. We are looking for members who; Are mature. While we do not have a set age requirement, 18+ is highly advised. Language flows freely during CB Have a 54%+ Winrate Have 1500+ PR Own at least 1 T10 ship. Multiple T10 ships is a benefit, and will be taken into account. Are willing to listen and improve. Stat requirements are not firm, and will be looked at on a case by case basis. Recent stats will be prioritized over older stats. If are interested, or would like to join our discord, you can find us at https://discord.gg/QBfHXJb. Good luck!
  4. We didn't see a Montana played seriously in CB past high storm. Once we got to Typhoon 1, it was Yamato or Republique. With the advent of the 30mm cruiser decks, the Montana was kind of irrelevant because it can't deck pen 3 ships that were very common in Typhoon. The Republique has better AA than the Montana. I don't think the Montana is a bad ship, honestly it was my favorite ship in the game for awhile. It's just not very good at any single thing.
  5. No Blatantly false Name one thing the Montana has going for it, that it does better than every other BB. The Conqueror can fire HE and burn stuff, what good does that do other than pad damage numbers? You're not even in a clan, how can you speak to what CW meta was? Montana was never picked once you basically got into storm.
  6. I really feel like you don't play high tiers much... Most players don't have a 200k damage game on their account, much less a 250k. It takes the right combination of your team being potato, and the enemy team being just slightly worse to throw up these obscene damage numbers. My damage record, 350k, came in a Minotaur. In fact, 4/5 of my highest damage games ever have come in Cruisers, with the only exception being #5 in the Republique at 300k even. 3 of my 5 highest damage games have come in losses. The common theme in all of the games is ships with high fire rates, and low alpha. They are best at doing sustained damage over long games, which is where you get these numbers. Gaishu pulled off his 550k CV game with ease. He even said himself that he missed more than a few drops and it easily could have been a 600k damage game. This was the SECOND DAY that carriers were on the live server, so not only did he throw up the highest damage game in WoWs history, he did it while he was still learning the mechanics of the ship. Carriers were broken. There is no way around that. And talking about your "15% of all damage available", that's a lot considering you're only about 8% of your team. That logic can be thrown straight out the window. Stop using potential health as a measure of potential damage. That logic has more holes in it than I can possibly tell you.
  7. XpliCT_

    Alternate U.S. battleship line

    Oh yeah I know. It would be hysterical to play though. It has literally DOUBLE the broadside of the Montana. That's a lotta alpha.
  8. XpliCT_

    I've often wondered about this......

    It's probably only a few percent. I would put my guess on about 5% check the forums every few weeks, 2% check nearly every day an 1% post regularly. Keep in mind that we are the vast minority of players. Most people who don't like something won't voice their opinions, they will just stop playing. The fact that we do voice our opinion kinda shows that we care about the design of the game, and the direction it is headed.
  9. XpliCT_

    Alternate U.S. battleship line

    I'd love to see the Tillmans in game at some point. They'd play much like a low tier USN BB with the speed and decent armoring. Can you imagine the Tillman IV design? 24 406's would be a meme and a half.
  10. XpliCT_

    Tips for a new destroyer pleb

    There's a lot of changes. First off you should probably memorize what ships have radar, and what ranges that those radars are. USN will basically always have a long duration, 10km radar at T8+, USSR will have a shorter duration 12km range radar at T8+, and you'll occasionally run into RN CLs running identical radar to USN instead of smoke. Learn to play around those ships. Learn which ships have hydro as well. Don't yolo into caps early game with any DD, that's a way to get yourself ganked. Learn map positioning, and have great map awareness. Learn what fights you can take, and which you cannot take. For instance, if I'm in a Gearing, I don't want to take a gunfight with a Harugumo or Daring at basically any range. The Grozovoi will lose a gunfight against most ships in at knife fighting ranges, but due to ballistics, it does very well at further ranges. There are a multitude of tips and tricks you have to learn, and there's far too much to talk about in one post. DM me if you ever have any specific questions. Torpedoes are not your main source of damage on either line, but they're at least usable on the secondary line. The main line focuses on sheer speed and gunpower, and most people will not even spec concealment for them. Play them like a very fast CL, and you'll fit right in. The branch line is more so a "Jack-of-all-trades" line, that has great AA at T10 (can change with CV rework, don't count on it). They have usable torps, decent speed, decent gun power and a larger health pool than most. The Khab is probably the more fun of the two ships, but the Groz is a better destroyer.
  11. XpliCT_

    Alaska ship

  12. XpliCT_

    DM - Radar or Spotter plane?

    For the love of god, don't take anything Yuro says seriously lol. Radar is far superior to spotter plane in nearly every circumstance. If you're not convinced, take the range mod for the DM, and you'll have nearly identical range to having the spotter up all game. If you take the range mod and use a spotter plane, you're a madman.
  13. Well, if you know the numbers behind it, you should know it is far from useless. We'll use Harugumo for another example. By default, you can pen 25mm of armor, which is enough for all superstructures, and some bow and stern armor of light cruisers. If you take IFHE, you pen 32mm of armor, which is relevant almost universally. There's a massive difference in damage per shell.
  14. IFHE has math behind it, which dictates it's usefulness. Take it on a Zao, and you're hurting yourself by killing your fire chance, without adding any armor thresholds. Take it on the Henri, and you can pen 50mm, which is very relevant on a number of high tier ships, including the GK, Khab, Hindenburg, and Montana. It has its uses, but is very defined. Edit; Forgot the ships that IFHE Henri was made to kill, the Stalingrad and the Moskva. It murders them.