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  1. XpliCT_

    Looking for a new active home.

    DM sent.
  2. No. It costs ~8m credits to purchase the upgrades alone. If you do the captain retraining, it's another 250k credits iirc, and each module will run 5m+ credits. If you played out the Iowa, you would probably have enough credits to upgrade the modules as you went.
  3. XpliCT_

    2018 Secret Santa!

    Merry Christmas!
  4. XpliCT_

    80 Mega Gift results (Santa was good to me)

    Don't forget the legendary Ball in a Cup!
  5. XpliCT_

    The Pinkpocalypse!

    You can't see pinks on the other team.
  6. As others have said, there is an extremely long answer to this. The TLDR is that you're not meant to do 3100 per shell, every shell. You will get a mixture of Ricochets, Broken Shells, Overpens and Normal Pens. Ricochets and Broken Shells do no damage but still count as shells hit. Overpens do 10% of citadel damage as long as the target is not completely saturated. Regular pens do 33% of citadel damage as long as the target is not completely saturated. There's a million different reason for every shell doing a certain amount of damage. If you'd like a more in-depth, wall of text answer, just let me know.
  7. XpliCT_

    Good Luck all with Stalingrad Battles

    Well, 3 sets of Typhoon wins guarantees you enough steel for Typhoon. 2 sets of Typhoon wins with 2 Rank 1's gets it for you as well. It is currently impossible to have Stalingrad without playing CB entirely though. The TLDR is think of 1 set of Typhoon wins as 2 rank 1's going forward. Not exact, but it's close enough.
  8. XpliCT_

    Solid Player looking

    Hop in our discord and message a recruiter. We'll get you a div tryout set up. https://discord.gg/QBfHXJb
  9. XpliCT_

    Solution To The Steel Issue?

    Well, it was entered into the game as a reward ship for excelling at CB, and no one really complained. All of a sudden, when they introduced steel, people began to freak out saying that the ship should be accessible to everyone. I guess I see the addition of steel as a good thing, which makes the ships easier to get.
  10. XpliCT_

    Solution To The Steel Issue?

    That doesn't answer my question. I didn't want the Flint or the Black, so I didn't play Ranked. I wanted the Stalingrad, so I decided to play a full season of ranked to rank out. If you want the ship, you'll play the modes that give you the currency. If anything, Steel made my decision to play ranked pretty easy. It made the ship far more accessible to me.
  11. XpliCT_

    Solution To The Steel Issue?

    I honestly fail to see why the ship needs to be accessible to people who actively choose not to play the game mode the ship was designed to be a reward for. People didn't complain when the Flint or Black were behind Ranked, why are people upset about the Stalingrad? Hell, it's easier to obtain the Stalingrad currently, than it was to obtain the Black originally.
  12. XpliCT_

    Solution To The Steel Issue?

    With your numbers, the average decent player can grind out Stalingrad in sub 250 games. That's way too fast for a ship that was introduced as being "exclusive". Hell, that's more than likely faster than you could complete the campaign that's supposed giving thousands of steel.
  13. XpliCT_

    Clan Bravo Team

    That does seem reasonable, but honestly I'm not sure. I just recall YIKES having the same issue at the start of S2.