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  1. MajorWang

    Why does this game have aircraft carriers?

    I recently decided to try to grind out the French BB line. I quit. EVERY MATCH 2 carriers. EVERY GOD DAMN MATCH! THERE IS NO COUNTER PLAY INVOLVED! THERE IS NO SKILL INVOLVED! You might as well be playing Counter Strike against someone with wall hacks, aim bot, and an AWP, because that's as much of a chance as you have got against carriers. You have no rudder shift, no speed, no turning radius. You just take 3-6k from a full squad of rocket planes, 10-15k from a squad of torpedo bombers, and 8-12k from dive bombers and die just outside of spawn with 800 damage from the single hit you could get in with your scatter gun BB dispersion while they get guided missiles. Why not add in a premium Iowa with cruise missiles? It's historical and just as [edited] as carriers are. Why not add in another strategic class weapon to a tactical level game?
  2. MajorWang

    DD AA is Bad They Said...

    Neither is cancer, but it still sucks.
  3. MajorWang

    The Core issue with CVs

    I just with carriers had some sort of delay to launching planes. The closer you get to them the faster they can hit you again and again with planes. It'd be like making a BB that starts with a 30 second reload and by the time you close to 8KM it's down to a 10 second reload*. *coming soon to a premium RU BB near you!
  4. MajorWang

    Low Tiers Are Broken

    And that is your worthless opinion. The rest of us can enjoy putting around and enjoying the scenery.
  5. Still doesn't help too much if a RN BB decides to knock out half of your AA with it's HE, but it does help against cruisers.
  6. MajorWang

    How is this possible? I'm seething.

    Welp, that just sucks thanks for solving the mystery. Too bad the answer is one I've already had to live with knowing, I am an idiot. I did some testing in the training room and while you can't test against the JB I tried it out against a few other ships. Turns out the Republique is able to make some of the shells disappear into the torp bulge even with AP, so Tirpitz and Bismark beware. ( I couldn't get good consistent results with it either I guess it just comes to you have to have a perfect angle )
  7. MajorWang

    IJN Yahagi's Torpedo Firing Arcs

    To get more of the iceberg. They get stuck at 20ish knots for realism, but the early tier US BB's also don't even get the torpedo launchers they historically had mounted because reasons.
  8. Also, lets not forget that the Japanese T10 DD who's focus is supposed to be the guns gets 8Km or 12KM, WITH torpedo reload booster. ALSO it gets free IFHE without the fire penalty nerf!
  9. MajorWang

    How is this possible? I'm seething.

    So why can't wargaming spend a day to make a replay client.
  10. MajorWang

    I Wonder Why No One Wants To DD Anymore??

    Last game I played in my Mahan had 4 radar ships on each team. Neither sides DD's had much fun.
  11. MajorWang

    How is this possible? I'm seething.

    I don't think I would have been so mad if I had even gotten at least normal pens or hell an over pen. I would have been flummoxed as to how it happened, but to gamble on trying to take out a good t9 premium with my t7, and to get nothing out of it when you think you are doing everything right is rage inducing.
  12. MajorWang

    How is this possible? I'm seething.

    Oh SURRE you get the super speshul client. I hope this is the right one. Gneise tends to have most of my wth replays. Such as dev striking a poor Indianapolis in the first 40 seconds of the game with a lucky pot shot when he was momentarily spotted. I lost all of my RNG after that. 20190913_191643_PGSB107-Gneisenau_51_Greece.wowsreplay
  13. MajorWang

    How is this possible? I'm seething.

    Pens, I got the torpedo bulge ribbons from them.
  14. MajorWang

    How is this possible? I'm seething.

    I have the replay file, but it's from a previous version so I don't think it'll work any more. But basically I managed to use my speed to get a JB and got easily with in 150m of him, full flat broadside. aimed at waterline, fired, all 6 of my shells disappeared into the void. I was super pissed.