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  1. MajorWang


    I don't like facing them at range, but they are very susceptible to being slaughtered at close ranges. If you can get a Colorado or Gneisenau up close to it, much easier said than done in a Colorado, you can put a world of hurt on the Nelson. So while I do find it annoying to deal with the brain dead HE spamming, they are pretty balanced by being pretty crap up close.
  2. MajorWang


    Yup I absolutely hate going up against this ship. It's an absolute nightmare for T6 ships to deal with. But if it wasn't slightly over powered who would buy it? Hence all the crying for the super OP premiums to finally get a well deserved nerf.
  3. MajorWang

    Station Newport

    I can't even get a pub team that can keep the enemy bots from crossing the line. It's a pain in the [edited]dealing with ships bum rushing you bow in for BB's and DD's. Also the 99% fire chance the AI gets. I keep getting cruisers who ignore the DD's just to farm HE damage on the BB's. So far I've gotten 1 zero star victory. This op is frustrating as hell.
  4. MajorWang

    Cap the # of destroyers in Operations

    Of course?!?! I mean there are players out there who would love to take their T5's into T9 games but the mean old MM won't let them div up like that any more!
  5. They better do something fast, there have been many who have already quit and I'm about to do the same. It's infuriating as all hell to be in a cruiser and have a Ryujo's rocket attack you repeatedly with out losing a single plane then knock out your engines on the last strike leaving you completely immobile and helpless as you watch the torpedo bombers come in FLY IN A STRAIT LINE because flak is outright useless and watch as the torps lazily make their way to you. Feeling helpless in a game is as far from fun as you can get. When there is NOTHING you can do to mitigate damage or even survive what the hell am I playing for?
  6. MajorWang

    "AA has been nerfed to hell!"

    Except now it's rock also beats paper unless paper decks itself out to fight rock and can ignore scissors.
  7. MajorWang

    "AA has been nerfed to hell!"

    OK, so from now on, we can all ignore every captain skill, but those that help us deal with 1 problem class of ship. Just ignore the other ~27 skills so that you can stand a chance against 1 ship type, yea that sounds fun and interesting.
  8. The only increase in team work I've been seeing is players on both sides [edited] about CV's more than ever. And it is the game not the player. When you take a game and completely rework it's core into a different game, people are going to be upset.
  9. MajorWang

    T8 CVs totally unplayable

    It feels just as bad for T8 cruisers. The Cleveland is supposed to be a cream of the crop in AA defense, but against T10 aircraft you might as well be in a St. Louis. I activate def. fire and while I see bigger numbers, it still means squat because they can unload every drop they have on me and still not lose a single plane. I've even gone so far as to strip off CE for another skill just because I'm never not spotted. Hell in most games I don't even really need to bother with radar because of all the all seeing eye's everywhere spotting everything constantly.
  10. I was having a great game in my Bayern ,when after typing in chat, I lost control of the guns of my ship. My mouse controls were still functional and I could still ctrl click on ships/planes as well as on the map, however I could no longer control my ships guns. It was as if they were locked into a bearing. No matter how many times I tried to lock my guns and reset them I could not get them to stop pointing in 1 direction. It was incredibly frustrating to be having such a great game only to lose the round because I was effectively taken out of it by loss of control.
  11. I am running APRM1. I'm really not worried about anything past the NC. At the rate I play it would be over a year before I got enough XP to get past it. Only tier 8 I have is the Cleveland and that is just because of the CL line split, and it's suffering from not having a high enough skill commander to be useful.
  12. It's upgraded fully. But it does nothing. It's just a flat out terrible ship. And the guns, it's not every now and again. Getting a good solid hit with 1 shell out of 8 is the standard. Most of the time it's 1 no damage pen, 1 over pen, and then the rest can RNG to misses or shatters/bounces. I got my first citadel in I don't know how long against a point blank full broadside NC who was shooting HE at me, after my 3rd volley from 8Km. Also it's turrets seem to have the same armor as cruisers. Almost every game my turrets get knocked out. Had around today where a Tirpitz was chasing me, and he knocked out my turrets on 3 separate times before he finally killed me.
  13. As the title asks. Is there any way to make it so I don't feel like taking another year long break from the game over the horrific grind of the Colorado? Everything about this ship is bad. OH BUT THE GUNS DO GREAT DAMAGE!!! Only and ONLY if you can ever get the worthless things to hit. Most of my damage in games comes from overpens, I don't even bother aiming for citadels anymore, I just try to aim midway on the belt to maximize my chances of actually hitting rather than watching my rounds CONSTANTLY dipping in to the water. I am sick and tired of seeing the line, " The USN line is just late blooming, they don't get good untill T8." The USN line is STILLBORN. What little value they had has been completely power crept away with new lines with new shiny consumables. And WG seems to know just how bad the Colorado is by making an almost identical version of it with better MM as long as you are willing to pay.
  14. MajorWang

    I was having fun with German line up until T7

    Except that this doesn't work either because I can't hit broadside cruisers from <6km. The shells always dip under, sail over, or scatter into the wind like birdshot. I'm terrified of Jap cruisers just because they can rush me, dump torps and there's no way I can stop them because I just can't get my shells to hit. Forget even bothering to deal with DD's.
  15. I feel the same way, just finished a game where I missed a Myoko from 5.5km. Shot at waterline trying to go for citadels the only hit I got was a shell that flew over the ship hitting it's smoke stack. It sucks that the German BB's flavor feels like it's supposed to be Unreliable.