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  1. Melskiloco

    Introducing [WPS] What Purple Stats?

    How has everyone's weekend been so far?
  2. Melskiloco

    Introducing [WPS] What Purple Stats?

    It has certainly been a gun adventure so far...
  3. Hello Captains! I am here today to Introduce you all to [WPS] What Purple Stats? On Monday 3/18/2019 [5D] Fifth-Dimension’s 1st Fleet (NA Server) voted to leave the [5D] Community as a whole in a effort to raise the bar competitively and function as an independent clan on the NA server. We thank the Fifth-Dimension community for all of the great times, support and companionship. Best of luck to all of you and see you on the High Seas! [WPS] What Purple Stats? is the newest competitive clan on the scene here on the NA server. While we may be in a new clan base, we are not a new group, as you all know, but we are always looking to add quality peeps to the party! With that out of the way, [WPS] What Purple Stats? would like to take a quick moment to invite anyone curious, intrigued, or just plain bored to come over to our discord and find some people to hang with, maybe div up with, or perhaps simply just meme?!?!? The Purple link is below: https://discord.gg/xj6t5FZ Come say HELLO!
  4. Melskiloco

    Clan wars countdown

    I couldnt agree more @CarbonMunky
  5. Melskiloco

    Clan battles tonight

    Glad I waited all day for this..
  6. Melskiloco

    Very buggy game today

    Max HE shell damage for Zao = 3400 x 9 shells = dead DD no matter what.
  7. Melskiloco

    Clan Population Spreadsheet

    Another nice tool!
  8. Melskiloco

    Anniversary Supercontainers

    This post would go over great with some nice photoshop'd screen pics!
  9. Melskiloco

    Anniversary Supercontainers

    Double Post
  10. Melskiloco

    Anniversary Supercontainers

    So.. Should I FXP (have over 1 mil atm) the Hakk and Midway just so that I can get 2 more SC? IDK im torn....
  11. This sentiment is very universal to those who have earned the steel through CBs. I don't think the general player base has any clue the amount of effort, stress, work that goes into succeeding at the highest levels of team play. Yes some of us not only enjoy but clamor for this challenge and that is what makes the game fun for us. Nonetheless, the efforts associated with this level of play have been deemed worthy of reward. If this reward is devalued over time by increasing the methods used to earn it then all of those individual's efforts are then also eroded. This would kill the game over time imo.