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  1. But my whole life is built on the simple rule of "Read Reddit and Over-React!".... Please don't take that from me!
  2. OK thank god my default programming is still satisfactory!
  3. Wait... is this not proper behavior? I'm confused....
  4. Holy hell... As bad as this might be, maybe it is a solution to the muddied waters that is now tier 10 game play? IDK Seems to me a skill based MM would be a better solution *shrugs*
  5. What or Who? So - since ive been away.... Any other "accused" clans of account sharing get bans? Or just this seasons duo?
  6. Malware_Mel

    Time to say goodbye

    Welcome to the club bud! The beer is cold, and the Women Hot! Leave the cold naval steel behind!
  7. Malware_Mel

    Allow us to rank out multiple times.

    My first few handful of seasons were extremely successful in grinding out lines. Please make this happen
  8. interesting responses to this idea. Thank you all for the feed back - certainly has me thinking.
  9. This actually meshes quite well. It was historically the lower tier BBs that had the underwater launchers, and helicopters did not become a practical thing until world war 2 - which fits with the higher tier boats. So when you lose the Torps, you gain the Helicopters. Fun ideas.
  10. To be completely honest - the counter play options sound fun... But the visual aspect of this seems like such an amazing opportunity!
  11. Good Morning All! So a discussion topic on our Discord this weekend... With the introduction of Subs to World of Warships, is it now finally time to introduce the Underwater Torp Tubes of many Battleships? This would allow a level of historical realism to be introduced during the Sub introduction. Let me be clear, I am not suggesting that these torp tubes be viable for any current ingame use - They would ONLY be effective on Submarines, so as such the balancing factor would simply have an effect on what is being newly added and not blow up the whole picture. Curious to see the opinions of others.
  12. Malware_Mel

    Someone switched poor #3 kiosk to randoms

    @Lexington_MuseumO7 I have a question... What makes your kiosk so much more attractive than @Lexington_MuseumO5? You have 40% more battles than 5 Does. 40% more hands on your trackball too... Have you had your Bearings Replaced?
  13. Malware_Mel

    Someone switched poor #3 kiosk to randoms

    Battle count too low - Possible Statistical anomaly - I will reserve judgement until it has a respectable battle count.