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  1. Core_of_Fire

    Amazon Pay not working ISSUE!

    I went and picked up a gift card even... still the same message, so if you have the urge don't get the gift cards
  2. Core_of_Fire

    problems with clan wars schedule?

    But why is this a issues?
  3. Core_of_Fire

    PSA: Clan Battles 12/9/2018

    Is it really worth trying to get people together for Clan Battles if there is no guarantee that it is going to be up?
  4. I never get my hopes up about wargaming now.
  5. Core_of_Fire

    Clan battles tonight

    I didnt expect this on real clan battle.... why is this a issue
  6. Core_of_Fire

    Clan battles tonight

    My issue is the fact that I click on sunday and says clan battle starts in three days...
  7. Core_of_Fire

    NA Clan Battles Stuck in port

    M-Inc too