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  1. verta

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    Best of luck mate
  2. verta

    Unable to view post battle results

    Same issue here and and I've removed my mods several times, checked/repaired and reinstalled a few times. Honestly it's kind of embarrassing it's taking them this long to fix it.
  3. http://prntscr.com/kulkp9 This would sum up our antics, we do regular activities in our clan, currently we're doing a team vs team match within the clan. Their is a laid back but yet competitive atmosphere in the clan.
  4. verta

    NOBS is looking for you

    Hey, I'm interested in joining, I don't work minimum, I'm not an idiot and I'm a working adult. :D IGN:holdmy2shotsofvodka