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  1. Battleship_Dunkerque

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    Saipan is pretty widely considered to be overpowered - her only real limit is small squadron size (which one might assume comes from her small hangar). Kaga can be overpowering in the right hands, but often gets absolutely wiped out due to downtiered planes. In that respect, Enterprise is a *lot* like Kaga. Anyway, it's sad that so many players will pass on Big E, but I sure can't blame them. Hard to justify that expense when there's a better than average chance you'll end up frustrated by her.
  2. Battleship_Dunkerque

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    Nah, I'm not interested in blame. It struck me as funny, and I thought I'd gotten that across, but I failed to consider just how emotional this thread would be.
  3. Battleship_Dunkerque

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    Hmm. You're right, there's no difference at all between a typo and getting an important and well-known fact wrong on a wiki intended for use as resource material. Sarcasm aside, I'm certain it *was* simply a typo or one of those "brain fade" moments. I found it humorous, and a bit ironic, and it should just serve as a reminder that anything written for publication, even if it is just a wiki page, should be reviewed. I'm confident that GrafZeppelinKai would've noticed it on a final read-through. I also think that the strong feelings brought up by Enterprise and her implementation in this game has made everyone hypersensitive. Well, more so than usual anyway.
  4. Battleship_Dunkerque

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    While I understand the desire to jump to LWM's defense, both RealNewDeal and myself were commenting upon the "historical" section, which was provided to LWM by a fellow contributor. A historical overview should strive to get the history correct, and anyone purporting to know anything at all about World War II naval history shouldn't get the date wrong for the Pearl Harbor attack. I'm sure it was just a momentary lapse of editing practices, but the fact that is comes from a wiki editor was too humorous to let pass. As for your attempt to shame me by pointing out my errors, if all you could find was a sentence fragment and my choice to set a word apart with asterisks rather than using bold text then you *obviously* didn't look hard enough. One doesn't have to look that hard at your posts to find grammar, spelling, or formatting issues. That grammatical tour de force took about 30 seconds to find. So if you'll post up your address, I'd be happy to send you a case of Windex to help keep that glass house clean.
  5. Battleship_Dunkerque

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    There were a couple more errors in the history section, but that one left me speechless. And this was written by a wiki editor? Wow, that explains a *lot*.
  6. Battleship_Dunkerque

    Caption the profile image above you.

    When good weight-saving measures go horribly wrong...