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  1. German flavor was great AP and yet they buffed the HE pen instead of helping the AP pen.
  2. I think RNG in general needs toned down in ranked, when a BB cannot citadel another BB at less than 5km because RNG says so it is getting out of hand. Too many broadside ships not being punished because shells are being put everywhere else but where they are aimed.
  3. Are all future updates going to be 2GB in size going forward?
  4. Might not be a huge deal for ships that cant be citadeled except at extreme ranges.
  5. Well not really spotted all the time, montana for example with concealment gets down to 13.4km, take Hindenburg and it only gets down to 12.3km, its much better for getting into position.
  6. Play without concealment, no thanks.
  7. With AFT and range upgrade the range is out to 7.5km, I will not give up points that go to making the ship handle damage better to put points into something that WG decided needed to be 3 points instead of 1.
  8. Curious how AA ratings are compiled for ships, I currently have a few ships that have 100 AA ratings, yet the AA seems very mediocre. Montana for example, since they made BFT a 3 point captain skill it eats far too many points that are more valuable elsewhere for the captain, why were ships not adjusted that relied heavily on BFT to have decent AA? Current spec now with just range upgrades is pretty pitiful even though it is listed as a 100 rating, yet the ship struggles with lower tier aircraft, even two torp squads of enterprise I usually only see 4 planes down at most from one strike. The ship should handle T7 planes without trouble but it doesn't.
  9. The go to ship this season will be the mutsu, pretty OP in ranked against equal tier ships with those guns.
  10. Yet Kaga is balanced at T7 with the same loadout???
  11. The AP reminds me a lot of the Hindenburg AP, great when something is showing its side, but any slight angling and the bounces and shatters just go crazy.
  12. Immune to a CV, you are joking right? Except for maybe a T8 the T9 and T10 CVs have no issue with montana, it takes too many captain skill points away from other more important skills to be able to build an AA spec montana now.
  13. Not enough difference to even notice, Hindenburg is still one of the worst T10 cruisers in the game, and this is a ship I love.
  14. Funny you dont have any games played in montana yet you are saying she doesnt need buffed.
  15. DM takes damage thru the nose comparably to the minotaur yet she doesnt get the super heal, smoke, or torps. Until they help her armor against something besides the german 380 the ship is not fun to play. Getting open water maps 8 times out of 10 means the find a good spot and hide game play rarely works.