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  1. Yes for overall pens, and while my yamato time is limited the only ships I have really hit for some crazy damage are other yamatos, maybe I am still learning where to place my shots on montana with it but I have had some people pull out full broadside and have had no luck really hitting them hard. I have better luck if they park bow on and try and tank.
  2. Yes, and it is comical how much side I can show in GK or Montana compared to Yamato.
  3. If you sail broadside I do not see the issue, I do think the people that maneuver well or understand angling should not pay the price of the silly over match mechanic, I think that should be changed against cruisers. I have no problem managing consumables, fire prevention works well just don't have enough captain points for it yet on Yamato. Repairing double fires and then knowing the next salvo will likely be the same thing again doesn't have anything to do with consumables
  4. Its not the problem of being shot at, it is the combination of the high alpha along with the ridiculous fire chance, there is no way to mitigate that, no matter how well you play nothing you can do will offset that. Either leave the fire chance and tone down the alpha or vice versa, really she should not have been offered with the smaller gun option, the sigma nerf did about as much good as nerfing Khabas rudder shift. Also with the prevalence of CVs here lately the fact that the HE destroys modules so easily raises another problem
  5. The radar imbalance is becoming more noticeable, just left a game where we had 3 radars, 2 non divisioned missouris and a chapayev, the other team had none. They should have gotten one of the missouris in exchange for the FDG or Iowa on the enemy team.
  6. I feel that having ships at high tier that can sail around broadside and not be punished is degrading play, they only have one line left to potato proof and that is izumo and yamato, no reason they have the only citadels that can easily be hammered on.
  7. I acknowledge that I mess up a lot, but there are times that this game just absolutely makes it impossible to have fun. I am sick of the RNG in this game that seems so one sides. You can not have fun if the game is going against you. Potato proof BBs are making the game ridiculous at high tier, lets kite and spam HE and if we show our side so be it because the citadel cant be hit.
  8. Considering the imbalance of the RN lines I don't expect anything short of ships that wont have citadels and shell speeds that would be impossible to achieve in real life. The potato proofing of these new BB lines shows a pretty pitiful direction that all future BBs will head in. Ships that can sail around broadside and not get absolutely punished will ruin this game.
  9. I lucked out in a T10 CV game where the midway thought it would be a good idea to keep coming after me in an AA spec NC, 37 T10 plane kills were pretty nice.
  10. It is getting bad, had a game a few days ago and the first two deaths on my team were detonations, one DD and myself in the Hindenburg from BB still in their spawn, I bet you can guess how that game ended up. I don't care that I was detonated, I care that I never had a chance to earn any credits to compensate being killed instantly.
  11. I feel this way quite a bit, I am getting really sick of the BBs that can sail around broadside without impunity, there should be no ships in game that have an untouchable citadel. I keep getting games against high tier RN BBs in my Izumo(a ship I like) and they have to be the most potato proof ship in the game right now.
  12. I love having a full AA build on my NC, I got in a T10 match against a midway, shot down 37 planes. Was an awesome game all around scoring 3699 base XP.
  13. It really is amazing that they have put so many potato proof BBs in this game, allowing them to show side without being punished just keeps them in the game longer, not to mention the easy mode secondaries on the KM line.
  14. You play a lot of cruisers? You have 34 total battles in those 3 T10 cruisers, all 3 of which are the tankiest in the game, you have no idea what it is like to play a Des Moines and have a need to get into a position that allows you to be useful with the slow shells and rainbow arcs, meanwhile if a 406mm or larger BB sneezes at you its poof, double citadel through the bow.
  15. This was my thought, more high tier damage pinatas for BBs to over match with no regard, I love do things right and then take citadels through the bow.