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  1. DD Radar VS DD Hydro.

    So you use divisions as a balancing point. Not everyone plays in divisions.
  2. Invisible ships

    I don’t necessarily see much of the firing without being spotted, I’d just likes ships to render on screen when they actually fire and not 5-7 seconds after they fire at range.
  3. DD Radar VS DD Hydro.

    So you don’t cap when you play gearing?
  4. DD Radar VS DD Hydro.

    And the Belfast was removed from being sold because it was considered unbalanced.
  5. Montana Over-buffed?

    While they may have stated that they were doing something to keep the same ships from getting grouped on the same teams that just isn’t the case, I regularly see double USN bbs against double IJN, or probably even worse the double Missouri versus double Iowa.
  6. DD Radar VS DD Hydro.

    If you meet an unspotted Z52 nose to nose in let’s say a gearing that .2km buffer in detection might as well not exist, and you will be in hydro range for far longer than 20 seconds trying to turn around and escape, all while being farmed from smoke with no recourse.
  7. DD Radar VS DD Hydro.

    Can someone explain to me how the 5.88km ship spotting hydro on Z52 is balanced with its 2 minute length of duration compared to say the 7.5km radar that is available on the Yueyang and only last for 20 seconds, the Yueyang has to give up smoke to take that option, shouldnt there be a trade off to the Z52 being able to take such a powerful tool into the game?
  8. Depends on the reasoning for the loss, if you are getting railed by RNG game after game then it is time to quit for a while, I have ships that I cant really play anymore because RNG deems that I should not have good games in them. Example; I regularly have games in my yamato that the shell dispersion looks like I fired them from a german BB instead of the most accurate BB in the game, this gets frustrating because it is something that is out of your control. I will keep playing however if the team is a complete failure hoping to get a team that knows what they are doing, poor CV players have been my thing lately, I have had multiple games getting stuck with a sub 40% win rate in T9/10 CVs and those are pretty much guaranteed losses to a competent CV.
  9. No tier VIII operations?

    I would like to see higher tier options as well, either increase the number of enemy ships or raise their tier a few notches.
  10. Bretagne scoop

    My thoughts were that she isnt even comparable to the new york from how I remember it, another garbage T5 bb paywall.
  11. Team damage Compensation

    Does anyone remember why the compensation was removed for when a friendly player did team damage on you? Just took a torp and flooding in fletcher from a yugumo on my team not 3 minutes into the game that left me on 166hp, how am I supposed to have any kind of game after that happening? ANyone that gets team killed gets stuck with the credit loss from having played a game, and likely getting kill earlier than would normally be expected, sometimes before achieving anything in the game.
  12. What Balances the Z-52?

    This is the best comment I have seen, german hydro is almost 6km and last for how long? Black has only 7.5km radar that is very short duration but they gave that ship garbage torps to offset, the high tier PA DDs have to trade something off for short range short duration radar as well.
  13. When matchmaking blesses my team with two shimakazes and the enemy team gets gearing Z52, like somehow these ships actually are supposed to offset one another when it isnt even close.
  14. What Balances the Z-52?

    You use a borderline OP T8 DD that can take on its T9/10 tech tree counter parts and nearly beat them every time in 1v1 as a counter for a T10 dd, that makes sense.