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  1. Working as intended comrade, nothing wrong with MM that would give you streaks like that. The spread sheets say so.
  2. SmokinCAT

    Daring Heal Is Useless

    You complain about a consumable most of the DDs at T10 dont get, not to mention the hydro and fast reloading smoke... Go ask anyone that plays shima or gearing how much they would kill for a heal.
  3. Low tier against other cruisers it seems rather broken.
  4. SmokinCAT

    Conqueror False Advertising

    The dispersion buff should have made the 203 a bit more reliable
  5. SmokinCAT

    Buff Monty Guns

    In all reality the Iowa/Missouri/Montana should have the pen that was given to slava/pobeda being they are the only BBs that historically used the SHS, it is absurd that the IJN T9 Izumo has better pen than the USN 406
  6. SmokinCAT

    Shells not registering

    I put the 2 front turrets of my Conqueror into the side of a Kleber at sub 5km yesterday and 5 maybe 6 shells passed through his ship and he took no damage, I would have likely killed him if it weren't for this sort of crap.
  7. SmokinCAT

    Kléber must be nerfed

    I've got a new one, shot one tonight with both front turrets on conq, shells passed right through the side of the ship and it took no damage. Between things like this and the shell tracers on smolensk not existing in smoke you would think wargaming would stop producing ships until they can put a ship in game without bugs.
  8. Removal of smoke and range from smolensk, or better yet removal of the ships from game completely
  9. SmokinCAT

    1 ship has ruined 3 tiers of play

    Please put more ships in game that can hit you with lasers from 19km every 4 seconds with no recourse action. It is making T10 a wonderful place to be.
  10. SmokinCAT

    Kléber must be nerfed

    Daring has base detection of 7.6, gearing is 7.56, the torps are only 4kn slower than either of the torps offered on gearing and reload within 14 seconds of gearing torps, it gets smoke, hydro, and HEAL on top of that. Gearing can slot smoke, or engine boost/defensive fire, it doesn't get the extra consumable. Also daring takes 1400 more HP into game than gearing. What is balanced between these two ships???
  11. SmokinCAT

    200 and leaving your team

    This exactly, then everyone benefits with decent results.
  12. SmokinCAT

    Kléber must be nerfed

    So broken boat balances a broken boat, daring isn't exactly the stellar example of balance, just like harugumo. Want to balance it, do it against, gearing, khaba, shima, or Z52. Don't balance it against the ship that have already power creeped most of the original lines.
  13. SmokinCAT

    Rescinding Nerfs?

    USN ships that were balanced around AA would also like to have a word since most of them got a swift kick in the nuts during the CV rework.
  14. SmokinCAT

    Rescinding Nerfs?

    There are a lot of early tech tree ships that could use an update to bring them up to par with the most recent ship lines that have been introduced, some are worse than others.
  15. Mino doesn't have HE, Worcester doesn't have smoke, Atlanta doesn't have smoke, Flint does and gets better torps that Atlanta at the expense of radar and a turret, and Harugumo isn't a good example because it is just as broken. All the cruisers in that list also share one thing, they all have enough armor to arm BB AP over a certain caliber which the Smolensk lack, so where the others might get dev struck the Smolensk will only eat over pens. Khab has been power creeped with the other early DDs, while annoying it is no where near on the same level as Smolensk.