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  1. SmokinCAT

    Second Ping

    Cruisers are in the worst state against subs right now, it really is a joke, you get double pinged and you cant close the distance to deploy ASW as its not airborne, and then if you clear the ping you better hope that it isnt just a single torp and then the rest are coming after your DCP goes on cool down. Subs really are crapto play against in a cruiser as they dont have the health to sustain the citadels, something really needs changed.
  2. It is a victim of power creep, it was borderline weak when it was just the IJN and USN lines, but now its pitiful. Don't expect any of the original lines to be buffed to offset the power creep, they have long been forgotten.
  3. SmokinCAT

    Please unsmite secondaries WG

    Then ships should not be balanced around them like the higher tier german BBs are.
  4. When WG started telling CCs that they could not give negative feed back about test ships it was a start of a down hill slope, I think its better for CCs to get away from WG as they can actually speak their mind about ships and what WG is doing. His youtube vid about it covers this pretty well.
  5. SmokinCAT

    ST 0.10.1, changes to test ships and Belfast '43

    Especially in this new meta, the ships that were secondary focused are really in my opinion much weaker after the patch.
  6. SmokinCAT

    Nerf Smol??

    Damage buff is pointless with the changes to BBs that benefit them setting at max range, smol needed balanced but the range was not the way to go about it. Colbert and Smol can be balanced other ways, but they should get range buffs, even if it isn't back to what they were.
  7. SmokinCAT

    Smolensk firing range got any bug?

    Colbert and Smolensk were hit hard with losing AFT, on the Atlanta they added some base range to compensate it, but not on either of the T10s.
  8. SmokinCAT

    Update 0.10.0 - Bug Reports

    Dev strike badge is not being given, hit a Moskva for a bit over 39K and did not receive dev strike reward
  9. SmokinCAT

    Patch 0.10.0: The good, the bad and the ugly.

    Dont forget that cruisers with guns under 139mm got nerfed indirectly as well by having to give up useful range
  10. Just some thoughts on the game after returning from not playing for close to 6 months. How after this amount of time are CVs still allowed to be as powerful as they are, just out of a T10 game where a kaga ends up with 3 kills and takes two plan losses after three torp drops and one bomb drop on a T10 BB. The new T10 CVs recently added are even worse, give me the old pre rework Midway and Hakuryu any day compared to FDR and the new German CV. The new USN BB split is rather underwhelming, I would think with long reload there should be good accuracy and pen, but that just doesn't seem to be the case, I doubt the Italian BBs will be any more exciting than the three USN ships. I used to hear it all the time that the dev can't actually play the game as they make changes to these ship, and now more than ever I believe it.
  11. SmokinCAT

    Vermont, first impressions from an average player

    I see more over pens on this ship than most of my other T10s, it it pretty underwhelming, the accuracy does not offset the slow reload.
  12. It isn't enough, the reload needs reduced some, no reason to wait 40 seconds while being burnt to a crisp with mediocre healing.
  13. SmokinCAT

    kansas ship trade

    Kansas is pretty garbage to be honest, it shouldn't have a 40 second reload at all.
  14. SmokinCAT

    PT 0.9.6, balance changes

    So she already had more than enterprise but is still being buffed?
  15. SmokinCAT

    Why are BBs untouched by nerfs?

    What tools are there to defend against the brain dead overmatch mechanic?