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  1. Thicker bow armor that only bounces the 380mm shells it sees, anything else still over matches...
  2. They should be second in penetration to only Yamato/Musashi in this game, yet all other larger calibers have higher penetration values, even the Izumo has more all out penetration than the Iowa/Missouri/Montana, they do not get the SHS penetration values.
  3. The new tier X special upgrades

    Here is the thing, does that stack with the other lower dispersion upgrade that she already gets? for a total of 18% reduction? What about traverse speed, wont this upgrade completely offset the penalty for taking faster reload?
  4. The new tier X special upgrades

    You know Midway can not be a top carrier, the loadout changes made it so it was playable so now it must be nerfed into the ground.
  5. Base USN squad size is 6, take the captain skill and you get 7 per squad not 8.
  6. November of 2015, uninstalled a few months back and havent really regretted it, I see more ship balance changes that make no sense and will upset high tiers even more. Better things in life to worry about to have something that is supposed to be fun bring you down every time you turn it on.
  7. Where did you pull health and DPS numbers from? WOWS wiki has plane health for upgraded Midway fighter at 1910hp, that times 7 is 13370 total per squad, the Hak is listed as 2030hp that times 5 is 10150. 13370x2 is 26740, the 3 IJN squads will total 30450. DPS is 70 and 87 for Hak per plane, even with the dog fighting expert the 10% bonus doesn't come close to the Hak DPS. 77*14 isn't close to 87*15 All these numbers are pulled from the wiki page for each ship.
  8. How do you figure the IJN fighters are weaker? It will have 15 in air versus 14, they are faster have higher DPS and more health? New hanger capacities only give the midway a 5 plane advantage.
  9. Why would it be a nerf, instead of forcing people to take 4/2/2 like they should if they have issues dealing with midway they buff her by giving an extra fighter and taking away a DB which as well all know if very rarely the source of any damage on her. This is a flat out buff plain and simple, cant have any USN high tier carrier being on top for any amount of time.
  10. It will not preform like minotaur because it wont have the ability to hide in smoke or the RN heal.
  11. 2 of those ships have smoke and the other doesnt get USN shell arcs, completely different than what any of the USN ships will be.
  12. So ships with minimal armor and sky high shell arcs are supposed to hunt DDs? At what range? One would need to be sub 10km to be effective at hitting a maneuvering DD and at the time you get that close its citadel through the nose just like the Des Moines by almost all ships they see.
  13. 0.7.4 PTS Hakuryu new airgroup

    That is likely a false statement as midway has lower tier fighters. This is a blatant buff to the IJN cv along with plane number nerf for midway.
  14. Izumo why are u so Bad

    I am along the lines of the above post, I am a mediocre player and was above my average win rate in izumo, everyone calling for dispersion buffs has to remember that the penetration for the caliber of her shells is second only to the 460mm on the yamato and musashi, you buff her dispersion then it is time to nerf the pen.
  15. I would consider the 8-9km range I was at to be very unlikely to happen previously.