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  1. Right now I am averaging 92k damage, I do shoot at everything that moves. I could stand to improve on ships destroyed, but the guns only fire so fast. I am almost at the same number of games in the Gk as I played in the FDG, but I was able to win around 54% instead of 24%.
  2. Then heaven forbid I play a cruiser, they have the BB cruiser balance so broken right now it is pitiful, no reason a CA that properly angles shouldn't be able to survive a match, but no there has to be the stupid over match mechanic.
  3. Why, no one cares and I dont play with divisions to help boost the win rate, the amount of just flat out poor game play seems to be getting worse as people still magically make their way to high tiers. MM has continually put multiple rank 1 players on the teams I face or does things like 4 radars versus 1 in ship balance, there has to be something that needs to change with MM all around or require more that just owning a T10 ship to be able to potato in every game.
  4. Something needs to change, I have played around 30 games in my Großer Kurfurst and have a sub 30% win rate, I seem to be averaging well above server average on damage, I dont set back and snipe, and for the most part am top of almost every score list. I dont know what to do.
  5. Good ship, but cant win with her to save my life, Im averaging close to 25K more damage per game than in my montana but am dealing with a sub 30% win rate. About to give up on her.
  6. You mean like putting 4 rank 1 players on one team and none on the other? Putting weight on divisions that while sometimes is the correct thing to do, most likely will not benefit the rest of the team.
  7. Up to 8 losses now, last two games I got confederate in, averaging close to 100K damage in the GK but teams are absolute garbage. Had a yamato set on the J line one game for the entire match.
  8. No difference today, 6 games, 6 losses.
  9. There should be more requirements to playing high tier than just owning a ship fit for the tier, too many players making it to T10 and still having no clue what their job is.
  10. I quit for the day when 2 BBs on my team were detonated with the same toro salvo from a Shima, the girl that detonated me hit directly in the stern, I knew then RNG was telling me to quit. Game before I got dropped for 52K by a Graf Zepplin, with the release of th RN BBs and then just absolutely putting in a broken ship when it comes to German BBs, it is clear wargaming is losing their minds and currently don't have any clue how to put balanced ships in the game.
  11. ACtually it isnt, unless the cruiser is being a potato, tone down the over match mechanic against cruisers and the games would get better. The fact that these AP bombs are specifically targeted at one line is the issue, the least maneuverable BBs at T9 and T10 are hit the hardest.
  12. Except there is no counter from other Bbs to the conquerer, that is the problem, and causing someone to burn to death because they had a double fire and repaired and instantly received another multiple fire salvo is not changing anything for the better.
  13. No, what should have been done was a balanced line released, not one where they need a new gimmick for every new line that comes out.
  14. Play against the high tier ships and you will realize just how broken they are, there is nothing about be hit for 20K HE salvos from long range that helps change the bow on camping meta.
  15. No, because it should not cause ships that have been in the game from the beginning to be obsolete or unplayable in their roles.