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  1. SmokinCAT

    Upcoming CV Changes

    Rocket damage is still too powerful against DDs, they should not break modules and do 2K+ damage each run, even lower tiers are ridiculous to play, there are no defenses for DDs at the lower tiers. Not to mention the continued abuse of the F key recall, there is no punishment for this as they aren't losing planes when attacking DDs with rocket planes.
  2. The latest update changed nothing with rocket planes, T7 dd against T6 rocket planes, attacked 3 times and engine was broken every time even with running module, not to mention losing minimum 2K hp each time.
  3. SmokinCAT

    Gearing is trash

    I wouldn't go so far as trash, but it has been power creeped badly, the newer DDs with Hyrdro and flatter arcs mean she melts if one tries to hunt DDs with it, outside of their hydro range the arcs make it so it isnt a threat to another dd.
  4. I would say Nikolai is far less over powered these days with the introduction of the newer lines, I would rather face it than the fire spewing T4 RN bb.
  5. Simple fix, defensive fires should not have a limit on uses, I should not run out of DF in a double CV game when the CVs do not run out of planes.
  6. T10 DD known for AA ability shoots down no planes, tells me that the CV blatantly ignored you.
  7. Yet their armor negates all 203mm HE besides Hindenburg at the midsection so there will be very little cruiser dealt damage. Bow and stern will become easily saturated along with superstructure, so what are they really trying to push? More HE spamming BBs?
  8. While it is true, they should need a trade off like the USN line, you can't take the improved dispersion module on Iowa/Missouri/Montana if you take the reload module.
  9. The higher tier ships can also slot the reload module without having to sacrifice the dispersion module, so they will have sub 30 sec reload on the T9/10.
  10. SmokinCAT Patch Seems to Work!

    DDs still aren't playable. This game is becoming a joke.
  11. SmokinCAT

    Jean Bart...best BB for Ranked?

    If you have the musashi why not play it? Point, click, overmatch, seems pretty fool proof.
  12. SmokinCAT Patch Seems to Work!

    I would dare say that T6 in T8 games might be worse off, played 2 games in ranger and was uptiered both times, there were no attack runs where my planes lasted long enough to make a second drop if I even made the first one.
  13. SmokinCAT

    Update Hotfix

    Being up tiered is garbage for T6, couldn’t manage more than maybe 10K damage. If if I were someone that enjoyed CVs I would uninstall.
  14. Depends on the perspective of those fun ships, trying to take a fletcher which was once a top DD up against a Kita or Jutland is no fun at all.
  15. SmokinCAT

    Lets Talk about Ranked

    Until wargaming can figure out that putting double kron and kita on teams against tech tree cruisers and older tech tree DDs ranked is not worth playing, kita is so broken when compared to anything other than itself or jutland it isnt funny, not to mention if you are so unlucky that you get on a team with a silver cruiser against Kron. Wargaming has no clue what balance is.