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  1. October gets outclass easily by Konig and Giulio Cesare. Hell, I'd even take my kongo over the October. Shinonome's only good thing is its torps. Its guns gets out class by almost every other dd besides IJN dds. Literally if you play shinonome and want to use your guns, you just pray that the enemy don't pay attention to you. Anshan, Gaede and Farragut can easily nuke the shinonome
  2. Weegee will give away ships that suck, Graf Spee, Vampire, October, Shinonome. It's not pay to win but if you want to easy carry, prepare to fork up money.
  3. What? Maass is amazing dude. One of the best german dds imo. Z-23 tho, that's a trash bote.
  4. Lul, I'm saving for Musashi, wg just need to release it faster. Also, almost up to 5,555 battles ehh?
  5. Not to be a jerk or anything but how is it that EU has all of the ships for sale yet NA doesn't have anything. Lo Yang, Alabama, Enterprise. I don't want any of the bundles, I just want specific ships and I can't get them on NA.
  6. That's what I'm hoping for at this moment, gotta wait for monday next week I guess.
  7. Looks kinda [edited], would have preferred sale on premium time.
  8. I don't know about you but that Gearing clone, somehow making her lower with a mast, she's so pretty. Like never thought gearing was pretty but this T10 man, very very pretty.
  9. I think he meant blasted as in yelled at him, not physically firing and tking the dd
  10. What a guaranteed loss looks like

    Weegee: you're in a premium and you're salty, we're just in making it longer for you to win kek. Had one game in anshan and our whole team Yoloed the cap, my division stayed and defend. Somehow still won with me in a bottom tier ship on top of leader board.
  11. What a guaranteed loss looks like

    Not as bad mm, but two kutuzov and belfast = two yorck and a schors hahahahahahha