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  1. I was like ok ok, fair point, and then torp acceleration....wth hahaha, have +1 for sarcasm
  2. @LertI'm keeping Belfast but what do you think about Kutuzov, should I sell her or keep her?
  3. Well, I don't own any of them but I have played against these ships. IMO, Alabama is the better of the three. She's fast, has strong aa and is versatile. Yes, she's not noob friendly as tirpitz, her guns seems to do more consistent damage than tirpitz. And kii just sucks. Period. other than her aa, she's so meh. My clanmates had her and sold her.
  4. Torp spammed isn't a problem that is limited to only conqueror. Yamato, Montana, and Kurfurst with hydro on cool down get torp spammed all the time. Conqueror is broken because there's no way to counter it unless your team focus fire it down, which doesn't happen because it's random battles. He fires HE, 12k and 2 fires, you fire AP, you do 3k or maybe 7k if you shoot superstructure.
  5. My point exactly, USN dds are still the king. Do they need some help with the current bb meta? Sure but then all dds do. I got nuked with 6k ap salvos in my maass from a Colorado 12km away. My stealth is laughable and my guns don't do that much damage anyways. No one runs VMF dds with RPF anyways, it's completely retarded. That and if a same tier VMF dd gets into detection range of a same tier usn dd (Kiev vs Benson), the USN dd will chew them alive with raw dpm, it's only beyond 7-8km that the arcs becomes a problem.
  6. You had me until you said this. USN dds are still the king of caps. Russian dds don't cap, period. German dds have bigger concealment and eat aps for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. USN dds need help but IJN dds need way more.
  7. She is worth it imo. She's a tough girl but CV is her main enemy. I do want her aa buffed a bit but it's not usually a big deal. Definitely a carry ship and a better ship for me than my scharnhorst. Much more consistent guns and better reward for well aimed shots, even at higher tier bbs.
  8. Thanks for your review, LWM! I bought my Nelson and I have to say that it is my fav battleship at t7. My stats are just as good as my kurfurst and she just feels so nice to play. Definitely worth 375k fxp for anyone wondering about her. Spent $5 converting and grinded the rest but boy, she is worth it. 96k dmg average for a noob player.
  9. No, I was thinking that citadel could still happen but a lot of times, penetration do more dmg over time than citadel, This way, you either citadel or you overpen, no overpenetration.
  10. I wouldn't mind a very accurate bb that only overpens cruisers. Like it deals full penetration damage to bbs but it overpens cruisers and destroyers. That way, it's like a cruiser itself and won't be punishing for lower tier cruiser players.
  11. Yeah, I guess my thing is I'm going to wait and see how Musashi turns out. I'm going to keep grinding until the next fxp conversion sale and then I'll trade just enough for the missouri. That way, if musashi turns out to be crap, I'll get Missouri. I like Nelson, but I feel that she's very vunerable to anything but HE spam
  12. id say save it for musashi, i have 390 k fxp which isnt a lot but im definitely holding on for a future fxp ship other than missouri
  13. i meant the october revolution lol. i love the history of USS texas but NY and Texas is so meh at t5
  14. I want the ship but god that camo gives me [edited]cancer
  15. with my luck, they're probably gonna be on my team