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  1. Hey, thanks for that post on the RN CAs.

    I've a couple of questions.

    What would be the best example ship to look at in order to understand what this "knuckle" your speaking of that RN ships have.  I'm guessing it is the flaring out at the bow?

    And should HMS London be tier 7, with the appropriate increase in main battery range/damage?

    1. Trainspite


      The best example that comes to mind are the 1930s Town class cruisers. HMS Birmingham was unique in that she was built with a flush hull (flared) forward, while the rest of the class had the usual cruiser/trawler type bow which include the 'knuckle' along it. Birmingham's change was to see which type was more effective, but it wasn't really conclusive in any way.

      The knuckle / cruiser/trawler bow was introduced with the Carlisle-class and continued throughout all further RN cruiser classes.  One wonders why Neptune and Minotaur have the flared bow in game, since there is little reason to change it. If D.K Brown is to be believed, it is preferable to have it (Castle class OPV).


      Regarding London, absolutely yes it should be a T7 with some changes. It is the most heavily rebuilt County class. It's like the Exeter situation only worse. It has two powerful consumables that should really see it higher, but it is placed one tier too low, and to compensate for the consumables and overall T7-ness of the ship, it has to sacrifice every ounce of flexibility and damage capability elsewhere. Hence a 15s reload with not the best firepower, and an abysmal 13.4km range. No spotter to help with that either. It means London should theoretically dominate at close range, but doesn't due to the long RoF. And most of the time you will be useless due to the range being so bad. This playstyle is noticeable with Devonshire's 14.0km range, but London brings it to an extreme. 

    2. Gasboy


      Ah, the knuckle is that indent about 10 feet below the level of the deck?  It's really odd to see the tier 7 CA have it, it isn't present on the tier 8, and it returns on the tier 9.  Only to vanish again at tier 10.  WG just being WG, not terribly consistent.

      As for London, I think that sadly they will keep her at tier 6. :(  The second part of the heavy cruiser event is coming soon.