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  1. New T4 British DD Wakeful

    Fair point, Acasta does have a bit more history and action to her, though Active is no slouch during the war given she survived. I'm disappointed the T3 isn't a copy-paste M/R/S class, where you can introduce 7km torps or so. Valkyrie as a T3 in a main line seems odd when she can be a T4 in a Leader line. It seems too big of a jump up, too early. I can't really say much on Jutland, I don't really like skipping over Aisne because it is not well known enough. Also not really a fan of avoiding ships names if they sound too similar. It wouldn't be. Smith can only fire 2 per side, but it is not the torpedoes that make Smith a worse pick than other T2 DDs, it is the guns and their pitiful damage output. The Acasta has the same firepower as the other L/M/R/S classes with the 3x 102mm, and arguably, her torpedoes are better, at least if you want to apply the reload on Medea to the other twin tube ships. Firing 2 per side every 10-12s seems better than 4 every 51s. Personally, I would give the twin tube ships a better 40s reload, but short ranged 3.6km or 5km torpedoes, while the single fire Acasta gets longer ranged 6km torpedoes for ease in stealth firing. Given the firepower of the Acasta, none of the other DDs can club her, because in an equal situation, picking a gunfight won't end that well. Remember, the same firepower as the L/M/R/S. Even the krupp stahl V25 and Longjiang can't easily pick off Acasta in a gunfight, despite those two effectively being the equivalent of a T4 DD. Acorn or Acheron would be nice picks for a tier 1 destroyer, if such a thing ever happened. Losing 1 gun takes far more away from the ship than cutting the torpedo broadside in half.
  2. And the next RN DD: T6 Icarus

    You were meant to clone Gallant WG, not make her worse! Also, why you add hydro, that is best left for other lines.
  3. New T4 British DD Wakeful

    Nah, Active was laid down first of the regular A class by a month, and commissioned first 2 days ahead of Acasta. 9th February to the 11th. Either name option rules out a different class, I would use the Active class cruisers at T2 to allow Weymouth to be pushed over, and the Acasta class destroyers as a regular instead of Medea. Starting off with a ship armed with 2 single tubes is an ideal start since the line has single fire. Partly why I would skip over the A class entirely, and use Amazon or Ambuscade with a RoF buffed to the levels of the 4.7" on the regular interwar standards. Jutland doesn't make much sense, Aisne was the first laid down, and Dunkirk was the first commissioned, so it should ideally be one of those two. I would guess it is because WG started modelling the ships some time ago, and haven't bothered to change the plans, despite Lightning and the L/M being better elsewhere. One can hope that they don't pull a Monarch about it.
  4. New T4 British DD Wakeful

    Also Active being the lead ship for the A class, not Acasta.
  5. New T4 British DD Wakeful

    Looks like a choice between the 102mm stock, and 120mm upgraded. Personally, I think the 102mm and their rate of fire will win most of the time over the 120mm, which are a bit slow and clumsy, as seen on Jianwei.
  6. It seems so. Valkyrie seems more apt for the T4 spot in a Destroyer Leader line to me, with her non leader brethren taking the T4 regular spot. I'm guessing from the trend of less relevant and a tier too low, that a Thornycroft modified V/W is up next. And then an early interwar standard.
  7. I am aware of it, doesn't mean I will let it slide by without having a go at it. Given that Valkyrie is revealed, Medea seems to be the tier 2 regular. The trend seems to be the less relevant classes, 1 tier too low. Can't really say I approve. 53s does seem excessive, but it is still a very capable gunboat, with the same ridiculous concealment as V25. The RN DD trends should really be as more torpedo focused USN DDs. The USN already has lots of premium BBs and Cruisers, doesn't stop people asking for more. Besides, the RN can get it's own Phra Ruang, the Admiralty M, R and S classes are suited to tier 3.
  8. Acasta and Laforey are better picks for the regular. More common and well known classes of RN DD with more opportunity for upgrades, rather than just a class of 4 similar Greek DDs taken over. Not to mention that this thing looks slightly under V25 levels of OP, have a little compare to Phra Ruang for example. I would hope that this ship ends up as a T3 premium really.
  9. Future Line Splits

    For the serious answer, I assume it means those already in game with a tech tree, replacing Pan-Asia with forza Italia.
  10. Future Line Splits

    WG have said that they would complete the main nations first, but after that, there is plenty of material out there for extra lines. - USN DDs 7-10 - USN CAs 6-10 (Conventional CAs, Not the Large Cruisers, a CB is just synonymous for BC) - USN BBs 3-10 - USN BCs 5-10 (This one is a bit iffy, a few holes with it) - USN CVs 5-10 - IJN DD 2-4 9-10 (Finishing that line that currently exists) - IJN CLs 2-8/9 - IJN BCs 3-10 - IJN CVs 5-9 - RN DLs 2-10 - RN DD-AA 4-9 - RN CL-AA 3-7/8/9/10 (Depends if you want a lot of Minotaur variants at tiers 8, 9 and 10) - RN CA 2-10 - RN CAs 7-10 (Not likely to come, but a possibility. Only uses 1 real ship, with 2 clones, better left to just the first CA line) - RN BCs 3-10 - RN Slow BBs 3-10 - RN CVLs 4-10 - KM DLs 2-10 (Or just the larger German DDs with 150mm guns) - KM CAs / Panzerschiffes 4-10 (Not Large Cruisers, but various Panzerschiffe designs that really are the large cruisers, and not pseudo-BCs) - KM BCs 3-10 - MN DDs (Which one of the torpilleurs and contre-torpilleurs doesn't come first) I don't consider myself that up to scratch on other nations to really comment. It seems unlikely since the main nations will have most of the splits.
  11. An only partially modernised Mackensen. Interesting pick since there is an easier T6 BB to premium (Baden), and more famous Kaiserlichemarine BCs (Seydlitz or perhaps Lutzow). At least the ship is not completely modernised, one hopes this would be the B-hull or a variation of for a regular Mackensen. Mind you, while adding a funnel cap, 105mm DP guns, 20mm MGs and new rangefinders is fairly minor surface work. Adding a new bow though seems a bit odd when compared. Still, hard to complain when at least she retains her nice tripod mast.
  12. I created my first Wikipedia article

    Apologies to bring it up again, but asking kindly for those using superior technologik brings me this. It would appear that Minotaur is actually the correct length for ZA, meaning dseehafer's old images are probably a little bit off for precision.
  13. Norwegian actually, the Stord. Sweden was 'neutral' afterall. Stord definitely overshadows her less fortunate sister, Svenner. HMS Saumarez from the same class would be nice as a premium too. As for the point at hand, although in some cases it is unavoidable to have 'clones'. A sister ship premium, either through surviving to this day, or it's actions and fame in wartime. Massachusetts and Alabama are in the former category, and Washington is fairly famed, and would probably earn a spot if not for her half sisters more than likely taking a 3/4 representation. Maybe she will turn up in the future, maybe not. While it is nice to have little references in game to what ships did, it also doesn't mean they are pre-ordained for that playstyle or role. Such is the quibbles when dealing with a game that when it feels like it, gives zero care for historical reference. One look at the RN BB line proves that. Or the German BB line. Kirishima on the other hand I would firmly say no to. With Washington, there are no other sister ships other than North Carolina to compete against, and it remains to be seen if Washington can differentiate herself enough to find a place against the SoDaks. Kirishima on the other hand doesn't bring anything to the table bar her name, while her sister ships are also fairly renowned. In particular, the current T5 Kongo ends with Hiei and 1942, meaning Kongo or Haruna's 1945 AA riddled conditions are excluded. I would be more for including a T5 or T6 Haruna, on account of the more pronounced differences in AA. What I would suggest is that WG can create historical camouflages/skins to alter the ships model to that of a sister ship, thereby not over populating the game with premiums, and providing coverage for some famous sister ships that don't get their own premium space. Such camouflages can be distributed through missions, campaigns etc. with perhaps a premium ship at the end or so.
  14. Bois- Nueve de Julio...?

    Mind you, Salem, while being the first high tier (8-10) USN Cruiser premium, it does look likely she will be behind a considerable effort wall to obtain. You've given me an excuse to promote my RN CA line (sitting on my hard drive for nearing a year) though. II: Weymouth III: Birmingham IV: Design B3 Atlantic Cruiser (Belleisle) V: Hawkins VI: York VII: Kent VIII: Design X/Y 1928/9 (Surrey) IX: 15.5k 9x 8" 1940 CA (Benbow) X: 21.5k 9x 9.2" 1940 CA (Drake) Premiums being: Mommouth at III, Exeter at V and London at VII. I prefer to use Surrey as the tier 8, as I have some plans that can emphasise her strengths and nullify her weaknesses, as she does only have 8x 8" guns. This does leave a few designs for a tier 8 premiums. The 12.5k 9x 8" ship, effectively just a smaller version of the 15.5k, and the various circa 10,000t 8 and 9 gun proposals from 1939. These designs don't really bring anything new to the table, and nothing much over the Surrey, closer to being built. So I would be content to just let it be for London to be the highest premium representative. That is unless WG want to use the 12x 8" variant of the 21,500t proposal as some sort of tier 10 reward ship. I'd rather take a bunch of meh ships over one OP ship. If WG took the step to rebalance Belfast, either as a tier 8 largely similar to now, or as a tier 7 stripped of her consumable prowess, I'll gladly accept such a change. For better gameplay/balance and the chance for those without the historic ship to pick her up again.
  15. Bois- Nueve de Julio...?

    Perhaps a Fiji sister, my choice for a quick ship would be Ajax, though trying to make her different from Leander B hull Ajax is a bit challenging to say the least, given it would probably require some consumables being shuffled around, and that doesn't bode that well for a captain trainer. I didn't ignore it, and maybe it is just personal differences, but it isn't coming off on me the same way. If I want an RN JKN class , Thornycroft Leader or Thornycroft R class, they have to be under the Pan Asian banner. Same for if I want an Admiralty V class Leader, which is Commonwealth. Surely the USN fans can wait a little bit for a Brooklyn class to appear for them, there are a fair few reasons why pushing one out now is not quite ideal. USN Cruisers do seem a bit saturated at the moment, Indianapolis having a marathon, Salem nearing the door, and Atlanta back in the premium shop to compliment Marblehead. (Heck, even Albany is on sale now too). I have no doubt that a Brooklyn will end up in the USN tree, it just takes a bit of patience. As for the RN, Belfast would have been the best T8 candidate had WG not screwed it up at T7. The Town class/So'ton sub-class Sheffield, would be an ideal T7 replacement premium. HMS Ceylon or Swiftsure seem ideal fits for T6. Heavy Cruisers is a bit more limited, the rebuilt County class is going to be a T7 at best, and London would make a nice T7 premium to compliment any regular line. Canberra was unrebuilt, and so is more suited to T6 in my eyes, her sister Australia would make T7 though. Beyond that, it is the realm of the paper ships. The French have later AA cruiser Colbert as a T8 candidate, but nothing else unless one of Algerie or Martel is used. I can't see that happening though. Suffren can make T6 or T7, but there isn't anything beyond that to my knowledge.