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  1. Whatever usefulness and point of Lightning that was left has vanished. All hail Commodore Cossack. Buffalo needed something, but she still doesn't fit, and probably never will. Roon & Hindenburg probably didn't need any buffs though. Same with Cossack, if anything should have been changed, the torrid smoke is the first candidate.
  2. Trainspite

    T-61 Is Not OP

    *significantly better than T6 regular counterparts* *Gaede, Gallant, Shinonome & Monaghan are all sitting at the bar drinking in a depressed manner* *Fubuki & Hatsuharu are gently crying in torpedoboat in the corner* *Farragut, Anshan, Fushun & Aigle all nervously check behind them, even the visiting L.Maas is concerned* *Icarus & Gnevny don't seem to care in the fight for worst T6 DD on centre stage* *T61 quietly enters the bar, looses salvo after salvo of torpedo combined with some good gunfire and duly escapes - carnage and panic ensues* Published by WG, 'Nightmare on T6 DD street'.
  3. Trainspite

    When is the next USN Heavy Cruiser rework?

    It might good in the sense it received attention, but I think the results of that attention have been rather mediocre. - Thoroughly agreed on Pepsi. If she was considered a stopping block and turn off at tier 7 because of her playstyle and disadvantages, the T6 Pepsi asks her old self to hold the metaphorical pint of bitter and proceeds to be the biggest single turn off for anyone heading up the USN CA line. - New Orleans is probably the biggest success of the changes, she is very comfortable ship to play, and taking the only poor performer in the previous line and making her into one of the peaks has something to be said for it. Unfortunately, New Orleans success comes at the cost of dumping Pensacola in the trash. - Baltimore I can agree on. At times she feels too big at T8, too clumsy and unmaneuverable, and while she still has her firepower, her limitations hold her in balance. There isn't anything exciting about her however, while at T9 she was a very well rounded precursor to Des Moines. If ever there was a time for a T9 Oregon City FXP premium a la T9 Baltimore, now is it. - Buffalo... stealing the phrase 'Walking Mediocrity' from Urinating Tree describing the Bills and applying it to the Buffalo in game is almost a perfect match. The alternative description is the 'Sh*tty Zao'. She is an uncomfortable jolt in playstyle, and while has her place, it probably should be in a different USN CA line. Her performance doesn't seem that exceptional, and she is probably at the low end of the spectrum for T9 cruisers on account of her more pronounced disadvantages. Still above Ibuki though. - Des Moines, my only tier 10, but is all that Salem geared me up to look forward to. No regrets about FXP'ing to unlock her in the twilight days of T9 Baltimore. Overall though, I don't see much difference. There is still one poor ship in the line, (NO vs Pepsi), there are two good ones (Balti & DM, NO & DM), while the rest have a distinctly mediocre aura around them. While the jolt in playstyle remains at T6 with Pepsi taking up Cleveland's old mantle, Buffalo now adds another layer of complexity, which in my opinion was rather unnecessary. Personally, the changes I would make would be made with a split in USN Heavy cruisers, between the smaller faster RoF 2 forward turrets, 1 aft ships, with another line being made up of 2F and 2A more well balanced ships. Two different flavours of USN CA. Pensacola, New Orleans and Baltimore all return to their previous tiers, while Buffalo and Pensacola are shifted across to the new line. New Orleans gets balanced closer to a certain T8 premium, and should ideally receive an HP repair as most T8 standard cruisers should. There is no reason why these ships can't be balanced well afterall, at either tier. Northampton inherits her playstyle from T7, as perhaps a premium San Fran would too. Long term plans that would sound like madness to you, I'm sure. I don't really like having a Pepsi with no nerfs at T6 though. If she could carve out her niche as an overall meh ship at T7, the devastation that could be wrought on the other T6s... Maybe a bit extreme, but considering the overall opinion of Pensacola wasn't bad at T7, the changes to put her into T6 made her two faced, perhaps there is a middle ground to be had. Just going add a passing mention on Aoba for any who care for her, almost thought she was at the low end of T6, and then checked in and came around. It's probably just the turret traverse and/or range combined with the MM getting people down. Like how the torpedo reload keeps Gallant from shining and comparing well. She is still a very solid ship. Lack of potential DPM isn't really the same as lack of applied DPM, (and DPM is trash for balancing on it's own anyway). I'll take the plucky little 6-gun all-arounder over the ungainly overcompensating 10 gun ship all day. She sits with the other T6 regulars in equal standing. Buffs would be welcomed, but no serious problems found here.
  4. Trainspite

    When is the next USN Heavy Cruiser rework?

    While I agree the USN CA line is more of a mess than before, I don't really agree with all points, not all the ships are bad after changes, you are being a bit harsh on Baltimore I think, even if it is true that she was vastly better at T9 in her Mini-Moines form. (T6 Pensacola can go to the orphanage though - Aoba any day of the week). Plus, Buffalo is a design from 1940, and while she doesn't make much sense inbetween Balti & Des Moines, the Walking Mediocrity is only there because WG are lazy and tried to save modelling effort on the rework. Wichita... just hold it. Unfortunately though, I can't see any changes happening anytime soon. Not at least until we have 3 Italian lines up and running, along with French DDs, and the possibility of Commonwealth or European trees. Even then, USN CAs got some attention, while other lines might be more of a priority for a rework (Plox let it be RN BBs).
  5. Trainspite

    WOW REALLY WG this is the Cossack?

    T7 or T8 are fine. I guess old Cossack being switched over to Haida while still being T7 meant WG felt like they had to do something, and perhaps the overall firepower was a bit overwhelming for T7, although it could be balanced. Cossack at T6 would be a disaster though. It took enough asking to get her original more famous and relevant condition in game. I wouldn't mind seeing a regular RN Tribal a la Afridi at T7 in an RN Destroyer Leader tree though, once I figure out what would differentiate that tree since all the gimmicks were used on the first RN DD tree. Other than that, Eskimo, Ashanti & Tartar would have to fight for a premium spot, if any are left.
  6. Trainspite

    WOW REALLY WG this is the Cossack?

    *sips tea disapprovingly* I would have swapped them around. Chad would be the harder ship to play/ more of a challenge. Edit; I know it is a shitpost, but never fought another destroyer? Cossack leading her line of DDs into Narvik didn't ring any bells?
  7. Trainspite

    The Rise And Rise Of Russian Premiums

    I know people have already mentioned Phoenix, Nicholas and Montana, but may I just add: - Monaghan B-hull - Fictional. - Dallas - Completely fictional design (Sure WG took inspiration from real designs, but the end result is what matters). - Seattle - Buffalo The Walking Mediocrity
  8. Trainspite

    WOW REALLY WG this is the Cossack?

    Cossack > Lightning. Change my mind.
  9. Trainspite

    Pugliese Revisited

    That would strategically be a mixed bag rather than a failure then, given the British took minimal loses from the raid and the strategically the Regia Marina was still 3 battleships down for months afterwards. However, any sort of follow up taking advantage of the damage control deficiencies is gone.
  10. Trainspite

    Icarus/mid tier UK DDs are AWFUL

    The appropriate nicknames for the T5 & T6 should be; Acasta; Acan'tsta, Asthma, Get a Nicholas Icarus: Icarubbish, Ichorous, Get a Gallant
  11. Trainspite

    The Mighty QE Gets Another AA DE!

    Hull perhaps, but the catapult was removed later on in 1943 for a bunch of dual 20mm oerlikons IIRC.
  12. Trainspite

    Mouse's Premium Ship Proposal #1 - Prince of Wales

    So basically, in order to get a 'little' bit more emphasis on such proposals (such as this argument for replacing and making Emerald into a T5 premium, plug, plug), it would be best to find a resident CC that can champion your case to an extent, so it can gain a bit more traction? (In Civ V terms; 1% influential to 2%) No wonder that only one of my proposals (released & unreleased) seems to have had an effect (some can take a punt on which one that is), my social ineptitude makes any CCs promoting my stuff unlikely, while business speak is not my best quality.
  13. Trainspite

    Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    Yeah, that was the original purpose of them, to take over roles from the armoured cruiser, but be better, bigger, faster than anyone around they meet. BC on BC fights seemed fair game at the time though. The Germans ended up making more resilient types of BC/Grosser Kreuzer since I believe the practice for them would be to use the BCs in a battle line alongside BBs after scouting to try and buff up the numbers in the battle line compared to the Royal Navy, like with IJN armoued cruisers at Tsushima. Given their size, expense and usefulness with speed though, at times it seems to be expected that these early Large armoured cruisers and battlecruisers would end up in a more fleet orientated role, very much alike the later cruiser-killers.
  14. Trainspite

    Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    Obligatory historical note that none of the BCs lost at Jutland were lost to BBs. Von der Tann > Indefatigable Derfflinger/Seydlitz > Queen Mary Lutzow/Derfflinger > Invincible Invincible/Lion > Lutzow Also noting that BCs could stand up to hits from BB calibre guns, albeit try to avoid it if you could. The German BCs made it home with near fatal damage in some cases, while the RN BCs not lost were also damaged significantly to varying degrees. Insert the quantity of water and shell hits into Queen Mary as Seydlitz did, and Queen Mary would still be afloat. As documented extensively, the poor safety and cordite handling procedures is what sank those BCs that day. German BCs could also take place in a line of battle alongside BBs after scouting, while British BCs were almost exclusively the detached fast wing (even if planned to be cruiser division leaders). Different doctrines, but both navies BCs/ Grosser Kreuzers/Large Cruisers of the time as they were called revolved around the concept of being a heavily armed scout, capable of smashing armoured cruisers/cruiser killing, and supporting a major fleet in one way or another.
  15. Trainspite

    Mouse's Premium Ship Proposal #1 - Prince of Wales

    Duke of York is the 'balanced' version of KGV at T7. KGV is an overpowered ship, which is the rather obvious result of not nerfing her from her tier 8 status properly. I haven't checked the KGV vs Lyon race recently, but they are the two frontrunners among the regular ships. I don't especially like the cruiser form DoY had. It's not what I want from that ship. It doesn't really suit it well, and I'm honestly quite tired of the RN being used as a guinea pig for whatever gimmick-ridden playstyle WG throw around. Having said that, I'm not completely opposed to it. Mofton put it quite eloquently earlier; Offered tea, requested coffee instead, ended up with a glass of spit. Prince of Wales is a far better T7 candidate than KGV or DoY, and to keep her somewhat different from the NelRod & Hood at the tier, then if balanced, I see all bar one reason why not a cruiser-ish PoW can be added. That one reason is Duke of York/King George V. I would prefer some changes to RN BB balance before PoW is considered. Namely, remove and rework Monarch to be more historically accurate to a design that is not from 2017, and move KGV & DoY to T8, since that is where both belong in spirit and in balance. I won't get into specifics (not the thread for it), but suffice to say historical 14" pen and soft stat buffs are on the table, as well as citadel size editions and overall RN BB line changes. With a new fast QE x Hood design taking the T7 spot to act as a logical progression, RN BBs can have 3 premiums and 1 regular (at least until new BB lines roll around) at both T7 and T8. (Devastation, Nelson, Hood, PoW) (KGV, DoY, Vanguard, Monarch). It seems logical to me to deal with the root problems first rather than throw another T7 RN BB onto the pile. (Better yet, an RN CL - a Dido-class would be nice, my choice being Euryalus).