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  1. France is having her name changed.

    I did go through the RN BBs (& Gallant) and put them in where needed, I think you can check in the edit logs. Unsure if I changed any on Orion, but I definitely know my little monologue on Monarch got toned down from "basically something created in Frankenstein's castle" to "very loose interpretation of 15C". Key points are still there however, though it is a pity it is in the spoiler section down the bottom, if I had my way there would be klaxons and red text as soon as you clicked on the thumbnail of the thing. I was going to go through the RN CLs, but I have been distracted. But yes, I did translate the historical issues from my RN BB thread to the wiki. I am still trying to think of ways to try and make that thread relevant again. Edit: Going through the RN BBs again, seeing if I can add anything else. Got Billy Ruffian done at least.
  2. France is having her name changed.

    Unfortunately, rather young supertester poking people on discord isn't a historical consultant. Even then, I expect the consultants get ignored too, though perhaps not in equal measure to myself and regular players. I would expect to be fobbed off if I just worded a question/complaint without any background explanation on the reasoning for that complaint. I do wonder what the developers response would be if I worded out the whole travesty of Monarch into a question on reddit. I doubt I could be easily turned away, but at the same time, I don't really expect them to admit that Monarch is the most fake ship in the game and the RN BB line is a bit of a mess, partly down to it. I can't exactly forgive WG for Kaiser or Konig. Their stock AA on the rebuilt hulls are barely any better than the historical hulls for practical purposes. At the cost of having Kaiser being very fugly, even if she is only second to Orion & Nikolai at the tier for me (Kaiser is basically OP too), I don't judge it to be worth it. Konig Albert was rather unnecessary, and was screwed up by being a tier 3 instead of a tier 4. I doubt fixing them is a priority unfortunately. Maybe when the BC line turns up.
  3. I would be mildly interested in seeing it. Also, part of me wants to mention that NA (and Asia) can't Heavy Cruiser, given that Algerie, Indianapolis & Myoko (in that order of prevalence) seem to break the 50% barrier, solo and overall at times. Mind you, Shchors seems to be in the same boat at the other CAs in terms of win rate, despite doing substantially more average damage. RN BB syndrome perhaps, where the long range HE spamming that Shchors does isn't particularly good at winning games, and that Shchors is a pretty terrible hull with excellent firepower on it. Not going to deny that CLs lead the bunch (IFHE, RoF etc.), though DPM I still view as basically irrelevant as a stat, given how much can edit it. Rate of Fire and relative damage potential is a better way to put it. Or just more chances to do damage.
  4. Not my understanding of it either, more in reference to Cleveland being a tier 6 for so long and not fitting into the tech tree very well. Playstyle difference is only applicable to Pepsi, and even then it would only be a factor, since I would imagine Pepsi's problem is that she is quite unforgiving, having a long reload and famed fragility, meaning she is taken down easily, and takes a lot more effort and skill to get the best/good out of her. Can't disagree with this. I'm half expecting a tier 6 York to get a fictional USN refit along the lines of Ajax or so, taking elements from Exeter, had she not been lost. Given how Fiji & Edinburgh have been stuffed with AA on the B-hulls, it is probably more likely than you think. This can be used as an excuse for more HP from a late war load, given both York & Exeter had been lost relatively early. Torpedo-wise, Aoba has more torpedoes, and they would probably be slightly better individually, with 2km more range and approx 1k more damage, while being 3kn slower. However, just having torpedoes with more than a 5km range is useful, and I would say York & Aoba are equal on account of York getting a far better torpedo firing arc. York can use the torpedoes she has more aggressively, while Aoba's are more of an afterthought if you happen to be kiting or running away. York also has a few more small advantages over Aoba, her turning circle is likely to be around 50m better by my guessing, her turret traverse is 6-7s faster at least, and if using Leander as a yardstick, her concealment is also quite a bit better. Say 10.9km or so base? Aoba in return gets a faster rudder shift, straight line speed, better turret armour and 25mm plating. Firepower is roughly equal. The major difference I see is the fire chance, which is only 2% better. York would get a slight alpha damage advantage though. If York gets 10RPM, (If Kirov can get 13s through soviet balans, the RN 8"/50 can get 6RPM as wanted), then York gets a slight reload edge. The IJN AP is slightly better in alpha and pen, though I don't expect AP performance to be a critical factor. Therefore I would imagine York as a close range Aoba, a ship that is better adapted for closer ranges. Not a brawling CA by any means, but certainly not inept. Gimmicks and consumables hopefully won't be too extreme. I think producing a variation on Aoba's playstyle is something that can be added to tier 6 cruiser roster. Certainly a better addition than the Hang Me. Exeter in her as sunk or 1939 condition can make a decent tier 5 premium, given she would be roughly all around worse than a refitted York, with toned down soft stats. In this sense, Furutaka can be compared to Aoba in the same way.
  5. France is having her name changed.

    I'm aware. However, I'm not a very accepting person when WG make what I see as mistakes. I will still hold out for changes that I see fit, although some are more likely than others. I'm just not going to whinge incessantly without reason and ping Sub_Octavian constantly. Orion might be a pointer to how Lion would look. Annoyingly, although Orion is mostly correct, she has a director stapled over her spotting top and 102mm DP/ 40mm AA placed over her. Enough for me to push her into the same category as Iron Duke. 1916 condition for the tier 4 and 5s would be ideal.
  6. Good point, managing to forget about probably the biggest problem child in terms of placing ships, although with NO, I was referring to playstyle/gameplay performance. Pepsi, Balti & DM are fine as is really. I suppose you could call Pepsi a problem child, but that more comes from Cleveland, and it isn't fair on Pepsi. So as for a correction: I would leave tiers 7 to 10 alone, with the exception of gifting NO 2 uses of the HP repair base as per Atago.
  7. France is having her name changed.

    So apparently if I wanted to get Nelson reserved as a the lead of class for a later RN BB tech tree, and the far more famous and suitable for premium Rodney as the premium that Nelson is now, I just needed to create a few threads on the forums that gripe loud enough that the name is boring, unoriginal and not good for the game? That is from seeing how easy the names for Hsiang/Yue Yang and France have changed anyway. The same goes for the real historical flagship Lion, and the WG interpretation of a 1938 design for the Lion class that could have carried an equally historic name (Temeraire - it evokes the spirit of Trafalgar) that doesn't deny a flagship of fire and action her place in the game. This is where being a fairly mild-mannered and reserved Brit comes back to tease me, obviously.
  8. 1. In my opinion, yes. Some will say she doesn't cut it due to whatever reasons, but Kent still lines up in game as a decent tier 7 cruiser. Like Algerie, only more vulnerable and prone to taking damage with a lower firing range (Algerie is exceptional in this regard), but likely to get better concealment and turret angles than the Frenchman. Otherwise, Kent & Algerie are broadly similar. I would say Algerie is more friendly to play, but Kent should be competitive enough to hold her own against ships like Yorck, Indianapolis, and Myoko. Kent & London also hold certain advantages over a New Orleans. Torpedoes, concealment, and HP being among them. This is me working off the stats I have for a proposed Kent on an excel, sans gimmicks that WG may add. I would prefer her to be a fairly regular CA, but I get the feeling that WG won't just let the ship have completely normal ammunition and maneuverability characteristics, as well as consumables. Improvements in the form of those all but cements a rebuilt County as a tier 7 in my mind. London as reconstructed has a thinner belt, 89mm (+Backing plate in game?), but is 2.4m tall, compared to Kent as rebuilt having a 114mm belt (plus backing*), only being 1.8m tall. In game, all it really means is London is less susceptible to eating underwater citadel hits, given both belts go from the armoured deck on the ships side to below the waterline. I have often seen the remaining 3 unrebuilt Londons and the 2 Norfolks cited as having the 114mm belt added, (and the picture of a kamikaze hit on Sussex does suggest it is present) but I haven't found much mention of it taking place. Sussex was rebuilt from bomb damage in 1941/1942, so perhaps it was added then. Pensacola at tier 6 throws a spanner in the works. The odd trend of pushing CAs down a tier while pushing CLs up confuses me, and ideally I would just leave the USN CA line alone given it is only New Orleans being the problem child. I am still holding out in the lonesome fort that the changes revealed are changed suitably, as the whole thing looks messy and lazy. Nonetheless, a rebuilt Kent/London is a suitable fit for tier 7 still, while I would consider an unrebuilt County to be an effective tier 6, though maybe the 25mm overpen trolling is something to consider. As for most ships, they can work at both, but the more natural fit for me is tier 7, among her contemporaries bar Pepsi. For a tier 7 premium cruiser, I would propose a few options: For a heavy cruiser, you can either take one of Kent's rebuilt sisters. Australia for the commonwealth, Suffolk has a respectable career. London seems the better choice though. I doubt WG will take up the option of a mini RN CA branch starting from London at tier 7 and using more designs to tier 10. Which would leave London as a premium alternative to Kent. Assuming Dorsetshire is unrebuilt, I would suggest tier 6 if Exeter is a tier 5 premium. However, as a replacement for Belfast, a CL is more appropriate, and there are a few candidates. I would very much like to see HMS Sheffield as a tier 7 premium, representing the earlier So'ton sub class, her war record is respectable, and is the best choice out of the class, excluding the substantially larger Edinburghs. Other options include stealing from CLs more focused on AA, like the Tiger class cruiser HMS Blake, the scrapped on slipway HMS Hawke, and certain designs like K25, although at least one of those should be reserved for an RN-CL-AA line. I really need to stop procrastinating on releasing the proposed stats and line for the RN CAs. Then again, I have other priorities. C'est la vie.
  9. Well, only 8 RN Armoured Cruisers were present at Jutland, in two divisions of 4, acting as screens for the BBs. I believe Arbuthnot had sighted the disabled Wiesbaden, and charged his squadron of 4 across the line of Beatty's BCs. Defence & Warrior made it across, Duke of Edinburgh and Black Prince didn't, and stayed behind. This lead to Defence being targeted by the German BCs and leading BBs and she exploded. The most likely candidate for the ship that fired the fatal salvo was Lutzow, as Derfflinger was about to upon fire, when the Defence blew up, while also being the closest to her. Warrior was most likely saved from a similar fate by Warspite jamming her steering and performing two full circles, unintentionally drawing fire away from the Warrior. Nethertheless, Warrior sucumbed to her damage while being towed back to Britain. Black Prince managed to get separated from the main battle fleet and lost after not crossing the Battlecruiser line. Perhaps she was hit and lost speed. Shortly after midnight, she approached the line of German Battleships heading southwards, the range being around 800m, when she was spotted by searchlights, and fired upon firstly by the Helgoland class Thuringen, followed by sister ship Ostfriesland, and the Nassau, and finally by Kaiser class Friedrich de Grosse, by which point Black Prince had turned away, probably firing a torpedo at Nassau, but was also covered in flame, her after magazine probably exploding after roughly 15 minutes of fire, from first being spotted by Thuringen. So in regards to the tally of kills by BCs, Defence & Warrior are there. The disabled destroyers Nomad and Nestor were also used as target practice by the BCs, though I am unsure about the final blow.
  10. Largest Ship Extent

    Nuclear powered Nimitz is just flat out bigger than conventional QE. QE is using more modern construction methods, whereby the ship is constructed from blocks built at different shipyards, and then transported to the main yard where they are put together to form the ship. The same practice was used for the Royal Navy's Type 45 Destroyers, and is being used for the new Type 26 frigates, and type 31e frigates (when they eventually get around to building them). The practice of pre-fabricating parts of the ship is far more cost effective, hence it was used for QE. As for capability, QE is working up still. She is a fair bit smaller than the Nimitz & Ford, so expect capability to be scaled along those lines.
  11. HMS Exeter will we ever see her?

    For the tech tree, this is fine, WG have fudged ships stats before to make them go up or down a tier. With the RN CAs being a fairly nice progression through Hawkins > York > Kent/London, I see it good enough to buff York up a bit to a 10s reload or so, and a late war AA fit to be applied if she had survived as a final hull. This way the RN CA line makes the best use of the few real ship classes it is given from tier 5 to 7, and then designs at tiers 4, 8, 9 and 10. However, Exeter herself, as mofton said, is a more comfortable tier 5 premium using the more historically apt stats. She can follow the stock hull a tier below philosophy in a way, though obviously she is very similar to Furutaka. You could make her a clone of a T6 York, but there is already premium candidates for a T6 CA, while T5 lacks this without cloning Hawkins for Frobisher (Counting Effingham as a CL).
  12. Well, fine-ish. It took some time for Warspite's inaccuracies to be fixed too. Her turret mounted 20mm, nameplate etc. Even then her name seems to have been painted white, rather than the bronzed colour in game. And her recently added woodpecker crest is in a late war position, though I am unsure if it was moved down in 1942, or later. Unfortunately her citadel is still too large as it is her pre-rebuild citadel size, meaning it juts out beyond A & X turrets. IIRC, that space was used for frozen storage. The same issue applies to QE I believe. As for lowering Warspite, we could have her after shrugging off a bomb from Salerno...
  13. Why is Hood T7

    Sorry about that, I am getting confused obviously. Hood was a quite a quantum leap from Renown though. Previous RN BCs had a significant portion less of armour, Hood retains the armour. Her genesis comes from the general trend of RN BCs, but the final product is more akin to a BB than BC, given the revised design produced by the DNC, providing a design with contemporary BB level armour on the same displacement of the projected BC. Hence, the DNC originally thought of the uparmoured (8" to 12" belt) design as a ship to complement the original Hood/Admiral, rather than replace it. I guess you can say it is a logical evolution from experiences of using BCs in the battle line, but regardless, she did end up being the first of a large new generation.