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  1. I would line another line to grind in cvs. But i don't think that's much of the problem i've already spent too much time on the 2 lines. I'd like to play them with out getting destroyed by some 2k cv main or destroy someone who knows nothing. Another line wouldn't fix the problem add another broken class to the game. Your idea is good gives me another line to play but i'd rather play the cvs i spent my time and money on instead of starting over to only get to tier 10 and not play it again.
  2. Forever horn?

    Has anyone gotten this glitch where when the game ends. Someone happens to be holding down a horn and it keeps going forever(even in port) until you finish another battle Just curious because it has happened to me many times.
  3. So i was playing a game in my Haku. (Help and prove me if i'm wrong that all tier 10's will loose credits like this no matter how good you do.) But i manged to really decent on a cv. Came second place on my team yet somehow lost credits(and i know i'm playing tier 10) even though it was only 401 loss. Didn't have anything to help boost credit income. So i'm wanting to know if cvs loose more credits than other types of tier 10 ships that have no boost. Because i find this really annoying.