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  1. Fiji: How do I do well in this thing?

  2. Suggestion that Ranked always T8

    Ranked does not stay at a certain tier so that things can be a little different every season. Clan Battles is at T10 because T10 is the "end game content".
  3. Bismarck containers

    Lol, at least let us use the duplicates to complete other collections.
  4. the most challenging ships to build

    In the past few years, it has just been one problem or another with various systems.
  5. Upgrades I chose for my new Scharnhorst..comments?

    I have Secondary Mod 2 and Steering Gears Mod 2 instead of the last two you have. I usually put my GK captain with a full secondary build in it, so it just works towards the advantages of the captain.
  6. HMS Furious battlecruiser vs Konig

    Also, Furious, Glorious, and Courageous were more designed to be fast monitors than actual ship v. ship combatants.
  7. the most challenging ships to build

    Hardest: Zumwalt class DDs and Gerald R Ford CVs. (They have been in various stages of construction for basically forever)
  8. HMS Furious battlecruiser vs Konig

    König. Furious with her full armament would only have 2 18 inch guns (literally no accuracy whatsoever) and basically no armour.
  9. 3 days of premium / WoWP codes being given away!

    Yes, Premium time is shared between all WG games.
  10. Won a Mutsu from DoY Santa Crate

    It is a pretty good ship. Only problem you may run into is T6+ CVs as you AA isn't that powerful.
  11. It isn't supposed to be historically accurate. It is just supposed to be a camo with a snow/ice theme.
  12. Ring in the New Year with CUTE!

    Is this the lewd discord I have been hearing about?
  13. If you are looking to research the Pensacola, I would say just research it and don't buy it until right before they release the US cruiser line changes. If you are looking to grind a line, then putting that fxp towards the QE would be the best option.