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  1. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    World of Warships Wiki PSA

    I on principle blame @Doomlock
  2. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    Bot CVs launching 1 plane "squads" repeatedly. Intended?

    Bot CVs expend all of one squadron before moving on to the next. So if there is one plane left of a squad type, the CV will send it. It then moves on to the next squad set and does the same thing.
  3. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    No one is in Twitch!

    The EU ones are all sleeping now.
  4. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    Is your Ranked WR better than your Randoms WR?

    I am the other way around: 61% in randoms and 53% in ranked.
  5. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    Coming soon...

    Top is a London class CA, bottom is a Hawkins class CA. RNCA line confirmed. London (note the line in the bow): Hawkins (gap between guns 1 and 2):
  6. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    citadel ships with HE bombers

    You probably managed to hit the side of the Ranger with your bombs since Ranger does not have a citadel deck that you can hit with HE bombs. For that trajectory, you usually have to drop your bombs really late when the planes are flying more level.
  7. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    This event is is an opportunity... but it also really, really sucks.

    Try co-op then?
  8. I have the same thing too. No mods and on safe mode.
  9. While switching in and out of map mode to set waypoints, my camera returned back to the carrier rather than the squadron I was commanding. Also, the squad did not return to the carrier and I could still move it and attack with it. it returned to normal after the attack run.
  10. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    Why is Friesland flying a Polish naval ensign?

    @Nuk_@Jnobsire An excellent addition to the Polish Navy. :faustyay:
  11. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    Magui Reportándose!

    Hold up, when did Fem start speaking Spanish too?
  12. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    Premium Ship Review #128 - Hill

    I rate this Smol/10
  13. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    Why is this game have to be so darn hard?

    He isn't new, he is an old forum troll with a new account.