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  1. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    World of Warships Wiki PSA

    I on principle blame @Doomlock
  2. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    Bot CVs launching 1 plane "squads" repeatedly. Intended?

    Bot CVs expend all of one squadron before moving on to the next. So if there is one plane left of a squad type, the CV will send it. It then moves on to the next squad set and does the same thing.
  3. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    No one is in Twitch!

    The EU ones are all sleeping now.
  4. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    Is your Ranked WR better than your Randoms WR?

    I am the other way around: 61% in randoms and 53% in ranked.
  5. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    citadel ships with HE bombers

    You probably managed to hit the side of the Ranger with your bombs since Ranger does not have a citadel deck that you can hit with HE bombs. For that trajectory, you usually have to drop your bombs really late when the planes are flying more level.
  6. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    This event is is an opportunity... but it also really, really sucks.

    Try co-op then?
  7. I have the same thing too. No mods and on safe mode.
  8. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    Why is Friesland flying a Polish naval ensign?

    @Nuk_@Jnobsire An excellent addition to the Polish Navy. :faustyay:
  9. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    Magui Reportándose!

    Hold up, when did Fem start speaking Spanish too?
  10. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    Premium Ship Review #128 - Hill

    I rate this Smol/10
  11. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    Why is this game have to be so darn hard?

    He isn't new, he is an old forum troll with a new account.
  12. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    Please, Please WOW, retire the Back To School camo!

    But if that is gone, what are we going to wear when we do triple Campbeltown divisions?
  13. Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper

    Montpelier Question

    So I assume that is why you are on here to post today.