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  1. Hey, @SuperNikoPower needs one too.
  2. I am pretty sue you meant WA. What a ship did historically has nothing to do with the consummables it gets in the game. The “famous concealment” is already incorporated into the NC. There is no real justification for taking a tech tree ship, giv it another name, and just giving it radar.
  3. Get the NC then for concealment. All the high tier US BBs had adar irl, but only MO actuall has it in game, so Washington would not have it either.
  4. Nein
  5. If I rek ember correctly, the distances are cut down by a factor of 4, so even that would ensure a flight time of a little less than 2 hours.
  6. 20 minutes of straight flying time is not even going to consume anywhere close to a full tank. The TBF Avenger can fly ~7 hours on a full tank.
  7. KmsH44: Doomlock and Hipper:
  8. No, since Cleveland is going to be put back in T8 with her original stats once the US cruiser line split happens in the future.
  9. 3 - Superintendent, to heal the booty.
  10. HINON clan commander group special skill: - Instills chaos into the enemy team through memes and pure insanity. - @renegadestatuz rage: -30% reload to reload of all armament if team is looks looks badly. Also adds salt to quick commands voiceover.
  11. ...and i decided to get this in the gift shop.
  12. A longer reload.
  13. Last I checked, the tech tree had a typo or something that said 4x3 457mm stock and 4x2 457mm upgraded.
  14. Doom senpai haz noticed meeee!
  15. #BlameDoomForServerProblems And before to say anything, Doom... KITAKAMI!!