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  1. Dev Blog - ST Tier 10 French BB Bourgogne

    French historically: extremely horrible reload WG: gib Franch botes gimmik fer faster reload
  2. Dev Blog - Balance Changes

  3. How to pronounce Worcester

    No. >.> <.<
  4. Biggest OP thing in the game

    Wait, so you only shoot AP in cruisers?
  5. We won this

  6. Pics or replay please?
  7. How many battles per day?

    Currently going at about enough battles for 2.5k coal per day and that is about where I stop.
  8. Bring on U.S.S. WASHINGTON (BB 56)?

    So a variant on MA?
  9. All BBs are covered in lighter fluid. Nothing has changed.
  10. Friedrich der Große love fest

    It seems more of a sidegrade from Bismarck more than an upgrade. Also, you can feel the lack of guns at T9 with the German dispersion thrown on top of it.
  11. disengaging fighters when in a dogfight

  12. Friedrich der Große love fest

    It was kind of the opposite for me, I liked Bismarck a lot but I didn't like Freddy as much.
  13. Friedrich der Große love fest

    Get to GK, that ship is even more fun.
  14. New 100mm HE pen : commander respec ?

    Only the Akizuki will be getting nerfs, and those don't really have anything to do with the buffs.
  15. Wrong Answers Only: 06

    It's Floridaman in his natural habitat.