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  1. There has been only one IJN ship that has been hit by US high altitude bombing; and that was 1 bomb on a destroyer. Also, for Midway, you can find a trove of pictures of B-17s missing the Japanese ships.
  2. Will Saipan/Kaga/Enterprise be available again?

    Yes, they will be around sometime. They are just not sold during this rotation of ships in the premium shop.
  3. How do you reduce the spread?

    Get closer to the enemy.
  4. Enable some CAs to manually target air with main guns?

    And Atlanta has God-level AA at T7. 7.2km for the 5"/38 AA bubble.
  5. Blyskawica feels... outclassed.

    Poland best T7 DD!
  6. Tier V Fighter Balance- What has Changed?

    US fighters have a higher health pool than the IJN ones.
  7. No, seriously, how you should play IJN BBs

    And you wonder why clans don’t want you.
  8. Dev Blog - New Port Kronshtadt

    People, this is the T9 Russian cruiser we have all been waiting for. On the other hand, Boston port when?
  9. What Would Happen to NO permaflouge after split?

    I would suppose that the Anniversary camo would just stay at T8 because it is a T8 specific camo.
  10. *queues up for a game*

    The horde of BBs has not reached the high tiers yet.
  11. Bork.

  12. What is poi?

    And because of that, the lead ship of Yuudachi's class, Shiratsuyu, is known as the "Poibote" in this game.
  13. What is poi?

    Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Poi, Poi, Poi!