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  1. I agree with that it is a game and they try to keep things some what balanced
  2. Yes I believe ships with radar could shoot from smoke....but if a ship has Smoke , Radar , and Torps isn't that giving him a big advantage over ships with know Smoke? Every ship is able to put up smoke in RL
  3. I would agree with that!! Thanks!
  4. Meaning ships in real life battles don't SHOOT from smoke!! They use it to escape the battle at hand!
  5. I see what your saying but in saying that....why dont all CA's have it? fair is fair
  6. True...but lets say you have 2 CA's going at it nice even battle and then the one CA puts up Smoke....at at that point he has a big advantage and usually by the time you close the range its over!! example: Smolensk agents a Hind...the Smol clearly has the advantage...take the smoke away or it can only be used as defense when things are going bad or capping...that even things up that's all I am saying
  7. It seems to me in my OP that Smoke was always used as a Defense purpose in a battle when things weren't going well in a battle to escape and regroup....But in WoW Ships its used for both and seems to give some CA/CL a big advantage!! I have seen it in ranked 14 a ton.....and yes I know its a game and there trying to keep things on a even keel....but it seems to be a bit skewed? ...........ok let me have it!! lol ps....this does't pertain to DD
  8. ASCHEER_3055

    What is a good Winning percentage?

    I would agree that!!
  9. ASCHEER_3055

    What is a good Winning percentage?

    Yes.........I would agree with that!!
  10. ASCHEER_3055

    Fixing Smoke

    I agree when Cruisers have Smoke and torps they have big advantage!! I think CA and CL should all have smoke or all have no smoke!
  11. ASCHEER_3055

    What is a good Winning percentage?

    I have an Average to better win rate through the mid Tiers....But those upper T 9-10 games can be tough am maybe a 47 to 50% win rate!
  12. ASCHEER_3055

    What is a good Winning percentage?

    Yes.....% of wins in Solo Random Battles
  13. I know its hard to put a Gage on winning percentage because we play with a lot of different players So would it be safe to say: 50% win rate ~ Average 60% good 65 and above great And does it really effect Match Matching?