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  1. KingNeptunes

    Need recommendation from steel ship owners

    We would need further info from you to make an objective recommendation. Are you a BB, Cruiser or DD player? I highly recommend the Bourgogne, it is a very strong ship, a bit of a stats sink though seeing that mostly only unicums have it currently. Somers is a very good DD, USN Shima pretty much, great for competitive.
  2. KingNeptunes

    Ranked Sprint 1v1: lol wait, really?

    I'll be running RPF Bismarck or Heal Kiev I think.. See how they fare against other classes
  3. KingNeptunes

    Weekend Spree.

    21,975,000 as of right now
  4. KingNeptunes

    Weekend Spree.

    I just finished Directive three and the shipbuilding now says at the current rate I will complete 35 out of 36
  5. I and a lot of people I know would pay good money $50-100 if they got the opportunity to switch servers (Asia to NA for example). World of Warcraft also never used to offer this service, then realised that they could make a lot of money from offering it, as it takes little actual work. I would like to suggest and gauge interest in the possibility of this service, please vote!