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  1. Fumie

    Rollback a few days ago

    Thanks, I already submited a ticket, I do have the coal already for her without coupon (that was my intention to get her) so I hope they can discharge me the extra coal and return the coupon
  2. Fumie

    Rollback a few days ago

    I already played her and out of habit I got her with the coupon, didn't notice until I checked how much steel I needed for Somers and that's when I noticed the coupon was gone. So should I try to submit this into refunds? I mean I know I'm not up for a refund, that's why I want to ask for a rollback even if I lose some progress of the previous days. Plus I have coal for her without coupon, I want to use all of it and keep the coupon.
  3. Hello, a couple days ago I exchanged coal for Marceau using the discount coupon. However, I forgot I was going to use that for another exchange (with steel) and get Marceau without coupon. Is there any way my account can be rolled back to before I did the exchange? I don't care if I lose some of my progress of the previous days, I want to reset before I used the coupon so I can get Marceau without it and save the coupon for later. Please notify me if this is possible or I should just resign, thanks in advance