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  1. bigalow87

    Ships you never see anymore

    Katori. Slower than a St. Louis with 1/3rd of its firepower. Katori is Japanese for "sitting duck". A real crowd favorite...
  2. bigalow87

    Huanghe - reached another milestone tonight

    One more high, this time with 7 kills, 2 of them were Close Quarters Expert,
  3. Been ages since the last monster match in my Mikasa. I got lucky in that all those fires stuck for long duration. This actually bested my previous high score in Mikasa I set years ago.
  4. Passed 3000 ships sunk. I would wager that if you added up all the other Huanghe kills on the NA server it wouldn't reach 3000. It's been a challenging journey. Not sure what to aim for next...
  5. getting these results far too often lately. Topped it off by doing 62k damage in a Mikasa & still couldn't get a win....I know, I'm playing the worst ships in the game, but I enjoy the challenge, even though playing these ships has literally wrecked my win rate...
  6. bigalow87

    Kongo accuracy

    Sure, Here are my top 3 IJN bb's by number of battles. Also my Missouri as it is my most accurate BB with more than 50 battles.
  7. bigalow87

    Kongo accuracy

    My data says otherwise.
  8. bigalow87

    Kongo accuracy

    Mikasa is rightly considered to be the worst ship in the game, but Mikasa being inaccurate is a long running myth. It's short comings lie else where...
  9. bigalow87

    West Virginia Camo and missions

    what the...? That was the whole point of it! Actually have not played it in a long time. Dont like its play style.
  10. bigalow87

    West Virginia Camo and missions

    didn't see your post till now. To get it to play the whole tune yo have to hold the "N" key down, at least that's the only way I can get it to play the whole thing.
  11. bigalow87

    fun Mikasa replay

    if your interested. Dont get too many like this with this ship. Me & another BB came back against 6 other ships. The last kill made me giggle as that tiny bow gun plinked the dd with the a single shot. 20200416_235407_PJSB011-Mikasa-1905_34_OC_islands.wowsreplay
  12. bigalow87

    fastest Whuppin' I have been in...

    so the fight lasted, what, about 2:30?
  13. Full random match lasted exactly 6 minutes. Figure it takes 2 minutes just to get into firing range. Did almost 100k damage with my Irian. This ship has been an absolute beast for me. I ground out the Pan-Asian Fleet Elite emblem using this ship in well under 300 matches.
  14. bigalow87

    What was your best salvo ever?

    45,700 on a Ishizuchi. With 1 HE shell. Fired by my Ishizuchi. There was a small gap in Ishizuchi's forward deck armour just in front of the A turret above the magazine. One plunging shell from 10 km hit it just right...
  15. bigalow87

    Is Irian worth buying

    This ship has been an absolute stud for me. I recently ground out the Pan Asian Fleet Elite badge using ONLY the Irian. I did it well under 300 matches. That means even with all the heavy up tiers T8 see I was in the top 3 in at least 33% of the matches I played. But it was even more than that as I lost several matches where I was top 3 but losses didn't count! It had to be closer to 40%. I was hoping the Wukong would be a good addition, but it has been a garbage scow compared to the Irian. I have no explanation as to why I kick [edited]in this ship, I just do. Here is a match I played just fooling about to wind down the night...