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  1. Mid-Tier Mondays - The Cruisers

    830 matches, in a Huanghe. Something is wrong with me....
  2. IFHE on Perth?

    I dont run IFHE on my Perth, & my numbers are among the best in the world. I load up on fire flags & play forward spotter till the end game, where the Perth is an absolute monster...
  3. I drive a Huanghe...there is nothing else you can do with it except shoot planes....
  4. Yubari-yay or nay

    but it does get protected matchmaking, like ishizushi, so it has that going for it. Other than that it is difficult to do damage with it. I would like to see the AP shells buffed so it can get cits at long range. So many sideways potatoes down there in tier V, would like to take advantage of it....
  5. Good question. I imagine Stalingrad would be a highly desired ship & as such would get a lot of play. Perhaps that will help balance out the unicum players a bit as they go after one another. Plus at higher tiers the general play is better, so more balance overall I think. Huanghe, though, no one seems to want to play it. I can go days without seeing one in a match, other than my own. Somehow I ended up playing this thing more than most folks could imagine tolerating. Most would be happy to have my numbers in it, but most of my other "challenging" ships have better numbers, & its getting *smoked* heh by my Perth...
  6. I would not advocate for more ships like what is arguably the worst cruiser in the game. If you are getting close enough for the secondaries to be of any use then you are too close to begin with & will be dead soon. Heck, that's even another stat that Perth is better at than the Huanghe, as they do more dammage & fire at a faster rate. Man, this is one brutal ship to play....
  7. This is spot on, as I actually got the kill on the Nik, doing over 25k in fire damage alone.
  8. I was referring to the rating of the guns, with Ishy at 74 & nik at 70. I cant believe anyone would think that is correct...
  9. Really think Ishy's guns are better than a Nikolai's?
  10. MM Love

  11. My quirkiest one was in a Yubari. When the game ended there was a set of shells hanging in the air about 100 ft out dead on target...
  12. I suck at that game too...
  13. With my luck it would be a dyslexic commander...."torpedoes starboard...NO I MEANT PORT!"
  14. Or at least sell me a mod that lets me shoot live turkeys at my enemies. I've always wanted to do that...
  15. Hmmm...my spidey senses are tingling. {slowly backs away...}