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  1. _Marines

    Currently stuck "logging in..."

    I'm having the same problem. The game is frequently stuck at "logging in" when launching. Windows 10.
  2. With secondaries nerfed to the ground, it's much harder to push in as a BB. This rework just promotes "everyone for himself" mentality and abandoning their DD teammates.
  3. _Marines

    Deadeye needs to go

    This does nothing other than promoting toxic base camping.
  4. _Marines

    German BB Secondaries getting buffed in rework

    Not enough. German and French BBs are meant to take huge risk on behalf of the team and brawl. The secondary accuracy of both German and French BBs needs to be boosted a lot more to reach pre-rework levels.
  5. _Marines

    PTS 0.10.0

    This is not wrong. I'm using Nvidia GT 650. World of Warships is a game for the masses. If it starts to exclude the majority in favor for the few with the most powerful GPUs, then the revenue stream will run dry very fast.
  6. _Marines

    PTS 0.10.0

    The new nerfed secondary commander skill has made German and French secondary-build BBs unplayable. The whole battleship skill set encourages border-hugging, sniping, while punishing battleships that push. This will make PvP (Random matches and Ranked matches) stale and players will leave. With the ideas and design this bad, the whole rework should be reworked. That is, return to the idea-generation phrase and re-design the skills, closer to the current version which works well. If time does not allow, at least replace these broken 0.10.0 commander skills with old commander skills that have been proven to work: i.e. -15% secondary dispersion for Tier 1-6 and -60% secondary dispersion for Tier 7-10.
  7. _Marines

    Got a Kraken and 7 kills in my Fuso

    Thanks, mate! My mentality also changed over the years. I now realize that even with Japanese BBs, they perform the best when pushing in. I just need to find aggressive teammates that sail in front of me and tank.
  8. Well, the guess the ship wants to wish me a merry Christmas!
  9. It's the short cinematic after the loading screen when we entered the game.
  10. _Marines

    USS Arizona

    My commander skill on USS Arizona. This uses only 14 points. The Expert Loader (EL) is helpful for blasting DDs with HEs, especially when there is no support from CA/CL teammates. That said, I would still recommend sailing with teammates as much as you can. Don't think you can overcome a DD just because you have EL. Also my last match's replay (in Arizona!) to wish you all a merry Christmas!
  11. _Marines

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.0

    The nerfs on battleship secondaries are too heavy! BBs secondaries are not competitive. They don't break Clan Battles or Ranked Battles. They are just for the fun. Currently the MFCSA skill reduces secondary dispersion for 60%, making otherwise inaccurate secondaries viable: The proposed changes are extremely heavy-handed (source: Commander skills' matrix), nerfing the secondary-build BB's secondary dispersion from 40% gross (i.e. -60%) to 65% gross (-35%). This is too much a nerf on the fun, while providing little benefit for in-game balance: be it casual Randoms or competitive endgame. If you have to nerf secondary, may be set it -30% dispersion for Tier I-VI and -50% dispersion for Tier VII-X. This way, secondary builds are still viable, and it helps retain BB players that enjoy it (a large percentage of them).
  12. Dasha is so cute! I searched on a few places, and even the World of Warships Official Channel on YouTube does not have it.
  13. I have been having a good time with the Soyuz. She is extremely resilient in disadvantaged encounters. By going bow-tanking, I once took over 3 million potential damage for my team.
  14. _Marines

    is it true? Are secondaries being nerfed?

    With the proposed nerf, Tier 7 to 10 secondaries would become so inaccurate that they won't do any meaningful damage.
  15. _Marines


    Ohio tem cura de recarga rápida. Eles fazem uma melhoria gigantesca na resistência. Pude ser campeão em nome da minha equipe em Ohio. :D Ohio has fast-reload heals. They make night-and-day difference in tankiness. I have been able to hard carry my team with the Ohio. :D