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  1. _Marines

    NTC is Being Reworked

    I wish other game companies, like Activision Blizzard, EA, CCP, and Ubisoft, can take a note here and at least do half of the listening work that Wargaming did. Those companies ruined too many otherwise amazing games with their game-breaking systems that force players into long, boring grinds.
  2. Maybe WG is trying to give us an opportunity to spend more time with friends and family. Meaningful times. It's summer here and we should all be spending spare time in a cottage with beers and barbecue.
  3. Likely truth. Also truth.
  4. Generally, no. You can watch YouTube reviews and replays though. Certain ships can be rented for special events, such as the Tier X ships in the last ranked season. I tried out [Conqueror] to see if she is worth the grind.
  5. _Marines

    It is a WAR GAME

    We need commissar ships dedicated to the shooting of coward captains. (Or better, have a commissar event, so we can spend whole weeks on it.)
  6. _Marines

    Tune down the Frequency of Cyclones

    Agree with OP. Overwhelming majority of the battles were not fought in storms. It is unhistorical to have current (very high) frequency of these weather events.
  7. Thank you WG! Happy Canada Day!
  8. _Marines

    What are your opinions on Kremlin?

    It helps with balance if Kremlin's short range dispersion is lightly nerfed. Current no battleship can win a brawl against Kremlin. (I'm a Kremlin player.)
  9. _Marines

    USS Wisconsin (BB-64)

    I wish, although I'm not too confidence that devs will do the right thing for this one.
  10. _Marines

    AA since 8.5

    It is true. When some elements about a game is so hotly debated, it is wise not to change things (to keep CV in the original RTS mode) and re-sensitize players to it, generating a new round of toxic debate.
  11. _Marines

    A new concept: Flagship of the Fleet

    It would likely be better if, for instance, Bourgogne was released as an upgrade to Alsace rather than a standalone ship. Allowing more customizations instead of new premium ship (both can generate revenue) is certainly healthier for the game, although WG needs to be more carefully balance the customizations to avoid steep power creeping.
  12. _Marines


    Aircraft carriers have been emasculated since 0.8.5. Maybe intended, maybe nerfed more than intended. I believe both the aircraft HP and aircraft regen need to be buffed quite a bit to make CVs playable again. This also facilitate the sales of upcoming Ark Royal.
  13. _Marines

    Could Uptiering be Toned Down a bit?

    Exactly. +/-1 tier for all tiers will make the game so much more enjoyable and the distribution of skilled players so much healthier.
  14. _Marines

    AA since 8.5

    I think it's just a sneaky nerf. A sneaky, harsh nerf to please the non-CV players. Under the current mechanism, aircrafts would need twice the HP and twice the regen for CVs to be playable.
  15. _Marines

    Did ramming mechanics change?

    Identical to my observation.