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  1. _Marines

    Georgia T9 Premium Battleship Thread

    I recently (v.9.7.0) tested the impact of IFHE commander skill in the Training Room. The results are attached below. IFHE significantly improves USS Georgia's secondary battery DPS against cruisers, including both CAs and CLs. But it has no credible benefit against DDs and BBs. Keep in mind that bots in ST Armor Resilience Test do not repair, so the non-IFHE secondary DPS stats are slightly overstated. IFHE also changes the composition of damage dealt by secondaries. Without IFHE, it's about half and half between penetration (direct) and fire (DoT). With IFHE selected, direct damage as a percentage can be around 63%~81%. According to the parameters, secondaries on the USS Georgia are the same as those on USS Mamie. However, since WG implemented the HE penetration buff for uptiered ships, secondaries on the Georgia are at times weaker than those on the Mamie. For instance, against Tier 10 targets, the Tier 9 Georgia does not receive as much said buff as the Tier 8 Mamie does. This disadvantage of Georgia secondaries can be felt the most when shooting cruisers.
  2. I totally agree. From what I've read about naval history, post-naval-holiday German battleships are at least as accurate as British peers, and likely even better. I was fighting a Pommern in my Alaska today, and I didn't even bother to angle. I gave him full broadside to let him shoot, and he got 2 overpens. So I kept HE-spamming him and he retreated. That pretty much summed up everything wrong with the overly nerfed German BBs in this game.
  3. I have bought a USS Alaska according to the current result of this vote. I find the battlecruiser extremely high-aggro: whenever I'm detected, the enemies like to focus on me. This forces me to position carefully in the opening and midgame, and I'm having troubles reaching a 80k damage/match goal that I want. However, I find the her very satisfying to play and provides a unique experience. In long-range standoffs, she is more versatile than Brindisi, being able to both bow-tank and aft tank, as well as being able to both spam HE (most cases) and AP (against broadsided cruisers). Heavily armored battleships like the GK can be irritating as my AP can't pen him at long range, forcing me to use HE. In brawling situations, I find her rather tanky if steeply angled. I have great confidence with her Slava-like reliable guns and think I can win a brawl against any cruisers other than the Siegfried. Overall, for me, USS Alaska is satisfying to play and to farm win rate. (Not sure if a team of Alaskas can beat a team Siegfrieds in Clan Battles though.)
  4. AL Sov Rossiya is currently one of the weakest Tier 9 battleship in the game. The Tech Tree Sov Soyuz was balanced according to the average battleships at Tier 9. But for AL Sov Rossiya, the 0.1 sigma increase cannot compensate for losing the increased main gun accuracy at close range. This makes AL Sov Rossiya incapable at contesting and very weak at any range. I would like to ask the devs to try increasing the secondary base range to 7.7km or so, and maybe even increase secondary reload/accuracy according to the spreadsheet's feedback. This can greatly help AL Sov Rossiya captains that find their ship nearly always outgunned when contesting a cap, and surely increase sales.
  5. _Marines

    BB Line Suggestion for Variety

    Grind the Russian BB line. Very effective at brawling and pushing-brawls. They teach you timing and positioning. Grind the German BB line. They require more elaborated planning than the Russian BBs. They are good at brawling but are vulnerable to HE spammers.
  6. I don't think I can agree with that. In Tier 10 Clan Battles, the preferred cruisers are Venezia (flanking and damage) and Stalingrad (bow-tanking and radar).
  7. Now I see. Russian DDs are cruisers. Russian cruisers are BCs. Russian BCs are battleships. And Russian battleships are aircraft carriers. Yes:
  8. Slava: Pommern: Speaking from statistical empiricism, when a ship is first released, she tends to attract the most enthusiastic players. These players have above-average gaming skills. For instance, Jean Bart had 111k damage/match on the first day of release in NA live server, which is 140% of her current 80k damage/match. If the 140% multiplier holds, then we can expect Slava's damage/match to converge towards 106k/1.4=76k, and Pommern's, 83k/1.4=59k. That said, based on my own opinion, Slava's current stats are already experiencing a saturated clientele effect, and is unlikely to revert to "the mean" so much. It may converge around 95k~100k instead. Meanwhile, Pommern is available for cash, Coal, and Doubloons, so her stats may actually revert as heavily as the Jean Bart, resulting in the 59k damage/match similar to that of the Tech Tree FdG.
  9. _Marines

    Slava for 63,000 Research Points in 0.9.7

    I'm very disappointed that WG is making the Slava available. This encourages Slava players to sit back and snipe, and the enemies to always angle against the Slava, and that usually means to also sit back and not push. Champagne has been quite destructive to this game. Now we have Slava. WG, do you really hate this game which you spend so many years to develop, and want to see World of Warships destroyed?
  10. I will prefer Georgia if I were you. As you advance to better clans, they will have damage/match and potential damage tank/match targets for BB players. The Thunderer is a sit-back-and-snipe ship, and this make it very stressful to try to tank and meet the potential/match target. In other words, good clans don't let their BB players sit back and snipe. You have to tank. Georgia, while not as tanky as Musashi or Sov Soyuz, she is certainly a lot tankier than Thunderer, and much more capable at brawling.
  11. _Marines

    Premium Shop: Alaska

    Thanks! I have bought the Alaska. The post-apocalypse-style camo can indeed be dismounted.
  12. _Marines


    While we are hoping for an FdG buff, we got another round of Pommern (née Ludendorff) nerf:
  13. _Marines

    Tier IX German premium battleship Ludendorff

    How bad is 1.5 sigma? Most Tier 3 battleships have 1.8 sigma. And the most inaccurate battleship at Tier 3, Knyaz Suvorov, has 1.5 sigma. Having this as a German BB player at Tier 9 is about as sad as being thrown into the Russian Gulag.
  14. This. 4 CVs (sometimes even 6) at Tier 4 is brutal. 2 CVs, one at each side, are enough of a torture for the low tier players.
  15. _Marines

    Why was Odin criticized when it first launched?

    Agreed. If Odin receives more HP to match Gneisenau or the pre-nerf version, I would not only stop complaining, but also go to the Premium Shop and pull the trigger to buy one.