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  1. Especially for Random battles? Playing a battleship at the bottom tier feels like playing a cruiser with no teeth.
  2. _Marines

    Flamu's Ranked Battle Tier 6 BB tier list

    Personally I agree with these tierings, excepting that I may switch the places between Mackensen and Prinz Eitel Friedrich. After the secondaries buff, P. E. Friedrich is now a strong brawler that also has accurate main guns. Flamu did not play P. E. Friedrich much after the buff.
  3. _Marines

    Flamu's Ranked Battle Tier 6 BB tier list

    I also noticed that Flamu has a Tier 8 BB tier list as well (for Ranked battles). Since people seem to hate the above post more than they like it, I'm not starting a new thread and would just post it here. Instead of watching a 1-hour-and-33-minute video, you can have the answers quickly: S Tier: Massachusetts, Lenin A Tier: Vladivostok, Zieten B Tier: Constellation, Kii, North Carolina, Borodino, Odin, Hawke, Flandre, Atlantico C Tier: Bismarck, Tirpitz, Brandenburg, Amagi, Ignis Purgatio, Alabama, Vanguard, Gascogne, Richelieu, AL Littorio, Vittorio Veneto, Roma D Tier: Kansas, Anhalt, Monarch, Champagne Flamu's Tier 10 BB tier list for Ranked battles: S Tier: Thunderer, Ohio A Tier: Bourgogne, Yamato, Shikishima, Schlieffen, Republique B Tier: Preussen, Incomparable, Kremlin, Slava, Montana, Conqueror C Tier: Vermont D Tier: Grosser Kurfurst, Cristoforo Colombo Flamu's Tier 5 BB tier list for Ranked battles: S Tier: Agincourt, Rio de Janeiro, Giulio Cesare A Tier: Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya, Pyotr Velikiy B Tier: Derfflinger, Tiger, Kongo, Viribus Unitis C Tier: Konig, Iron Duke, Cavour D Tier: New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Bretagne
  4. _Marines

    Airship Escort and keeping it fun.

    No it's not. I will be quite happy if we can have both: An Airship Escort special mode like the way it is currently, Tier 8~10. An Airship Escort mission type in Randoms for all suitable tiers, although the airship paths should be made longer or something, so the average match doesn't end in 10 minutes.
  5. _Marines

    Airship Escort and keeping it fun.

    I'm afraid that any changes suggested by players would end up being implemented that kill the fun in Airship Escorts.
  6. Submarines are the worst fun police in this game. They strongly encourage sitting behind and sniping. They strongly discourage teamplay and pushing.
  7. It's an 1-hour-and-31-minute video, so to save your time, here is the list in text. This is just Flamu's personal opinion of course. Everyone can have his or her opinion: S Tier: Repulse A Tier: Izmail, Bayern, Renown, Fuso, Ise B Tier: Mutsu, West Virginia 1941, Warspite, Mackensen C Tier: Novorossiysk, Prinz Eitel Friedrich, Queen Elizabeth, Dunkerque, Normandie, Andrea Doria D Tier: Arizona, New Mexico
  8. _Marines


    How much silver are these Tier 11 costing you guys per game on average?
  9. I stopped playing this game 2 years ago after the December 2020 captain skill rework. It nerfed battleship secondaries to the ground. BB players were no longer pushing, and instead just sat behind and sniped. It was toxic. I tried a few Co-op matches after Christmas 2022. I noticed that the captain skills are reworked again. There are some secondary battery talents returning. So how are battleship players been faring these days? Are secondary builds viable again? Do BBs push? Are the submarines making everything on the surface too quiet? Thanks in advance for your inputs!
  10. _Marines

    Currently stuck "logging in..."

    I'm having the same problem. The game is frequently stuck at "logging in" when launching. Windows 10.
  11. With secondaries nerfed to the ground, it's much harder to push in as a BB. This rework just promotes "everyone for himself" mentality and abandoning their DD teammates.
  12. _Marines

    Deadeye needs to go

    This does nothing other than promoting toxic base camping.
  13. _Marines

    German BB Secondaries getting buffed in rework

    Not enough. German and French BBs are meant to take huge risk on behalf of the team and brawl. The secondary accuracy of both German and French BBs needs to be boosted a lot more to reach pre-rework levels.
  14. _Marines

    PTS 0.10.0

    This is not wrong. I'm using Nvidia GT 650. World of Warships is a game for the masses. If it starts to exclude the majority in favor for the few with the most powerful GPUs, then the revenue stream will run dry very fast.
  15. _Marines

    PTS 0.10.0

    The new nerfed secondary commander skill has made German and French secondary-build BBs unplayable. The whole battleship skill set encourages border-hugging, sniping, while punishing battleships that push. This will make PvP (Random matches and Ranked matches) stale and players will leave. With the ideas and design this bad, the whole rework should be reworked. That is, return to the idea-generation phrase and re-design the skills, closer to the current version which works well. If time does not allow, at least replace these broken 0.10.0 commander skills with old commander skills that have been proven to work: i.e. -15% secondary dispersion for Tier 1-6 and -60% secondary dispersion for Tier 7-10.