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  1. Tier X Camofluage

    No matter the question, the answer is always Hindenburg.
  2. Anyone mesh well with the German cruiser line?

    I couldn't get along with most of the German CA line, and FXP'd T6-8 (I already had the Eugen, so Hipper had no interest for me). Hipper/Eugen isn't a bad ship, but they badly need a heal to compete with the other ships at their tier and to make up for their low DPM. I will say that if you get the hang of Hipper/Eugen, you'll be in a great place for Hindy, as she's basically a Eugen on all the steroids. Roon was pretty meh for me, personally - she has a lot of things to like, but in many ways she's a throwback to the earlier ships in the tree, with a playstyle that prioritizes stern-kiting (something I'm not really a fan of). But when I got to Hindy... sweet frosted Donitz, she's a monster. I got her permacamo pretty quickly (something I've only ever done for one other ship), she was that good. Build for stealth and DPM, and prepare to wreck face right and left. She can push and kite at will in way that Roon can't, making her a threat in pretty much any situation.
  3. Roma - the new GC?

    So after Roma has been out for a few days, a quick survey of her stats (on both sites) shows her at a whopping 55% WR, handily beating out the previous holder of the T8 WR trophy (Alabama), dealing the highest damage in-tier at 69K (10K more damage than Monarch, with her HE spam!), and scoring the highest MBH rate in-tier at a huge 32% (even when adjusted for all-time). She also has the highest K/D ratio of all time, and is tied for highest survivability with Amagi. And this is with the ship only being a few days old - imagine what her stats will be a month from now, once her players know her better. Given these rather amazing results, especially the damage and MBH stats (which suggest that complaints of her wonky gunnery and overpens are more psychological than real), it really looks to me that Roma might be the Giulio of her tier - an amalgamation of seemingly lackluster components that create a monster when viewed as a whole. My guess is that the key for both ships is their combination of maneuverability and stealth. GC can out-run and out-fight anything in her tier, and can hide easily from bigger threats. Meanwhile, Roma not only has the ability to hide, but also to choose targets of opportunity pretty much at will with her traverse - a player doesn't have to choose between keeping a proper angle on the BB off their bow and hitting the exposed broadside of a CA that just appeared 90 degrees off to the side. Roma can swing her guns around and fire at a target of opportunity without touching the rudder, something even US BBs struggle to do. Incidentally, the pastabotes' performance is giving me more reason to think that concealment (and the inflation thereof, such as in the PA DDs) is becoming the new dominant mechanic for the meta - stealth builds (and ships with higher stealth) crush all. Granted, there is historical basis for the notion that first spotted = first dead, but I'm concerned that a single criterion seems to be emerging as the key to victory, to the detriment of other qualities.
  4. Premium Shop Shopping cart?

    This right here is probably one of the most baffling things WG has done (or not done) from the retail end of things. Especially since for those of us with PayPal credit, you have 6 months to pay something off without interest, but only if it's more than $100 total! WG is only shooting themselves in the foot by not introducing a cart.
  5. Deepwater derping

    So after seeing all the posts about overcrowded DDs, I brushed off my Wickes and Clemson last night and dove into the lower tiers for a little PA-clubbing. While down there, I was absolutely amazed to see PA drivers going for knife fights time and again, and dumping salvo after salvo of useless torpedoes at each other. Seriously, it's amazing. Not only did they manage not to read the in-game info and patch notes, but they made it to T4-5 in the line without noticing it. Has anyone else been seeing this, or did I just manage to find the weird games last night?
  6. Pan-Asian Ships = bringing out the worst

    Outside of the minority that is irredeemably incompetent, most players of any given class aren't cowards, contrary to the vocal bawling of the DD mafia (and likewise the BB mafia that whines about DDs not pushing ahead of them). The problem is flawed game design and incentive. When your game design presents raw damage points as the raw metric for success (the fact that percentage counts more is not clearly explained anywhere ingame IIRC) and allows players to do damage at +20km while simultaneously prolonging their life by being harder to hit (thus allowing them to get more long range damage), you're going to get back-row campers because that is what the game is naturally encouraging by design. Deepwater torps are a horrible way to solve this problem, because increasing the short and medium range threats is just going to up the incentives for mediocre or ignorant BBs to hang back and farm damage. Nerfing BB range is likewise a terrible idea, because it screws with cross-class balance and piles on the already arcade-y feel even more. What needs to happen is a revamp of spotting mechanics (coupled with better damage score explanations), because that would provide the design and incentive changes needed to reward aggressive BB players and gently punish the passive ones (by effectively denying them a part in the battle), as well as encourage team play. If you have to spot your targets within your own LOS (and their detection) in order to get a useful lock, instead of being able to target the ship spotted by the DD 10km in front of you, you will have to move up to take part in the fight. And BB's max gunnery ranges could still be plenty useful, as they could open fire on targets outside of their detection who revealed themselves by firing (basically an extension and refinement of current detection mechanics after firing).
  7. Well, that's one mystery solved. Thanks!
  8. While we're talking about mysterious doohickeys, does anybody have any idea what the heck these torpedo-shaped things are on many BBs and CAs? (This is one of them on NM's B turret.) I'm guessing they're some kind of stand-in for towed hydrophone arrays, but I can't seem to find any IRL photo showing them (and plus they appear identical across nations), so I'm wondering if they're just a design element that WG uses to fill in empty space?
  9. Pan-Asian Ships = bringing out the worst

    I've been saying this before too. You want BBs to move up? Make the cyclone mechanic the standard spotting mechanic - you can learn location and bearing from your allies, but you can't see and target them until either your bridge or your spotting plane (which would be communicating directly with your gunnery officer IRL) has actual eyes on the target. BBs and other border huggers would be falling over themselves to close with the enemy.
  10. Good tech tree premiums to get

    Ishizuchi is a good low-tier ship for learning the basics of angling and kiting, I think - she's quite soft, but is almost uncatchable when kiting. She also has the advantage of being T4, which is the best lower tier overall (both for balance and matchmaking). If you learn to make Ishi work, you'll understand the basics of most cruiser gameplay, as well as learning the angling you'll need to survive higher-tier BB engagements further down the line (and she can work quite well once you understand her). So if you HAVE to buy a premium now, my vote would be Ishizuchi (and she's dirt cheap, so there's that too). My next choice would be Scharnhorst, but T7 is when things start getting a bit rough for a beginner to jump into.
  11. Atago: where have you been all my life?

    I'm really sorry she isn't working for you. I'm no unicum by any means, but my strong impression is that that the Atago is essentially the T8 Furutaka (for good and bad), and whether or not someone does well in Furutaka will dictate how Atago feels to them. Neither of them will win any DPM-dependent fight - their strength is in using their speed and concealment to fight at a time and place of their choosing, catching enemy DDs unawares and nuking them, or ambushing otherwise distracted BBs and CAs and lighting them on fire (or citadelling cruisers) and dumping a flood of torpedoes before breaking contact.
  12. Atago: where have you been all my life?

    Assuming 75% damage by the end of the match with AR and TAE on a base reload of 101 seconds (maybe you take some early citadels and hang back for the rest of the game as a torp boat), your reload time would be ~75 seconds (TAE = -10 sec, AR = -15 sec). Dang, so long as you could avoid being spotted, you'd be a monster.
  13. Atago: where have you been all my life?

    So I was kind of bummed by the lackluster sales like everyone else, but I found myself looking hard at the Atago. I've wanted high end cruiser and IJN trainers for a while, and the Prinz Eugen and Kii just didn't do anything for me (especially since Eugen is a tech tree duplicate in addition to being mediocre, and Kii is an ugly never-would-have-been BB). So on a whim I took advantage of the doubloons discount to pick up Atago. I didn't expect that much from her - I regularly devstrike them in my MO and 'Bama when they get stupid and try to dump torpedoes into caps - but I figured why not give her a shot. Man, I am glad I did. Atago is like someone took my favorite T5, Furutaka, and fed it and got it wet after midnight - it's the Furrytaco on steroids. She zips around at 37kts with speed flag, and chases down and bullies DDs and taking their lunch money with her laser guns. And I don't even have CE yet! If you like the Furrytaco, Atago is an amazing boat and a great buy at her tech tree price. I'm rather disappointed I didn't get her sooner!
  14. Favorite ships to go hunting destroyers in?

    Atago. Build her for concealment, equip accuracy mod and speed flag, and zip around in a cloaked bird of prey at 37kts bullying and deleting DDs with your laser cannons.
  15. Don't worry, I got your back! Seriously though, even if she's theoretically played best as a cruiser, that doesn't change the fact that her armament layout and the overall gameplay meta intersect to push players in the opposite direction (pun intended).