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  1. in my opinion, the reason why we have more and more games like the one in notser video is simple. there are a lot of new players in the game who are spoiled with excessive rewards. If they don't know how to play a ship, no problem, fxp it. if they don't have a t10, no problem, fxp it. if they perform badly in game and lose credits in every single battle, no problem, there are many missions with flags and credit rewards and even free premium times to help players get out of the debt. To get something in this game is becoming easier than ever. Therefore, people don't try their best win the game. Why bother? they will be rewarded one way or another, why bother to think how to win? In short term, players will play this game for the rewards but in long term, noone will enjoy the game cuz non of us will feel a sense of accomplishment. I suggest wg changes their reward methods drastically to incentivize players to be actively invovled in a game. e.g. organise a competition for the most base capture and assist capture during a 3 day period.
  2. ihsasum

    Clickbait: you can see players quality in queue

    i agree with you completely. But! it also means i can farm more potatoes. the quality of players works both ways. i solo 95% of the time in randoms. after the cv rework and the disappearance of most elite players in randoms, my solo wr increased faster than before.
  3. woocester can't do it cuz its reload is 4 sec. therefore, it can only spit out 2 salvos at the 10 sec time frame. same principal, you can't achieve such result in daring, haurgumo (faster reload but lower alpha strike per salvo compare to colbert). colbert has both fast reload and alpha stike.
  4. voila 3 salvos, 10 sec with 32 hits out of 36 shells fired
  5. 1. directly copy of snow flakes event. this is because steel is still a valuable resource for people to obtain. 2. elite commander xp. elite commander xp is something always in short suppply because we always need new 19 pt commanders for new ships. 3. personalization of ships and ports, such as design my own port with different objects. WG, you can even make money out of this by selling visual effects. Plz check out how Path of Exile makes their money. watching yamato shooting watermelons instead of 460mm shells will be hilarious in battle. 4. historical commander portaits. Players can change commander portaits into historical ones. e.g. i want my atago captain Gunichi Mikawa instead of some dude designed by wg's visual effect department. 5. permant credit discount on signals. at the moment, playing a ship with all necessary signals mounted will result negative credit gains in the long run cuz their selling prize is too expensive
  6. ihsasum

    100% WR achieved in Sprint 5

    well, think of mahan as a t7 harugumo/kitakaze. 1. i don't think lack of spotting is an issue. solution: reverse out of smoke/island with speed boast on, fire one shell and get detected, lure enemies to shoot you back and speed boast back behind island/in smoke. by the time the enemies shells reach you, they will land only behind you. Now, the enemies are spotted by my teamates for 20 sec and i start the he spam safely behind island. 2. as long as i can win games, noone will compain. i was never reported by teamates in randoms/ranked. WG, i can tell you why this play style works. the key is ifhe and the avg engagement distance of t7. the engagement distance of t7 ranked usually happens at less than 14 km (compare to 18km for t10). so if i can't spot for teamates, my teamates will spot for me since the engagement distance is equal to/smaller than bb's detection range. I know there is a upcoming ifhe changes. if your changes to 127mm US DD guns to a state that they can't pen t7 BB armour (e.g. you buff all the plating of t7 bb armour to 27mm and with new ifhe, 127mm can only pen 26mm), then this harugumo/mini altanta playstyle for mahan will be half died. honestly, T7 BB are all very weak in terms of survivalbility. 1. they have only 25mm bow/stern, so they can be penned by even DD guns with ifhe. 2. they can pen each other with their own BB guns. 3. CV's rocket spam/HE dive bombers. Therefore, i don't play mahan at all after the cv rework in randoms.
  7. ihsasum

    100% WR achieved in Sprint 5

    if you want to see how i play the ship, go check out LordZath's YT/twitch channel, i sent the 149k game to his replay theatre.
  8. ihsasum

    100% WR achieved in Sprint 5

    i don't play it as a dd, i play it as atlanta with no citadels. i enter cap, block the cap, wasting their DD's time and melting their big brothers behind rocks. when dd's big brothers are all melted, i go yolo the lone DD.
  9. ihsasum

    100% WR achieved in Sprint 5

    I: incoming fire alert II: AR III: BFT, DE, SE, Vigilance IV: IFHE Play like an atlanta with no citadel, hide behind island and rekt every single dd and cruisers up to T9 and every T7 BB. never stop shooting even when you are perma spotted. if you can't get an avg hit number above 200 per game, then you should stop playing the ship in this way. The reason why this play style works is because ifhe and the HE dpm of mahan (same as fletcher and stronger than Atago/baltimore and almost equal to baffalo). so instead of being a t7 dd with the worst consealment, you transform into a t9 heavy cruiser
  10. ihsasum

    Question for you CV players out there

    this is the ranking of Ryujo in terms of avg dmg. I am working my way to surpass ichase and eurobeat, which is not a difficult task to achieve. In terms of t6 mm, ryujo abolutely dominates every single ship.
  11. no english translations but you guyz can watch the chats :( anyone can translate and add subtitles will be good for the community
  12. I skip USS Knyaz Suvorov cuz noone cares about T3
  13. USS Gangut is an attempt to copy the vastly superior Russian battleship Imperator Nicolai I. The guns of this thing are obviously reloaded by obsese american teenagers.
  14. USS Pyotr Veliskiy is an improved version of Omaha class light cruiser with reinforced bow. it also has battleship guns traded for speed. When perfectly bow in, it is basically unkillable by both AP and HE alike, when broadisiding however, it is just an Omaha. So do you want a T11 BB or T5 cruiser? Its up to you.