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  1. ...that is when a 4000 tons DD eats a 20,000 tons crusier and a 65,000 tons BB alive
  2. Troll game played on purpose to balance things out. This is my 2nd 0 dmg win. If i do dmg, the game will end even faster. And yet it was still a walkover. This reminds me a post on the forum serveral weeks ago. it suggested we should introduce ELO system to the game which objectively measures players' skill and makes mm more balanced. I think it might be a good idea cuz the all the rating system we have now, WTR, ranked star system... ain't good enough and generate whines and salt constantly. What do you think?
  3. ihsasum

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    48285+34983=83268 dmg in a single salvo and DS 2 BB. Today is my lucky day. Not my highest dmg game but certainly my highest dmg salvo
  4. Carefully angled, maintain a health distance, -40% faster rudder shift time and quick reaction time to incoming AP shells mean Stalingrad is crapagainst dpm cruisers. I took 35k AP dmg from this stalingrad in total, only ate one citadel hit. The rest are all overpens and pens. When people figure out Stalingrad's weakness, its effecitiveness will drop significantly. Right now, a carefully positioned kitakaze and harugumo will absolutely rekt the ship.
  5. AP bomb is totally balanced. Its the stupidity of players makes it OP. My Zao has manual aa, BFT and increased aa range upgrade with def aa consumables. I tested it out in random battles, without def aa active, I shot down 20 GZ AP dive bombers after 2 bomb runs against a good cv player. However, the BB sailed out of my AA range got nuked. Its always like this. I also tested AA yamato with inreased aa survivability, inreased aa range upgrade, +25% aa effeciency mod. I was able to shoot down 20 Midway planes in one single battle. There are only a handful of players on NA server know how to play a non-cv ship in a cv game. They spread out without overlapping their aa bubble. They shoot bb instead of enemy AA cruisers. When they got HE spammed, they keep shooting without conservering their dying AA guns. Yeah, when they got dropped by AP bombers, they blame their CV teamate. It so funny that when in a non cv game, players are supposed to spread out, gaining map control and creating cross fire and yet they lemming train to the corner of the map and get slaughtered. In a cv game, on the other hand, players are supposed to stick close for mutual aa support and yet they wondering alone in open water and get picked off by T10 CV. Players will never ever understand these 2 simple rules. AP bomb (in fact T10 cv as a whole) is totally balanced when you know how to play in a cv game. As a BB, you shoot AP at aa cruisers to demolish their non fly zones. You shoot HE at BB to force out dmg con and kill off their AA guns. You shoot whatever you have at DD. You stick close together and stay alive as long as possible without suciding into a cap for some less useful capping points. You let your CV to do the dmg instead. At the end, you win by killing more ships and dying less. SO, if a player get one shoted by AP bombers, he/she totally deserves that.
  6. ihsasum

    Akizuki - Good, bad, or meh?

    if aki is not OP, i don't know what is. Totally agree with Kombat_W0mbat. it basically breaks the relations between stone, scissor and paper.
  7. Just checked out Business's twitch video. His first salvo was fired at 11:06, he last salvo was landed at 10:50. 4 salvos were fired in 16 sec, dealing 10k dmg. So, in theory, a standard t10 20k hp DD can be melted roughly in 35 sec. Can't wait to play Harugumo to rekt others. Think about this, when a DD get radared by short duration USSR radar and there is a harugumo nearby, hmmmm. OR a DD just fired and has to endure 20 sec firing debuff and get ambushed by a harugumo.
  8. it will be an interesting vid, watching from your POV
  9. why would i want that ship to be nerfed? I want to do the same thing to other players when i get hand to it (evil smile)
  10. it is easier to say than done. he was full speed, i was full speed and we both sailed in opposite direction. so the little 2, 3 hundred metres of consealment advantage i had was pretty much irrelevent. As you can see from the first picture, there was practically no time for me to angle. 6.2km was his consealment and 5.9km was mine. We spent only 2-4 sec to close the distance to 5.5km and my smoke just puffed for 2 sec. Even i was angled in the first place, his HE shells could still do massive dmg to me. the result might be 7-9k dmg to me instead of 10k considering he spent maybe half a sec to 1 sec to switch the ammo type to AP.
  11. forget to mention. see the dmg counter? I did 5k dmg to him in return. yeah, right. 5k vs 10k
  12. The moment I spotted him i pulled full reverse and smoked up cuz i knew how dangerous the ship was and how dangerous the player was. He fired 3 salvos at me.1st he, 2nd ap and 3rd also ap. the 2nd and 3 ap salvos were blind fire into my smoke. I lost 10k hp in total to him (~1.5k he and ~8.5k ap). I also lost another 7k hp to the Zao. Business's pre-launched torps (probably aimed for the Moskva) finished me off. This was within a time spam of less than 30 sec. Think about this, he used less than 10 sec to fire 3 salvos. Had i react a little bit slower, he could finish me off single handedly probably less than 20 sec. What I want to say is, when Harugumo goes live, don't even bother to save yourself in a situation like this when you are in a DD. Its pointless (unless that haru isn't a consealment build). Just torp and hope for a trade. Honestly, same thing can be said to the ST Daring.
  13. Just as I predicted. Now, its not a question of wheather Haurgumo is OP or not, its the question of how WG will nerf the 100mm IJN gunboat line in the future.
  14. I am pretty sure lots of players experienced this kind of game before. Here is a good example. In that game, Izumo was chased by a Khaba and he didn't kill him. I doubt he tried to shoot at him in the first place. That showed what kind of player he was. In terms of skill level, he is still in kindergarden. So when he pushed out and melted by Khaba and Worcester, that didn't surprise me. Shima popped a smoke for Conquerer for no reason and it served no purpose. Then he chased a low HP Gearing which was a smart move in normal situation. But considering there was also a Worcester nearby, that was the worst move ever. This shima player never thought of the consequence of his action. At last, instead of spreading out, Grozovoi and Conquerer sailed together and played a hide and seek with Worcester. That decided the outcome of the game completely. In order to be good as a WOWS, one has to be good at shooting, torping etc. Thats primary school level of skill. One has to understand the game mechanic. Thats secondary school level of skill. One also has to know how to position himself/herself. Thats university level of skill. One must know how to cooperate with other players. Thats master level of skill. Finally, one has to know HOW TO WIN and HOW NOT TO LOSE a game. Thats PhD level of skill. There are more than shooting, doing dmg, positioning, capping, purple stats, 6-digit numbers... in WOWS. There are things more profond than that. A real good player knows how to WIN. Sometimes, in order to win, one has to do the exact opposite, such as not firing, not doing dmg, playing ultra conservatively, playing slow, playing selfishly, playing out of the box... If players have no idea on how to win, throws like this will continue. 20180809_102427_PBSC110-Minotaur_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay