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  1. my speed record in the last event was ~167knots with 3 ships' buffs this 201knots was achieved with 2 ships' buffs (my own and a bb) it can be even faster but a huge open water area is required. it took me over 30 sec to reach this speed and sailed roughly half of the map.
  2. ihsasum

    Game fun is 6-years low.

    Fun has many definitions. DS a bb/cruiser in a deadeye bb is fun. Slowly torture a bb to death with torpedo bombers and dive bombers is fun. Winning a gun duel in a statiscally weaker ship like shiratsuyu against a gun boat like mahan, flethcer is fun. Have more wins than losses is fun. Do a lot of dmg in a game is fun. Creating a world record like max dmg, plane shoot down, potential dmg, spotting dmg... is fun. Carrying a team full of 40%wr noobs into a victory is fun. Use teamwork with div mates/random players to win a game when outnumbered is fun. Seal clubbing in mid and low tier is fun. Ambush a bb/cruiser/dd by popping out of island and torp them to death is fun. Sacrificing your own dmg output by supporting a super unicum player and let him win the game for you is fun. Kill stealing is fun. 0 dmg win is fun. Getting in game achievements like double strikes, confederate... is fun. Improve your skill is fun. Playing ships with different play style and make them work, e.g. upcoming hybrids, german dd ...is fun. Teaching less skillled players on discord and helping them improve is fun. Sending replays to youtuber show off your glorious games to the world is fun. World of warships is not a simple game when it first came out online 5 years ago anymore. It will keep growing and evolving. The definitions of fun in this game will also keep changing and increasing. I am good at all ship classes. I think they are all fun to play. I also have over 40k games in my bag now. I will keep on playing. I think this game was fun, is fun and will be fun. If you fixate on one kind of fun without finding and accepting new fun parts of the game. You essentially refuse to change and evolve. You will hate and uninstall this game like all those CV haters, deadeye haters, rpf haters, asahio haters, thunderer/conquerer haters, smolensk haters and soon to be submarine haters. You will be left in the rubbish bin of the history of this game. Noone will remember your glorious combat record. As for me, I will be the one who laugh at 99.99999% of players when this game is closing down. SlartiBartFastE2, you are a very good player. When I saw you in my team in randoms, I would think,"OK,this is most likely a guaranteed win." It is a pity to see good players quit. If you think this game is not fun its because you are too tunnel visioned.
  3. ihsasum

    Game Log in

    same issue here starting from yesterday. stuck in log in screen forever. i heard eu server had this issue before and wg eu compensated a lot of players there.
  4. keep in mind that bots don't use upgrade to reduce flooding chance and don't dodge. in train room you get 1 flood out of 4 torp hits with the skill, in actual battle, the result will be worse. @SeaRaptor you don't need to test the skill yourself, i've done it for ya. btw. good vids
  5. picture 1 is without the skill. piciture 2 is with the skill. no other flooding/ torpedo related skill/flags used.
  6. my own speed buff and bb's team speed buff
  7. Your lastest interpretation of change, hou ye and kaguya are even more ridculous than your monkey king and piggy from Journey to the West. Monkey king in the "Journey to the West" represents wisdom, physical prowess, unquestional loyality, devoltion and faith.It should look like these below. It should NOT look like a B-movie mutant human who received excessive nuclear radiation. Change and Kaguya are said to be exoridinary beauties. They should NOT look like someone who makes a living in a brothel.
  8. ihsasum

    21 German containers and no CV.

    you are not losing anything. German CV, as far as t4 and 6 are concerned, are bad. This is my result after 45 games.
  9. Vermont is similar to Tillman 4-2 with 1 less turret and 2 knots slower. Not creative enough, isn't it, wg? Where are those turrets with 6 guns?
  10. If you like this camo, you must be a JOJO fan and have questionable fashion taste in real life.
  11. Warning: Bakuretsu maho can only be used once per game!
  12. if you aim well and position correctly, this is what you will get in good games. i can get a consistent 5 cits per game in avg games. still looking forward to get a monster 200k+ game with 10+ cits. Siegfried is a bb in form of a cruiser.
  13. 6 shells fired, 6 hits at 16.8km. other ships simply CANNOT do this. soon or later you will see super unicum players fire 6 shells, getting 6 cits out of 6 hits at 16 km. 6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666
  14. i only care about my avg dmg