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  1. 48 using budyonny in pve battle. as for randoms, never remember the exact number. somewhere between 20-25 i guess.
  2. you ask the wrong question. its not ca is easier than cl or vice versa. its which ship is easier than which. if you are new to cruisers. i suggest you play french cruiser line. thats the easiest line. Then, german, ijn, ussr, usa and finally, royal navy. Cruiser is a class that has low entry skill level but very difficult to master. Easy because as a newbie, you just need to stay at the far back and spam he shells. The longer you stay alive the greater chance you can influence the outcome of the battle. Difficult to master because there are only a handful of people know how to survive long enough while doing huge dmg at the same time. When you have a 4.3 mil potential dmg in a Takao game, you can consider yourself a graduate of the class. gl and hf
  3. good stuff but what will end up with is how much money wg has to put into the cv rework no.2 and how much money will it bring back. if they are satisfied with now curret state of the game now, they won't do anything.
  4. ihsasum

    Is Stalingrad the most Overpowered ship?

    the most op ship in the game in my book is 1st: Farragut, 2nd Aigle, 3rd mahan. all with ifhe, bft, DE gunbot build. The reason is simple, if you calculate the net (not raw) effective HE dpm and hit ratio of these ships, they are roughly equal to a t9 USN heavy cruiser. And they can pen every ship from T5 to t7 and all cruisers from t8-9. the proof can be found from the avg dmg of aigle/farragut in ranked sprint 3 and 4.
  5. ah, almost forget, sail immediate behind a bb teamate in cyclone, when you see 2 bb spotted head on, charge in in the 8km range after they fired their first salvo at your bb teamate, sail in a straight line and in between those bb, launch 12 torps and get double strike and double dev strikes.
  6. you will be suprised how many yolo opportunaties in CB when you see how many stalingrad island hugging. I did that seveal times with success when i played dd in CB
  7. the real potential of these french dd are their torps and their ambush behind island. they are destined to be the best yolo DD in game. i think Business6 will love to play them.
  8. yes it is. but i rarely did that cuz hitting a full speed khaba over 12km at max zoom is kind of ease for me. so i almost never use that technique
  9. talking about he pens. its really a pity that 139mm with ifhe can only pen 29mm also, if you calculate the fire chance of Kleber, factor in rof, fire chance... it is only a above avg fire starter at best. so, they have only one hope. thats ap shells. but personnaly, i don't think they will be anything superior than khaba ap
  10. to be fair, when i aimed and shot him when his speed boast was on, he was already at the screen edge. (my pc screen was 1920x1080). so if the french dd players use aft and stay at 13km+, it will be impossible for izumo with the fastest ap shells in game to land any hits on those DD.
  11. the base speed of t10 french dd Kleber is 44knots in the dev blog. so, 44x 1.25 (20% speed boast + 5% speed flag) = 55knots
  12. i am pretty sure there will be a ton of less skilled players sailing the t10 french dd with full speed in the open water and get nuked within the first 3 mins of the game
  13. the engagment distance was ranging from 8.5km to 10.8km. i traded 10k hp for his 18k hp in my izumo.
  14. i sailed from my spawn to D1, C1, B1, A1, A2 and then A1, B1, C1, D1 and finally E1.