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  1. Your lastest interpretation of change, hou ye and kaguya are even more ridculous than your monkey king and piggy from Journey to the West. Monkey king in the "Journey to the West" represents wisdom, physical prowess, unquestional loyality, devoltion and faith.It should look like these below. It should NOT look like a B-movie mutant human who received excessive nuclear radiation. Change and Kaguya are said to be exoridinary beauties. They should NOT look like someone who makes a living in a brothel.
  2. ihsasum

    21 German containers and no CV.

    you are not losing anything. German CV, as far as t4 and 6 are concerned, are bad. This is my result after 45 games.
  3. Vermont is similar to Tillman 4-2 with 1 less turret and 2 knots slower. Not creative enough, isn't it, wg? Where are those turrets with 6 guns?
  4. If you like this camo, you must be a JOJO fan and have questionable fashion taste in real life.
  5. Warning: Bakuretsu maho can only be used once per game!
  6. if you aim well and position correctly, this is what you will get in good games. i can get a consistent 5 cits per game in avg games. still looking forward to get a monster 200k+ game with 10+ cits. Siegfried is a bb in form of a cruiser.
  7. 6 shells fired, 6 hits at 16.8km. other ships simply CANNOT do this. soon or later you will see super unicum players fire 6 shells, getting 6 cits out of 6 hits at 16 km. 6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666
  8. i only care about my avg dmg
  9. totally agree with you. right now, light cruisers are vastly superior to heavey cruisers. thats not a good thing. but after this change, 15in bb will suffer the most. without any follow up tweaks and buffs, i see no reason to play them. imo, they can get the hood treatment (improved autobounce angles). As for now, just stop playing them all together. oh, yeah, i forget to put this into the list of losers 4. all us bb with 38mm deck armour and upper belt. cuz 152/155 ifhe will pen them. they will eat less fire per game but that won't cover the loss of hp to direct HE dmg.
  10. Biggest winners: 1. many t8/9 cruisers which have 25, 26,27 mm plating because their armour will be improved significantly. e.g. ijn cruisers, french cruisers, ussr cruisers, dm, salem... 2. Daring and jutland. they don't have to rely on ifhe anymore. so, 4 commander pts saved, hurray! 3. all bb cuz they will be catch less fires per game/take less he dmg from cruisers and dd. Biggest losers: 1. all 15in armed bb, e.g. tirpitz. these poor vessels won't be able to overmatch the same tier cruisers. 2. all ifhe cruiser spammers. e.g. wocester, kutuzov, atlanta... 3. all ifhe DD spammers. e.g. ifhe mahan, farragut, ijn 100mm gunboats... imo, after this huge change, the meta will be completely changed. lets hope the transition will be smooth or many premiums will be unplayable. e.g. a bismark get yolo rushed by a mogami and it can't do anything about it.
  11. if you want a 6 510mm gun yamato to work as long range sniper, give better dispsersion pattern or better sigma or better reload, otherwise it is just a worse yamato. if you want to make it a mid to short range brawler with good secondaries, give it a turtle back and faster turret turning speed, even waterline citadel will do. otherwise it just a worse yamato.
  12. if i pay 6k doubloon like right now, i can finish PR in time. BUT i am totally NOT gonna do that as a protest against a horrible event done by WG.
  13. ihsasum

    ZRT #575 - Indomitable Review

    zath, take a look at the amount of time you need to take for a whole bombing run from the map edge. its roughly 50sec to 1 minute even with the fastest planes. therefore, for an experience bb player with faster dcp build and flags, he can dcp instantly every time you set a fire on him and take almost no perma fire dmg. if i were you, i would take consealment expert so that i can push my cv very close, i.e. ~13-15km to the front line. if you stay at that range, each attack run will take 35-45 sec. you can do more attack runs and increase the perma fire time. imo, the biggest enemy for cv is not aa, its time. the further you stay from the front line, the less dmg you will do.