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  1. sword_scooter

    Yamato 20 inch guns

    I have to imagine that going over the 18 inch guns would be just UNNECESSARY, considering they already lol-pen every other BB in the game. That being said, have to wonder, hypothetically, if a 20 inch gun Yammy would have the same issue with BBs that the super high velocity AP the Roma shoots has with cruisers. You almost NEED them to be angled against you to get a shell to NOT over-pen. It would be a hell of a troll now that I think of it, basically no pens in Cruisers and requiring a BB to be angled to pen it.
  2. sword_scooter

    Are discontinued ships given away often?

    Atlanta is also balanced by her US DD gun range. Her range and detection are nearly the same value, combine that with the famously non-existent armor and extra 'splodey citadel and she's actually not all that easy to excel in. Against bots in Operations however, she is VERY strong.
  3. The Eugen and Atago have very different play styles so I'd pick the one you have more fun with. Eugen is basically a Hipper with several buffs, and the hipper if played as a ranged fire-starter did fairly well in tier X matches, provided they don't 'splode you immediately. She's rather trollish up close too during end-game play. Atago seems to play better up close. She has great torpedo arcs and a withering alpha for a cruiser. I've heard her referred to as "Battleship Atago" occasionally, but this is also from the time when she was just about the only cruiser that featured a heal. Concealment is great as well. Both are good credit earners for their tier, especially if you do well in a tier X game. All that being said, my vote is Kutuzov >:-)
  4. sword_scooter

    Games getting harder.

    The list of advice from Mr. Madwolf there is excellent. Here's a bit of a tip that seems to work for me in slower BBs, which the Wyoming certainly is. In Domination maps, the ones with three (or four) zones that need to be captured/defended, your team will tend to prioritize two of them: A/B or B/C for example. Watch for the ones your team focuses on (there will always be the YOLO boys that run for the odd one out... don't feel required to support them) and split the difference between them. Drive your ship toward the gap between them and you will be in a position to provide covering fire and damage tanking for either point. You can also then retreat to whichever has the stronger support if things get too hot for you where you are.