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  1. Official Container Loot Thread

    Few times I got 1,000 doubloons and lastly, the biggest score so far was 7 days premium just few days ago. I forgot to screen shot it tho :(
  2. Show-And-Tell

    Let me start by saying, this was one of the worst defeats I had in my 2+ years of playing the game. Just look at the score and points, and you will understand why
  3. Show-And-Tell

    Guys, I was looking for dedicated topic with screen shots from our German BB fights, kinda like show-and-tell story; things you found interesting or kill scores, game results, ship camo, etc. but I couldn't find it (I searched, I swear ). That's why I started this topic and hopefully, people will start pitching in daily to keep it alive and share some funtage with the rest of the group. But please, keep it to German BB's. p.s. Admins, if we already topic that suites the above description, feel free to delete this post if needed
  4. Scharnhorst 283 mm gun Accuracy?

    As everyone said, no need to buff here. I play it all the time and absolutely love it, even so more then my all time favorite, Tirpitz And to be honest, both ships are played very similar except that Scharn can't tank like Tirpitz so you got to be careful when playing T8 battles and higher. I think I avg over 75k dmg with her per game and I mostly get stuck in T8/T9 battles. I have no problem doing 7-10k dmg to Iowa's and similar over 15km range but as everyone mentioned...get close, 7km range if possible to use secondaries, angle your ship and torp. Just yesterday, I did than and successfully tanked DG, 2 dd's and a CA. I died, of course, but not before torping DG, killing both dd's with secondaries and sinking CA (+150k dmg game overall). More accurate guns then Bismarck and Tirpitz IMO but again sometimes at longer distances, your shells just bounce off bb armor. Very maneuverable too, and if you know how to bb, dd's wil have hard time hitting you with torps. On the other side, as Tirpitz, she is prone to fires so you have to be careful when engaging T8 and above CA's because you can burn in matter of minutes. Overall, great ship, if you know how to play it and what is more important, so much fun. I bought it for rank matches few seasons ago cos I couldn't use my NM (which I love dearly) and at first, I hated the damn thing. Couldn't penetrate any of bb, couldn't do any dmg and so on, but over time, I learn hot to play it and now I play it more then my Tirpitz wich is crazy My 2 cents
  5. 2 vs. 2

    No more then literally, 10-15 seconds. It was in the middle of the day too
  6. 2 vs. 2

    I never seen this happen before in my 2 years + playing this game. First I though it was a glitch but as soon as game loaded nope, it got real really quick too . Quickest battle too...check it out, 2 vs.2, Tirpiz and Lexington on each team. Anyone ever had this happen to them?
  7. recording battles

    O well, leasson learned. I use to take screen shots bu then I stopped thinking they will be in replays. Yeah, thanks. I just stopped taking screen shots while back, need to go back at it. I uploaded mine from yesterday's play (first upload for me and I've been playing this game since it was out ).
  8. recording battles

    Hey, Not to bring dead thread to life but quick question on end score, since they are not recorded by the replay. Yo mentioned to upload it to http://wowreplays.com/ and view it there. I must be doing something wrong because it doesn't give me end result of the replay I uploaded. Any thoughts?
  9. [] Tanz's Shipyard - Closed

    Worked like a charm. Cheers mate!
  10. [] Tanz's Shipyard - Closed

    I tried it but for some reason it failed. Any instructions or directions that could help? I renamed the Shima guns (black ones) into ones that Yugumo is using but nothing changed, still gray colored guns.