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  1. marsovac87

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    Hey @USNA_76_76 love your work man! I was trying to get my hand on some Japanese dd's and German BB's but I can't seem to find them on front page. Will you be releasing any of those in months to come?
  2. marsovac87

    Is The Death of Custom Skins?

    Anyone has tutorial link on this? I'd hate to lose my historical skins that are in old format under texture sub folder.
  3. marsovac87

    Skins not working in Ver 0.7.9?

    @CompassRose thanks for posting this as I've been having issues with game crashing lately due to this. I have a lot of skin s I sue so batch conversion is awesome tool to help me solve my issue. Only question I have tho, the version of XnView MP I have is different from the "tutorial". Although I figured most of the settings on the new version, I'm struggling with "Clean Metadeta". Any thoughts on what I need to do and what options I need to select? Please refer to picture below. Cheers.