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  1. sailor_jerry_2015

    New suggestion for RANKED

    I like that ^^^ The AFK in ranked doesn't seem as bad this time around, but it is still a problem.
  2. sailor_jerry_2015

    New suggestion for RANKED

    I agree ^^^^ Just frustrated right now.... Just not having any fun at all in ranked this season. Once I hit the T10 stage, won maybe one match, been stuck at 15 for about 4 or 5 days. Literally only had 1 team that communicated and played as a team. The rest just had guys not communicating at all and going off and doing whatever they wanted sometimes the "team" split up 3 different ways. Tried playing DD, got no support from the rest of the team and the radar was ridicules. I tried playing my Hindy, do ok and survive mostly, but the team is still a loss. Think I'll just take a break, no point if your not having fun playing a "game" right?
  3. sailor_jerry_2015

    Server down?

    Awesome.....back to the fight
  4. sailor_jerry_2015

    Server down?

    I've actually had some weird issues logging in for the last week, I would click the login button and the screen would jump and go to the log in screen again, second hit and I would get logged in. Maybe they'll fix that glitch, it started happening after the last update.
  5. sailor_jerry_2015

    Server down?

    OK, guess the server is down, couldn't log into the game so I came here to see what was going on.