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  1. BlizzardHero

    Update 0.9.1: British Heavy Cruisers Part 2

    Hey, I would like an explanation for this: Ignore the super reward - nice but irrelevant - I see my special French Navy Guepard camo was removed? I checked, it was permanently removed, and I got back the boring T16 camo. What is going on here? Is Wargaming now removing content from the game? I really want an explanation from a mod here beacuse I didn't see anything in the patch notes. It seems to me like they just tried to slip this under the rug and somewhat remove content that I've earned. Which is really emblematic of everything wrong with the company right now.
  2. BlizzardHero

    Clan Battles: "Sea of Fortune" Season

    a lot of people have been 0-0 If you had read what I posted, I spell out that there are still a few people interested in WoWs, and as a clan officer its part of my job to run CBs for them. Once there's actually no one left interested in WoWs, an eventuality fast approaching, I will 100% be uninstalling.
  3. BlizzardHero

    Clan Battles: "Sea of Fortune" Season

    Majority my clan-myself included-has zero interesting in doing CB this season, despite us being a storm-typh clan. Weegee has managed to kill any willpower to play this game in a lot of people, and this season is only worse. I can't wait until the rest of the clan has no interest in playing as well, so I can uninstall this crappy game and never look back.
  4. I mean this discussion is kind of pointless, why would anyone admit to harassing people who bring PR's into a game? Your post is literally open for anyone to see and could directly result in mod action. IE, why on earth would anyone admit to wrongdoing when it could likely hurt them? If you want to be realistic, yes I have heard rumors that people are getting reported and focused (though no teamkilling yet?) for taking out a PR. Someone reported that a clan member had been reported 20 times after bringing out a PR. If you value your karma, don't take it out in randoms right now. Even if there's no real evidence, its not really worth it. Have fun with it in training battles where you can get accustomed to it. PR doesn't have any missions linked to it other than getting your first snowflake knocked off, so there's no need to bring it out.
  5. BlizzardHero

    Is the Puerto Rico..like even a good ship?

    When the anniversary comes around you get a free super container. Some other emblem stuff only works at T10. Minor stuff, but better than other tiers.
  6. BlizzardHero

    Is the Puerto Rico..like even a good ship?

    It's about as good as Alaska lol, so not at all. Only thing it has over the Alaska to support it is the extra turret. Really only use is for T10 rewards which can be useful. With the state of the game, don't bother getting it unless you're a whale with more money than common sense. There are better games out there to make you happy - this is not one of them.
  7. Only reason I don't just quit this game outright is friends. Weeegeee is wholly incompetent 90% of the time, the player base somehow gets progressively worse, and I never enjoy playing this game. It's like a bloody job. Why would I play this game ever when there are plenty of far better games out there to waste my time on where I can actually have fun? Its sad that the best thing about WoWs is the ship models - and they don't even make them, they hire another company. But above all I'm just exhausted. I don't want to have to deal with the lies and manipulation anymore. I don't want to have to deal with terrible players ruining matches every single game. I'm tired of inaction and failed actions. And I don't have any more energy to give to this awful game. There really needs to be a serious change with how Weegeee operates and plans content. It's not sustainable and they've done everything in their power to just drive this game into the ground. I'm tired, everyone is tired, and no one wants to deal with this anymore.
  8. 4 Slots Open (I think, I haven't checked in a while)! Send your tired, your poor, and your nice plump masses to the sacrificial pits! Join now!
  9. BlizzardHero

    Please Remove this post

    I was told that we did get 19 new members recently, but they all died mysteriously soon after getting in through the front gates after drinking some of the sacred juice. In any case, 19 positions open! Slots are filling, join our community now!
  10. We had an unfortunate accident a few days ago, turns out you're supposed to chum the waters around the Kracken's lair with leftover bits, not fresh bits. So we've got 6 slots open now. Join now, we'll even throw in some free, second-hand work clothes!
  11. Hrmm, so it's good when Devs only listen to little babies who barely know how to find the W key and find it easier to complain rather than actually learn how CV drops work so as to avoid them better. But when people who are experienced in the ships and provide intelligent information, they should be ignored? Got it. Devs should give Kreml 999999 meters of hull armor, it's not strong enough, I still die when people shoot at me. Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Every ship the game has the capacity to "dominate" as you put it. You can change the outcome of a match even in a Mutsucky, if you know what you're doing and play well. CVs are functionally limited to influencing the game through spotting and dmg - one is reliant on your team not being crap, the other is no longer achievable beacuse of how useless CVs are now. You literally don't have the planes, the strike power, or even the HP to carry out any meaningful damage. How about this: I see you've never played a post-rework CV before. Fully grind out a CV line, say, the USN line (DDs love to complain about them, b/c apparently they're still OP despite having the worst stats of any CV line), without using fxp and an already completed 19 point cmndr. Also grind out all the mods on the T10. If you still think CVs are OP and need to be nerfed, then go ahead and keep telling the devs that. Otherwise, stop pretending that you know what the capacity of CVs are. Also hope you have a lot of karma, b/c prepared to be reported 2-3 times every match regardless if you do good/bad. Have fun!
  12. Ah yes, when my Daring slaughters enemy planes so hard that none of them make it back to their carrier and I only take at most 1k dmg in return, it's considered balance. Never mind how that enemy CV is feeling watching me knock entire flights of planes out of the sky with practically no effort. I literally don't have to account for the actions of CVs anymore, they're just irreverent to normal gameplay they're so ineffective. If you want to actually have an impact on the game, you can take literally any other class of ship and do/feel better, than if you played CVs. You keep balancing off of how much whining players that have zero experience with CVs or don't want to learn how to effectively combat CVs, and all that's doing is boosting their ego and making everyone who actually enjoyed the CV gameplay want to quit the game. It's disgusting and sad. It would go a long way to compensate the cmndrs you've royally screwed over, who are actively attacked by the playerbase and the devs for just trying to enjoy the game. Learning how to play CVs and become skilled has been an utter waste of my time, time I could have spent doing something I actually enjoy.
  13. Ah yes, AA remains completely broken and CVs the most worthless class in the game, yet Devs decide based on "spreadsheets" that CV commanders having a wonderful and happy time watching all their planes evaporate the moment they get spotted. Good job! Give every CV cmndr who's had to deal with your [edited] a flipping refund for all the things you've pulled, ruining all the work we've done to increase our skill and gameplay. I would have quit this crap game a long time ago if I didn't enjoy the friends I made through it. Literally the only thing keep this garbage dump afloat.
  14. I'm glad you enjoyed our recruitment post! We do our best to make things fun for people reading :P
  15. BlizzardHero

    Please Remove this post

    Looking for 19 souls to join the flock! Make sure to drink the Kool-Aid on the way in!