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  1. BlizzardHero


    You cant drop a torp through a mountain. You can drop really close-IE, after just clearing the shore. But if you try while the initial drop point is in a mass the torp will just cease to exist.
  2. BlizzardHero


    Well shoot I just wasted all my time getting the Midway. Interesting how Midway has been preforming the worse since the update based on global stats, yet it's the one getting targeted nerfs? Midway torps: Well they have an awful aiming time and their arming distance is incredibly bad compared to the Lexi, and their dispersion is worse, but at least it gets a lot of torpedoes! Wargaming: lol, lets nerf the Midway torps! -_-. It's honestly quite sad that the Lexi is a far superior CV, even when uptiered, when compared to the Midway. Midway has more torps, but they're far easier to avoid. It takes a truly special individual to eat all of them. And spotting changes are really dumb. The minute you spot any ship now, you're going to take constant AA dmg and eat a wall of flak to the face. And with AA CAs, its going to mean you're going to lose 50% of your squad before you can disengage, beacuse there was only just over a 1km distance between spotting them and their AA bubble before this. Spotting is an issue (provide you have a team hat knows how to fire their guns -_-), but maybe instead of just across the board nerfing detection maybe you should have addressed how CVs can get planes across the map within the first min of a game instead? Or at the very least do a concealment buff in conjunction with an AA nerf? The larger issue with spotting is that beacuse planes get closer to enemy targets than surface ships, they can effectively absorb spotting dmg from ships that were already team spotted. Maybe address how spotting dmg gets assigned? DDs getting chunked by 'rocket dmg' was never an issue. Rockets are already a poor tool for hunting down DDs, their dmg is weak and rockets planes have a poor turning circle to engage past the first strike. HE Bombs are far more effective at murdering DDs when they get chunked for 10k dmg in one strike, coupled with how broken RL is for hunting down DDs (I should know, I abuse the hell out of it!). RL especially has come up as an issue, yet nothing about it? Addressing that alone would have solved 90% of the issue with DDs getting targeted. Seriously, what the hell, did you guys learn nothing from the 8.0 launch and not understanding the actual problem?! I'm not even mad, I'm just disappointed.
  3. BlizzardHero

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    I mean, if you're blowing through planes like crazy, maybe you should be more selective with your targets? Don't blindly rush targets to try and push out as much DPM as possible, wait until you can find isolated targets you can whittle down or wait for your team to strip the AA off clustered enemy ships. It pays to be conservative early on beacuse everyone still has their AA mounts intact, then keep increasing your aggressiveness as the battle continues.
  4. BlizzardHero

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    CVs, the DDs are figuring out the new meta. We need to squash this before they multiply! Still, props to the Akizuki for being an absolute legend. :P
  5. BlizzardHero

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Yes. And only 1 of those is a good game. I just don't save post battle results for team score.
  6. BlizzardHero

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    I detonated a T6 IJN Alt DD with 1 HE Bomb, soooooo insta Dev Strike :P.
  7. BlizzardHero

    Who else is sick of WG constantly nerfing BBs?

    Wait, I've got to ask about those stats... 1k posts on the forums but only 17 battles played? Do you just not play the game and only post lol? I'm guessing you have an alt or something..., beacuse otherwise that's a bit ridiculous...
  8. BlizzardHero

    Well here we go

    Seems like a good time to get a few hundred king of the air achives with my AA Woosty... Also seems like very bad time to play 97% of all the ships I have.
  9. BlizzardHero

    Musashi Monday - The Last Call

    That's largely why I bought her to. I have the Yama, so I really don't need a T9 version of her (thought with the new ranked season, I guess I will oof). But the Mushi is such a famous sister ship (akin to the Tirp for the Bis) that I just wanted to have her. I probably would have been better off getting the Kron since I don't have any RU ships, but it's the Mushi :/. To be fair though, there needs to be a form of artificial scarcity otherwise the only people who would spend money are whales who want to skip grind. At least they leave the ships available for a long time so that people can work towards them, not like "Yay! Get the new prem Ise for the 30 mins you'll have to get it! That'll be the one newborn soul please! Thank you!".
  10. BlizzardHero

    Musashi Monday - The Last Call

    The question is if she'll be worth the price hike. There's been so much hype, yet there's been really no concrete determination if she'll be worth it since all that stats are still wip. Only we known right now is that the price is going to be artificially inflated to get people to spend/buy more doubloons. Tbh at that outrageous price she better have the economics of Mighty MO and Stalin levels of OP to be worth me spending money. Otherwise for 1mill fxp Imma just go and auto grind my way up the French BB line and get the Repub or something.
  11. BlizzardHero

    What premium ships do you have?

    Feelssadman I don't have very many :/ IJN: Tachibana Lima Ishizuchi Shinonome Musashi USN: Smith KMS: PEF RN: Warspite Cossack MN: Aigle RM: Duca d'Aosta It's not like I haven't tried to get any others, but I have the RNG of a rotting fish :/. I've only gotten ships I've worked for or outright bought.
  12. BlizzardHero

    Musashi Monday - The Last Call

    *Leyte Gulf flashbacks* feelsbadman. At least I managed to get the Mushi to add to my collection of waifus. I wonder what T9 CA is replacing the Kron huh.... sure haven't been any signs of anything to replace her... I really do wonder what ship its going to be. Shame its been so well hidden...
  13. BlizzardHero

    How About a Rotation of Premiums in the Tech Tree?

    Praying to RNGesus for Prinz Eugen to come back so I can get my waifu finally :/.
  14. The purpose of the increased team detection period is to allow for ships to maneuver before being assaulted yes, but more importantly it's supposed to allow people to maneuver into more optimal positions before being focused. Thus as aforementioned, the optimal positions for a radar'd DD is either to go camping behind an island or running away to get outside the radar detection radius (beacuse there's no counterplay). I agree, this change is not supposed to stop focus firing as a result of radar but to delay it and hope that ships can re-position to a degree (positioning being the core element I'm addressing since you didn't seem to understand that). However, like I stated, this change will not allow for ships to be able to get into a more favorable position before the focusing occurs without relying on static or uncontrollable factors (such as island positioning or human stupidity). The time delay in its current form will not facilitate such unless, as aforementioned, you're already getting into or are already in the position to respond to being detected. HE shell counterplay: Maneuver, get under their fire arc, fire back yourself, go un-detected if possible, request allied ships to fire on enemy ship, manage heals to repair dmg, or if they're in smoke and you have torps boop them on the snoot. Flood (and I'm ignoring your arbitrary condition, there's plenty of ways to avoid flooding in the first place) counterplay: Hydro, bring Vigilance, Have a DD torpedo screen, being a meme and use spotter planes to detect torps, repair party, using your torpedo belt if you have one, pay Yuro for some torpedo beats, random maneuvering to throw off aim (my fav, its cheap and effective!), or make island waifus so you can't even eat torps in the first place. Idk how you react to incoming torps, but I tend to see non-idiots try to to turn in or away from incoming torps. Even then, the majority of torpedo launches are sub-optimal. You fire torps when you can and pray, you don't hold out hoping enemy ships will sail in straight lines broadside on and not maneuver for the time it takes for your torpedoes to reach them so you can get the best optimal angles. The majority of torpedo hits are from morons going broad. That's when you'll really rack in the alpha. Firing bow on is incredibly hard to do reliably, especially given the derp of torpedo dispersion. Flooding forces out dmg control, which is nice if you want to say, follow up and get them flooding again by staggering torp launches? Flooding doesn't also need to end with Liq and Wither. Idk the stats and frankly I don't have the time right now, but take a look at what the avrg flooding dmg accrued is for ships which do take flooding dmg. Is it more or less than what is currently proposed for the max? Flooding can easily finish off low health ships-do ships the die from flooding lose on avrg from more or less the new max flooding dmg? I'm interested. Also, lol wut are we all sailing around in Azuma's, Stalingrad's, and that one French ship I keep failing to pronounce correctly so I'm not going to even try? There aren't enough T10 prem's for that lol. I don't only play T10s, moreover I only have 4 T10's (and none of them are prem). I only really play my T10's for fun and missions, most of the time I'm grinding in lower tiers. Currently working on NC, Bis, my Duca (I want a 19 point Italian for that one glorious day ;-;), and a few other lower tier CAs and DDs. Most people have learned by T3 that torpedoes == bad, if not how to properly avoid them. And they've learned how to slam that dmg control.
  15. Radar Changes: I'v overly mixed on this change: on the one hand it's a step the right direction of addressing the over-powered utility of radar. Yet it doesn't really change the core issues that exist currently with radar. 1. The '6 second delay' which has been teased for a while now really doesn't offer a window for escape unless you're already running away. On the whole, you're probably not getting radar detected at the maximum range of said radars (10-12km ish). If you are, you're probably going to escape regardless. Most radar encounters happen from 7-10km unless something has gone horribly wrong. Thus, if you get radar detected, you better hope there is an island nearby you can run to beacuse by the time the 6-second detection ends one of two encounters will happen (disregarding the already stated escaping scenario). One, you were moving forward toward the radar source at the start thus in the 6-second delay you've managed to just turn broadside/almost around to escape, or two, you started broadside and you've manged to turn around an open a km between the two sources. All the while you're probably being shot at by the radar source ship. Effectively, this radar change does nothing but delay getting shot at by everyone and their mother while not addressing core radar issues. 2. The core issue is that radar offers no counterplay. If you launch a CV strike on a ship, use DF. If you suspect torpedoes incoming, use Hydro. If you see Yama shells coming in from the other side of the map, turn your bloody ship slightly and you'll dodge. Yet with radar, your options are: 1, hope there's a nearby island for you to cower behind or 2, hope you can turn around and run away in time. You can't fight radar, you can only endure it. Thus, the core issue of radar is not that it causes more ships to shoot you, but that unlike most mechanics in the game you can't do anything against it. As such the only effect this radar change has is to address a secondary issue to a small degree. I can't tell anyone what the best method is to address this core issue (a lot of people want only line of sight radar and others have suggested a new consumable) but this is still a patch when radar needs a fix. 3. Even if the development team are not interested in addressing the core aforementioned issue of radar (which is certainly in their right as it is their game) then it doesn't really work to address the other major secondary issue of radar, constant detection. Some players like to treat it like it is a myth, getting radar detected by multiple targets so destroyers get stuck and can't do anything but such an effect does happen. Granted, it generally only happens when you have sufficient radar on a flank and if said zone has a destroyer sized island, but does happen on occasion. Usually getting radar detected by 2 ships working in tandem only occurs for little over a minute, but it can get a lot worse. My most egregious encounter was getting effectively radar detected for 4 minutes. 3 enemy ships (DM, MO, and Kron) kept me detected by cycling radar use. None of them wanted to push the flank with me (a Shima) there beacuse of my deadly alpha strike, but I just eventually died after 4 mins when BBs from the opposite side of the map started shelling me (and yes I did finish bottom of the team, yay!). Now this is an extreme occurrence, but all the same this secondary issue is not addressed simply by adding a delay to radar information distribution. Moreover this could be addressed by correcting the core issue of radar, hence why I'm managing it. In all, it's nice to know there's an attempt to addressing the issue of radar and there's nothing really wrong with this change, but it is not an effective change beacuse it only addresses a side effect of radar, not the core issue. Interface Changes: Honestly, it's just a quality of life improvement and a good one at that. Guess I wont have to shout RADAR/HYDRO UP! at my team anymore lol. Moreover, guess we can see when people fat finger consumables more often :P. Flooding Changes: Again, I'm mixed about this change two. On the one hand as someone who loves my Yama (I play waaaay too many games in my waifu :3. Someone please help me, it's an addiction) I'll take any debuff to flooding that I can take given that I'm blind as a bat and slow as a sloth. Moreover, I do think that flooding is a little too effective at the moment (though honestly not the worst issue currently). Yet at the same time this flooding change is horribly for torpedo boat DDs unless they are buffed in some other way, especially at the high tiers. 1. Flooding zones. I love this change, beacuse it offers more dynamic play to dealing with flooding (other than using your Yama torpedo belt to absorb 50 torps and laughing maniacally XD). You can predict where torps are coming from and adjust to minimize damage. Moreover if you're unaware, you'll be punished harder. However, I think the development team is counting on strikes affecting both zones consistently enough (hence the flooding debuff) which simply is not the case. More often than not most DDs fire torpedoes directly on rather than at an angle beacuse you need to take any chance you can take to land those rare strikes. Thus, unless they screw up, you're probably landing 0-1 torpedo hits on bows about 60-70% of the time. Moreover, trying to land a perfect torpedo strike (when all or most of your torpedoes hit a target) often is hit or miss beacuse mid-to-high tier ships are competent enough to turn in or away. As such, you're probably not going to be effecting both flood zones regularly, without even adding the complication of dmg control to the equation. 2. If strikes are even effective, and assuming you'll be hitting enemy ships that have just come off cool down on their repair (and lets be honest, most ships are using premium dmg control and probably are not just coming off repair), then the rare times you'll get flooding to stick you'll do significantly reduced damage with this change (as Kami notes). At higher tiers, flooding is already at best rare icing on cake: It's great if you can get it, but you can't ever count on it. So why remove roughly 2/3rds of the potential dmg it can do? It just turns something rare but nice into rare and useless with higher tier gameplay. The fraction of damage you do with this flooding change is not enough to make effect the course of a battle in any significant way. I agree there needs to be debuff if the two flooding zones goes through, but the downsides are too strong. If this flooding change is to occur, I would eliminate one of the two debuffs to flooding. Personally, I'd recommend scratching the action time debuff as those running premium damage control will still be able to negate some of the damage in most scenarios (currently the longest delay for prem dmg control is 80 secs with most BBs, and all CAs and DDs will have their prem dmg control ready before they take the full duration of flooding). But the inverse is an option (keep the dps, reduce the action time) though dps can't be negated in the same way action time can. In any case, the flooding change is too severe a nerf to an already hard event to pull off.