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  1. BlizzardHero

    Update 0.9.10 – American Battleships: Part 2

    Hey, I'm not sure if this is just me but I'm having problems with Loen's HE Bombs? Despite having the highest HE Alpha per bomb in the game, their post-patch performance seems to have tanked for me? I was getting 3-5k per bomb hit (if not more), but their alpha seems to have dropped to 1-3k at best after the patch. There were a number of CV fixes/changes this patch, so this might be a symptom of that, or it could be Weegee shadow-nerfing ships again. Tested with my Midway and M.Rich to see if it's was either a HE Bomb or German related issue, neither seem to have been affected. Possibly it's a combination of the two factors. Could someone else test Loen and see if they have the same results? Might just be me, but I'd like other people's responses.
  2. BlizzardHero

    Clan Battles: "Sea of Fortune" Season

    a lot of people have been 0-0 If you had read what I posted, I spell out that there are still a few people interested in WoWs, and as a clan officer its part of my job to run CBs for them. Once there's actually no one left interested in WoWs, an eventuality fast approaching, I will 100% be uninstalling.
  3. BlizzardHero

    Clan Battles: "Sea of Fortune" Season

    Majority my clan-myself included-has zero interesting in doing CB this season, despite us being a storm-typh clan. Weegee has managed to kill any willpower to play this game in a lot of people, and this season is only worse. I can't wait until the rest of the clan has no interest in playing as well, so I can uninstall this crappy game and never look back.
  4. I mean this discussion is kind of pointless, why would anyone admit to harassing people who bring PR's into a game? Your post is literally open for anyone to see and could directly result in mod action. IE, why on earth would anyone admit to wrongdoing when it could likely hurt them? If you want to be realistic, yes I have heard rumors that people are getting reported and focused (though no teamkilling yet?) for taking out a PR. Someone reported that a clan member had been reported 20 times after bringing out a PR. If you value your karma, don't take it out in randoms right now. Even if there's no real evidence, its not really worth it. Have fun with it in training battles where you can get accustomed to it. PR doesn't have any missions linked to it other than getting your first snowflake knocked off, so there's no need to bring it out.
  5. BlizzardHero

    Is the Puerto Rico..like even a good ship?

    When the anniversary comes around you get a free super container. Some other emblem stuff only works at T10. Minor stuff, but better than other tiers.
  6. BlizzardHero

    Is the Puerto Rico..like even a good ship?

    It's about as good as Alaska lol, so not at all. Only thing it has over the Alaska to support it is the extra turret. Really only use is for T10 rewards which can be useful. With the state of the game, don't bother getting it unless you're a whale with more money than common sense. There are better games out there to make you happy - this is not one of them.
  7. BlizzardHero

    Italian premium crate heads up

    I mean, if you honestly wanted anyone to believe that, WoWs would/should list the distribution of items you can get within all crates. People would feel less scammed if they knew what they were actually getting into and could make decisions based on that information. But then Wargaming might make less money overall once people realize what the actual chances of getting what you want are, so transparency is too much to ask for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Though it would be interesting to get an official response on why the lootbox stats will not be released to the pubic.
  8. BlizzardHero

    Hi there!

    All in favor of permanent adoption say I They will never leave these forums for the rest of their natural lives
  9. A competent dev team that actually plays their own game
  10. Sadly yes. It's really that bad. Low AA ships got a buff recently since min cont. dmg they can produce is 18 dps, and most DDs have sufficient AA to shred planes sufficiently that subsequent strikes are questionable at best. If you're still dying to CVs outside of extraneous circumstances (such as coming under heavy fire and are already on low HP when the CV picks you off), you're just a bad player. CV dmg is incredibly easy to mitigate once you know their drop patterns and AA will easily run through most planes.
  11. lol I wish you could still do multiple strikes in a flight. Would justify flying out more than a single strike at a time. Reality is that except for T4 and at the very end of a match when everyone's AA has been utterly stripped, bring more planes than a single strike is usually not worth it unless you want some meats-shields to guarantee a single strike. It's kind of funny that Devs complain that people dumping planes after launching looks ridiculous, b/c its their own fracking fault for making AA so overbearing that it's basically never worth it to use that system. So saying that "oh CVs have more dmg potential b/c they have multiple strikes in a flight" is moot in this balance.
  12. BlizzardHero

    A lengthy topic about Destroyers & why change is needed

    Without CVs, WoWs is basically just "who has the worse DDs?". Even with CVs, competent DDs will still exert more influence over a match than other classes. Ofc, don't tell them that, they don't like anything that would reduce their influence in the game regardless of balance. I do get it, you don't want to see ships that you put effort into getting nerfed. But OP is right, DDs are the most toxic class in the game (especially since CVs are irrelevant thanks to Wargaming's incompetency) and should honestly be either soft limited with other features (IE improving CVs) or with hard changes to the class.
  13. Their "buff" was in increase the effectiveness of SE on planes. Did absolutely nothing for CVs, basically a few extra hit points for the enemy team to farm in 2-3 secs. Literally the most worthless buff I have ever seen for a ship class. It would be like nerfing Kremls reload by +.005 seconds and then calling the Kreml balanced and the issue resolved -_-. Whoever is in charge of the CV rework should just be fired tbh, they're so incompetent that they could work at EA.
  14. Depends. DDs are a really fickle class, either you're a potato and a burden on your team (and thus die early with little dmg done) or you're a superunicum with DDs and consistently do high damage. In general at the moment, average-good DD players will do more damage than CVs. However, in games in which the match drags out to the 20 min mark, CVs may deal more overall damage than DDs. The major difference is that DDs have high damage potential throughout the match, where as CVs are utterly useless for the first half of a match but can have a higher damage potential if enough AA gets stripped and major sources of AA are removed. However, given that this is conditional, CVs are on average dealing far less damage than DDs atm.
  15. Except they didn't adapt? 70% of DD players did not change their behavior what so ever when facing CVs. If you're banzai-ing forward outside any allied AA protection there's nothing wrong with CVs, you're just stupid. If you see a CV getting ready to strike you, inverse their elliptical to reduce damage. It's really not that hard to mitigate CVs. Instead of, you know, learning how to play the game, people just complained until Wargaming changed enough to make CVs unplayable. So if we want to follow the path set forth by the player base, people who enjoy CVs should just spam the forums with surface ship hate until Wargaming gets off their lazy rears and actually does something. Sounds like a plan!